5 Promising Food Business Business Ideas

Rancakmedia.com – Did you know that food business ideas very promising and there are many kinds? Because everyone definitely needs food, be it staple food, snacks or mementos.

In addition, the population is growing every day, and the demand for food is growing. Well, that's why the food business will still have tremendous possibilities.

What Are the Business Requirements for a Food Business?

The selection of the type of food must be right, high quality food, strategic position, good taste and friendly service. This is the main requirement of your business to sell successfully in the market.

How is the Food Business Developing?

You also need to be savvy in financial management, marketing tactics and building lots of connections to keep your business running and growing.

What are the cheapest and easiest raw materials available?
Suppose you make jengkol crackers outside the region for export. When raw materials are easy to obtain, raw material capital is cheaper.

Examples of Food Business Enterprises Worth Trying

Catering Business

If you are in a very busy position, a catering business is in high demand. Let's say your staff, offices, boarding rooms, campus, terminals and seaports consist of complex areas.

Because they are usually busy there and don't have time to cook. Well, this is definitely a good opportunity for a catering company.

Need capital?
Very adequate to run this business with a capital of IDR 5,000,000. Turnover is also very high.

An example of this is shown below:

  • Orders enter 50 per portion at a price of Rp. 20,000,000 Rupiah.
  • profit of IDR 20,000 x 50 shares = IDR 1,000,000
  • Estimated 50 shares of capital = IDR 500,000

Revenue forecast?

So if you can attract many clients every day, the potential income for a month can be up to Rp. 500,000 multiplied by 30 days = Rp. 15 millions.

Catering Goals?

  • Corporate or household staff catering
  • For students or staff
  • Catering diet plan
  • Wedding reception catering

Crispy Fried Chicken

It can be said that the Crispy Chicken Business is a promising business. Because at this time there are many lovers of crispy chicken. Crispy chicken lovers are not only high in cities, but also in rural areas.

Because apart from the reasonable price of Crispy Chicken. Crispy fried chicken tastes good. After all, at mealtimes this food can be used as a snack or as a side dish.

Crispy chicken food business idea

Of course you can imagine how much this one business can do. You can design your own seasoning, then build a franchise structure.

The following is an overview of the business

Initial capital

  • Aluminum Card: IDR 2,500,000
  • Complete cooking equipment: IDR 1,500,000.
  • Rent a car park: IDR 500,000
  • Monthly Cost of 10 broiler chickens/day, @Rp 25000 x 30 days=Rp 7,500,000
  • Cooking Oil 100,000 x 30 days = IDR 3,000,000 Cooking Oil
  • Assuming the cost of the stove per month = Rp. 150,000
  • Sauce and plastic bag packaging = IDR 80,000
  • Others = IDR 50,000
  • Total Monthly Operating Costs = IDR 10,780,000

Assumed monthly income

Profit is considered to consist of five kinds, namely:

  • 10 lower chest @ Rp. 8,500 x 30 days = Rp. 2,550,000.
  • Top 20 pcs, @Rp 8,500 x 30 days = Rp 5,100,000.
  • Upper thigh 20 pm, @Rp 8,500 x 30 days = Rp 5,100,000.
  • Lower thighs 20 pm, @Rp 7,500 x 30 days = Rp 4,200,000.
  • 20 wings, price IDR 8,500 x thirty days = IDR 5,100,000.
  • Big Income = IDR 22,050,000.

Net profit of IDR 22,050 thousand – IDR 10,780 thousand = IDR 11,270 thousand.

How to do it?

To ensure your business grows fast, always strive to maintain quality food You. Keep it tidy and provide the best service.

Fried Food Business Business Ideas for the Community

Take care of every area of the city and community. You will definitely find fried snacks, right? This implies that most Indonesians are very much looking for and looking for fried foods.

Especially if you can produce fried dishes with a distinctive taste and are very delicious. Like in the author's area, a seller of fried foods is selling well, because his wares are always sold out. Even though the clock shows 08.30.

So, make no mistake, you know, the biggest sales turnover from fried food traders is tens of millions every month. Plus, you can master the areas where your fried foods are really good for consumption.

Initial capital

  • Cart or Angkringan = IDR 1,500,000
  • IDR 400,000 Stove = IDR 350,000 Cookware = IDR 400,000 Stove
  • Total initial capital = IDR 2,250,000

Estimated monthly operating costs?

  • The ingredients include fried bananas, candy, tofu, etc. 100,000 × 30 days IDR = 3,000,000 thousand
  • Cost of oven, cooking oil and other expenses for 30 days = IDR 1,000,000
  • Projected total monthly operations = IDR 4 million.

Here are the types of fried businesses that you can make

  • Banana Molen
  • Regular Fried Banana
  • Fried banana cheese
  • Know
  • Bakwan
  • Fried yams
  • Tempeh
  • Donuts

Spicy Culinary Food Business

There is still another type of food business in Indonesia which is currently the target of culinary connoisseurs, namely very spicy food.

Food like this has its own market. People who enjoy adversity usually become loyal customers.

You sell a variety of prepared foods with a specific spiciness, for example. You can produce spicy levels such as:

  • Spicy
  • Medium spicy
  • Very spicy
  • The hottest
  • Very spicy
  • God spicy level

You can now offer foods such as:

Fried Rice, Fried Noodles, Fried Tofu and so on.
Bakso, Soto, Miso, etc.

BBQ Sausage

Have you ever eaten sausage grilled food? How does it feel? How does it feel? Must be delicious, right? Yes, grilled sausages are becoming very common. This is a very good business prospect.

Capital to run a barbecue business is not too big. You can start a barbecue business at first with a cart.

The following is a study of business capital for the grilled sausage food business.

Initial capital

  • Initial Capital Basket = IDR 2.5 million
  • Cookware = IDR 1.5 million
  • Monthly operational costs: – cooking ingredients and spices = IDR 900,000
  • Daily sales of 50 pcs x IDR 5,000 = IDR 250,000 per day
  • Gross profit = IDR 7.5 million – IDR 900,000 = IDR 6.6 million

Conclusion :

The food business is very promising and there are many types. You need to be savvy in financial management, marketing tactics and build lots of connections to keep your business running and growing. If you make jengkol crackers outside the region for export, the cost of raw materials is cheaper.

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