Definition of Business Opportunity and Most Complete - We must first know what the definition of business opportunity is? So this article discusses three main issues, the definition of opportunity business, actual examples, and how new business opportunities can be found, are all easy to absorb.

Understanding of Business Opportunities

Business opportunities are opportunities in the form of potential ideas for business that we receive when we start developing a business. The business potential here implies that there are many potential customers, not many people offering the desired product. The capital is not too big, but the profit is high.

Characteristics of a Good and Potential Business Opportunity, among others

  • Products and services have a high selling value.
  • Can be solved by yourself.
  • Business can survive or last a long time (can be developed to a more serious stage).
  • Not a business that rises only at certain periods (seasonal).
  • Over time, profits and human resources, business size can grow and expand.
  • The capital spent at the start of the business is not too large.
  • Can provide potential profits or profits as soon as possible (not too fast or too long).
  • There are many ways to find business opportunities. It begins with an introduction to an example of a business opportunity.

Examples of Business Opportunities

Some examples of business opportunities from various sectors, including fashion, food and households.

understanding of business opportunities

Examples of Business Opportunities in the Field of Style

Appearance is very important today. Everyone who, of course, meets us at first, pays attention to appearance. There's a quote: "Appearance isn't everything, but it all starts with appearance." The business opportunity in the fashion industry is thus very attractive. Examples of business opportunities in the fashion industry:

  1. Instant hijab
  2. muslim clothes
  3. Turban shirt
  4. Ethnic watch
  5. Leather work boots
  6. Men's and women's jackets
  7. Overdimensional clothes (jumbo sizes).
  8. Field Culinary

Agriculture and food in Indonesia should have developed. There is also a growing recognition and demand for the organic food trend. Business opportunities in the culinary sector continue to show incentives.

Some Examples of Business Opportunities

  1. Healthy snack
  2. Juices are detoxified
  3. Spice powder
  4. Smoothies
  5. Healthy baby food
  6. Slimming lemon juice
  7. A different aroma of chili
  8. Various frozen foods
  9. Home Garden and Field

There are also excellent possibilities for homes and gardens. People started taking care of his house, starting from the front yard, terrace, living room, family room, kitchen, kitchen, dining room, private room and background.

Examples of business opportunities in the home and garden industry include the following

  1. Indoor decorative plants.
  2. Ornamental plants outside.
  3. Decorative plant pots.
  4. Custom vintage mobilization.
  5. Natural cool air.
  6. Custom table lamp for living room.

How to Find Business Opportunities

Some steps to find new business opportunities for business partners, according to skills, hobbies, friends.

Find Out Hobbies

Look back, what are your hobbies? Most days, an activity you really enjoy. Or when the weekend comes you are very happy because after so many days of work, you can finally have a hobby.

Well, here's the chance. Try to find items about your hobby that might be for sale. For example, let's say your hobby is going to the mountains, which includes what you can sell:

  1. Equipment for climbing.
  2. Custom bags for mountain customers.
  3. Mountain killer. Mountain killer.
  4. Have ethnicity.
  5. Ethnic bracelet accessories necklace.
  6. Mountain jacket boy.
  7. mountain boat.
  8. Mountain boy clothes quote.
  9. Passion drink tumblr.
  10. Tourist watch. Tourist watch.
  11. And much more.

Now, try to make a list of what items from your hobby you can sell. Here's the chance. Because you know very well the nuances of your hobby and the goods you are going to sell.

From your friends

The idea is, look at the problems your friends face every day. Try asking the complaint that you are worried about every time you open your eyes from sleep to sleep again.

This problem is of course different. You only classify problems by age, gender and occupation.

Problems in students, for example:

  1. Difficulty managing time between studies, meetings, recreation.
  2. Difficulty paying additional tuition fees.
  3. It's hard to find a binder that fits your personality.
  4. Difficulty understanding lecturer theory.
  5. Difficulty with heavy assignments by lecturers.
  6. And many additional problems.
  7. Well, as solution bearer, you emerge. Maybe with a product or service that works for them.

From Partners

The product or service provider may be a problem partner. You focus on its marketing or branding.

For example, you know people who can produce straight shirts of excellent quality. You steal stuff from them, then brand your business name on social media.

Then you just make it with a partner. You take the price and then sell it for a profit at a higher price.

Large suppliers may long make it easy to obtain lower prices when products are sold in large quantities.

You no longer need to analyze business opportunities. Because previously large providers have often shown their market dominance in the field.

That's the definition of a business opportunity and examples and advice for finding new business opportunities that can generate high profits.

Hopefully soon can use and practice it, yes! Keep making from others, improve, focus and survive. I hope that will help


In this paper, we will discuss the meaning of business opportunities, real examples, and how to find new business opportunities. Business opportunities are opportunities in the form of potential business ideas that we get when we want to start building a business. We'll also cover how to take the right steps to minimize failure.

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