How to Succeed in Binomo Trading, Beginners Must Know – You must know how to succeed trading Binomo and why you should use it. Trading Binomo is not that complicated to do. In addition, Binomo has a globally recognized license, which is very profitable for traders who are just starting out.

Today, many individuals using online trading platforms are in dire need of their services. Obviously, it is possible to earn money by trading online. Binomo is one of the most trusted and authentic trading platforms online.

Preparation for Binomo Trading Success

The other is with online resources on websites Binomo for free. How to succeed in trading on Binomo also doesn't require large costs. IDR 140,000 helps you start trading online, and you can earn money along the way.

Searching, what is the most profitable method to play Binomo? Here is a beginner's handbook.

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Trading Concept Created By Binomo

There is only one method to make money trading on Binomo, and that is understanding how trading ideas work. Before starting trading, you must first understand how Binomo works. Your goal is to be well informed and have a positive trading mindset.

Binomo is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform To make money online, it is possible to use Binomo as an online trading platform. Binomo is a derivative-based alternative financial product.

Binomo provides traders with 20 different visualization tools to assist in chart analysis and trading history. Also, Binomo offers a robust set of trading features, in addition to the trading platform. The reason Binomo is considered the best trading platform in 2021 is because of it.

The most basic advice that novice traders should remember when playing Binomo is: Trade with the trend. First, it is important to note that Binomo is a trading platform where derivatives can be used to predict whether a financial asset will increase or decrease over a certain period of time.

In order to predict whether a financial asset will move up or down, you have to make a prediction within 30 seconds. While all of them are valuable, understanding technical analysis is also important. Stocks, currencies and so on are just a few examples of assets where this kind of research is often used.

The main concern for technical analysis is historical price data. You will find support and resistance using technical analysis, and then you will be overbought and oversold. Technical analysis will be provided in this post in a straightforward and comprehensive manner.

Trading Time

Trading Binomo also takes advantage of time. Simply put, your prediction of the price of an item is just as relevant as you have to decide on the timing of your transaction. Consider this example: You own an IDX Crypto asset, and what time do you think the price will go up?

The timeframe is set between 5 seconds and 1 hour on Binomo. The decision of whether an asset increases or decreases occurs over a 30 second time period. This is to say that, basically, the profit and loss of a single trade is decided in 30 seconds.

Follow These Safe Binomo Trading Tips

The single most important factor in trading or investing is consistency rather than profitability. Taken literally, this statement means that the main concern is not only seeking profit, but also managing risk. Most new traders are attracted to big profits, even if it puts them at risk for a single transaction.

Losing means you are broke. If you can limit your risk and regularly make small profits, then you have very good trade management. Consistent profitability is very important.

Here, the edusaham team offers helpful guides and advice on how to play Binomo, the perfect video trading platform for beginners.

What Is Overbought Or Oversold Market

1. Choose 10% From Capital

This is one of the most accurate and safe trading recommendations from Binomo. If you haven't already, don't risk all your money (capital) when you start trading. We recommend you to use 10% of all your money in Binomo.

You have allocated 10 million Rupiah for trading on Binomo. Use 10% from IDR 10 million, which is IDR 1 million as a first step. Binomo does not support an initial investment of IDR 10 million. Why is this action being proposed? This is part of trade management, as mentioned above.

2. Return on Investment (ROI)

The right strategy for beginners to use in the stock trading game strategy (Binomo) is to find out how many profit goals there are over a certain period of time, whether those goals are daily, weekly or monthly.

What's so critical about this? This is so that you unknowingly fall into greed. Many people fail because they get too excited when they try to get to unlimited wealth.

It drains their vitality, has an expiration time, and gets tired. Even though profits can turn into losses, the worst-case scenario is that an increase in revenue turns into a loss. Setting profit limits is a good strategy to follow when using trading strategies from Binomo.

Let's say you have set your capital of Rp. 1 million, and your goal is to earn Rp. 50,000/day or Rp. 350,000/week. The idea is, set reasonable goals, don't expect to succeed, and don't get greedy. Nothing is more important than consistency.

