4 Examples of Promising Business Opportunities for Beginners

Rancakmedia.com – Promising business opportunities to run a business need careful preparation. You have to decide which business you want to run, then explore business opportunities the. You must also understand your capacity to do so.

In this post we share some of the business possibilities that guarantee high profit potential. You don't have to do your own studies this way and can choose which one suits you best.

Promising Business Opportunities What Do You Need To Know?

It is a smart decision to start your own company. The reason for this is that private business promises profits. In fact, almost 54% private businesses admit that their income has increased.

Additionally, up to 26% of these individuals desire the independence to run their own business. Of course, so that it can continue to be developed in a better direction. However, turning the palm of course is not that simple. There are several strategies you can try to start a successful business

Know Interests And Hobbies

Running a business as you wish doesn't make you give up easily. The reason is, you will enjoy the job. You will overcome many difficulties that arise in a calm and focused manner.

The business that you run can also depart from the activities you like, such as traveling, camping, and so on. Many examples of successful businesses depart from hobbies.

What Business Opportunities You Need To Know_

Online business

Take advantage of advanced technology to help your business grow quickly by searching for promising business opportunities online. Yes, going online is no longer an option. Online business will reach a wider range of customers without time and geographical restrictions. The profit potential is quite large.

Electronic commerce in Indonesia actually reached IDR 13 trillion every month this year alone. Fantastic! Businesses that are supported by an online store presence can attract more potential customers. Especially if customers are supported to find their business, such as registering it with Google My Business. Surely the results obtained will be better, right?

Know Promising Business Opportunity Contest

A decent product doesn't always guarantee your company's success. The existence of strong business competition is one of the reasons.

Often you have to “share the cake” with your rivals and use a very vicious price war approach. This situation is certainly not profitable for business people.

The answer is to study the business opportunity you want to run in the market. Apart from that, you can also look for a niche (business scope) that has not been the focus of many other companies.

List of the most promising business opportunities
What follows is a list of the newest and most promising business possibilities for beginners even in 2021.

Our choice is based on the type of business, the type of promising business opportunity (either online or offline) and the required capital (small or medium).

Creation of Types of Environmentally Friendly Creative Products:

  • Business: Home/Casual.
  • Types of promising business opportunities: offline/online.
  • Small – Medium Capital

This may be a very good business opportunity to produce products that are useful while protecting the environment.

This is an example of Deasy Esterina, owner of the eco-friendly business Kreskros, which produces innovative plastic waste bags. This business is proven to generate huge profits. Its market share is also worldwide.

Deasy started her business with a capital of Rp. 10 million capital to buy different equipment. By raising awareness about using eco-friendly products, he promotes his products through social media. Then he continued his business more seriously through the site Kreskros.com.

As a result, sales now reach IDR 60 million per month.

Promising Business Opportunities Online Course Types

  • Business: Home
  • Types of promising business opportunities: Online capital: small

Do you have expertise in a certain area? Starting an online course business is certainly the right choice. Specific locations and various additional criteria are needed to establish a normal path. There is a lot of business planning and competition is still quite tight.

Online courses are different. Besides the fact that businesses can be started from home, the types of skills available are different. The courses that you often find are related to foreign languages and other educational topics. Not only that, really.

For example like Amino. Online knitting classes are offered on the website. You can acquire some knitting talent, from knitting, knitting to yubiami if you take the courses that we provide.

So, have you come up with a concept for your online course?

Promising Business Opportunities Types of Wedding Organizer

  • Business: Home/Casual.
  • Types of promising business opportunities: offline/online.
  • Small – Medium Capital

Every bride wants to look perfect on her big day. Therefore, a wedding organizer is usually needed to organize a number of activities.

This is certainly a fantastic business opportunity from a business standpoint.

Don't think that this is not a business anymore because the number of wedding organizers continues to grow. In fact, the value of the wedding business industry this year alone exceeds IDR 500 trillion.

Again, your creativity is very important for market recognition. This can be seen from Fitri Aulia Abdullah who gave a syar'i idea to the wedding organizer.

Is the capital requirement very large? Not really. Not really. Fitri was accepted to start a business without capital. without capital. To start this business, another wedding organizer named Yupitirani needs IDR 3 million in capital.

Promising Business Opportunities to Make Crafts

  • Type: Commercial: Regular/House
  • Types of promising business opportunities: offline/online.
  • Small – Medium Capital

The ability to turn a material into a craft may be a potential business. You don't even have to start with big capital. You may start with only a few hundred thousand. More importantly, persistence and prospects to identify business possibilities.

This was stated by I Nyoman Gede Sumaartha, a Balinese handicraft contractor. Starting his business by selling products from other people, according to him the supply quality of his suppliers was inadequate. Therefore, it strives to manufacture its own products to guarantee client satisfaction.

Its products have proven to be very successful and have even been sold overseas. What is your monthly turnover? reached IDR 700 million.

You can also read about Yanis Gallery's success by utilizing the Yogyakarta website to reach the export market as an advertising medium. Because of their persistence in business, they have won many awards.

Conclusion :

List of the newest and most promising business opportunities for beginners even in 2021. Type of business, type of online course (online or offline) and required capital are included. If you have expertise in a certain area, starting an online course business is certainly the right choice.

You may be able to start a car rental business if you know how to rent a car from home. The value of the wedding business industry in Indonesia this year alone exceeds IDR 500 trillion.

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