How to Introduce Business Products Through Online Media Introducing business products through online media or marketing on the internet is a marketing procedure carried out through third parties, usually social media websites. There are many social media now available to market business products or services.

Often used for marketing or promotion, social media includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By using this medium, businesses or brands can carry out targeted and organized promotions.

Social media marketing is not always directly related to buying and selling. In this marketing, you can sell content as articles, images or videos on the web. Content sold through online media related to the product to be sold.

This contemporary marketing method is also used for brand marketing apart from content marketing. The purpose of brand marketing here is to bring the brand to the general public or what is commonly called brand awareness.

Audiences will increase their trust and increase the conversion of promotions into sales by presenting the brand and providing a good feeling. In addition, social media is also used to optimize efforts business website the SEO is right.

The Importance of Companies Knowing the Digital Business Approach

In 2017 internet users in Indonesia reached 54.68 percent of Indonesia's total population of around 262 million people in a study conducted by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers. Very high figures, including an increase of 3 times compared to the previous 8 years.

In the business and economic sector, internet users are recorded between 37,82%-45,14% users looking for information about marketing business products and services and helping them with working conditions.

This extraordinary number is certainly an indication that business people can approach their business, products and services digitally. This also makes the number of web service providers and website services more and more in Indonesia.

Introducing Business Products on Social Media

Social media marketing does not work directly. It takes a long time for sales to convert because people need trust or honesty. If the right strategy builds this trust, sales can run smoothly.

Many marketers are frustrated by this lengthy transformation process from promotion to sales. In the end, this marketing technique was not used, although it is very important. If you want this marketing to be successful, you have to be patient and use the right method, for example clear promotion targets and effective interaction with the public.

Social Media Marketing Process

Important Social Media Marketing Components

There are many important components in social media marketing that need to be in place. It is necessary to understand these important components to work effectively in the marketing process. This is the entire review.

Focus on objectives

Marketing through social media can be done by anyone, can do marketing and has a social network account. But focused, target-oriented marketing is a bit more difficult. We recommend that you first determine the target before marketing business products.

Better than thousands of people who don't need to read promotional content to promote hundreds of people who are right on target. Marketing business products to certain customers can help increase product sales.

Multiple Platform Combinations

Many marketers really need to focus on one social media. However, promotion can be made easy if you can include some excellent social media.

Social media users on several platforms usually have different responses to promotions. Others prefer tough promotions some like light promotions, photo and video promotions.

Active Interaction

Don't forget to connect with people when using social media. If you ask or complain, must react correctly. Interacting actively will make the brand more confident.

Use of Influencers

In addition to good content, influencers can be used to attract more buyers. Can employ any number of celebrities or community-connected celebrities.


Marketing via social media requires patience because marketers have a very high probability of giving up. This is because conversions to sales are not immediately visible. People have to be persuaded to buy. Therefore, promotions must be frequent and attractive here.

Introducing Business Products and Social Media Marketing Strategies

Although leveraging social media is a suitable strategy for business marketing, one must understand the essence of using social media for contemporary society. By sharing perceptions with other social media users, you can find out what the business product anticipates.

So, to use social media as a marketing tool more creatively and carefully, you need to learn a few techniques. Here is a comprehensive overview of social media marketing techniques.

Determine the target and type of media used

Of course, the initial strategy is to determine the target marketing of business goods. For example, the target audience is social media users from students and young executives with some routines.

Gotta learn this first, of course. In general, cooking products are able to reach a wider market, while technology products with quite expensive prices are more focused on young managers or economically capable students.

Apart from choosing which target group, you also need to focus on choosing which social media is appropriate for marketing the product. Use social media that already has many users such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Fun and Creative Content Creation

Fun and original content is the cornerstone of effective social media marketing. Interesting content will always make internet users want to follow the information they offer. Select the content that people want to share.

This sharing opportunity can allow other Internet users to create information about your business and products. Try to make short and concise content that is interesting, so internet users don't feel lazy to read it.

Establish effective communication with staff

It's time to take advantage of the help of people around you, when you choose the right content and type of social media. It's a good idea to start presenting your business products by having lots of friends on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Try to provide posts, tweets or wall posts internally to get to know your business products better. If you are happy and want to share information with other relatives, this may be effective. Don't get tired of establishing good relations with social media acquaintances.

In this way, evaluating social media marketing can be a digital marketing solution for your business. Of course, don't go crazy creating social media profiles just to make your business famous. However, use a solid strategy to develop an effective, distinctive and popular marketing system.


Marketing social media is a marketing procedure carried out through a third party, usually a social media website. The purpose of brand marketing here is to bring the brand to the general public or what is commonly called brand awareness.

In 2017 internet users in Indonesia reached 54.68 percent of Indonesia's total population of around 262 million people in a study conducted by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers. So that's an article that we can convey, hopefully the information above is useful, thank you.

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