3. Not Emotional.

You should pay attention to your emotional stability when playing Binomo, which is natural and safe. It takes patience to get profit. The most effective strategy is the one that allows you to win.

To be honest, when you decide to play Binomo buying another cryptocurrency, you know that the risk of profit and loss is very significant.

Novice and professional traders will be defined by their attitudes about trading activities. Using a little money early on allows you to keep your cool when losses occur. Understand risk management well.

You really should. When using the Binomo trading platform, one does not only speculate, but also makes calculated trades.

Starting a Profitable Business. Read these tips About How to Successfully Trade Binomo

It's true, when you learn how to trade successfully in binomo, your main goal is to make a profit. You'll find, however, that it's not as simple as turning your palm up.

It is very important for you to understand the Binomo trading techniques if you want to be successful. In other words, starting trading on Binomo is very simple. You just need to be committed and dedicated to becoming a trading professional. Binomo is profitable for both new and experienced traders, which is why Binomo is included below:

Invest 1% In Opening Position

Binomo has what is open? Longer explanation: The number of open positions on Binomo is the amount of money or capital used in their trading operations. Let's take a look at the image above. If you look at it, you can see that the entire capital is Rp. 14 million views. Rp. 14,000 is the menu price for open positions.

The lowest cap for an available position on Binomo is IDR 14 thousand, which is fourteen thousand Rupiah. As a general guideline, new investors should use no more than 1% of total money for an open position. The limit for open positions is 140,000 if the initial trading capital in Binomo is Rp. 14 million. It's just that, in terms of trading open positions, the smaller the open position used, the safer it is.

What if you start with a total of IDR 140,000 in your Binomo trading capital? In comparison, the price is only Rp. 1,400 to be placed on open positions. However, you can open a Binomo position for as little as Rp. 14 thousand.

So why is it so important to know the position in nominal open trades? Yes, even if you place a large bet on Binomo with a significant nominal open position, it will interfere with the psychology of trading. Since you are afraid of losing, you will be plagued with unnecessary fears.

One's ability to make excellent trading decisions is critical to success.

The Best Players Master Support And Resistance.

When novice traders first start learning about online trading, support and resistance are two specific points in the market that players use to make buy and sell choices. This guide is often used to identify price direction.

If the price continues to be in an uptrend, it will continue to rise. If the price enters into a downtrend, it will start to fall. This combination of support and resistance is known as a candlestick, and it indicates future price movement.

The price may increase/decrease based on how much support the price can muster at any given moment within a specified timeframe. Resistance is the antithesis of what it is trying to overcome, and thus is the level or high point of price fluctuation within a given period of time.

Trading is dominated by technical analysts and these two indicators are the two most used among them. one option is whether the price will move towards the reversal (breaking the support limit).

Reversals of price movements often follow the trail of price increases. Conversely, if price breaks support (i.e., goes lower), the price movement will generally continue in that direction until it stops at a certain price level, which we call “stagnation”.

Resistance has the same characteristics. It is important to remember that even if price has reached resistance, there are two possibilities: either price will continue to move higher (break the barrier) or move in the other direction (reversal) (back to the support level). This is the core information you should learn more about playing Binomo.

What Is Overbought Or Oversold Market

You should also learn about support and resistance indicators, such as overbought and oversold, because of how important they are. “For the sake of clarification, the word 'overbought' can be defined as a price movement that has been overbought.”

How to Succeed in Binomo Trading

In other words, the market will react by selling to trigger a price reduction. On the other hand, when the price action is oversold, it is called oversold. As a result, the market will increase the supply (sell) so that the price can rise.


All the information you need on how to trade binomo successfully is available here, so you'll be better prepared to trade. I hope this is helpful information. Also, no trading instrument, including Binomo, is without risk.

However, be aware, and make sure you have sufficient risk mitigation measures in place to reduce the risk. So, that's how we can inform successful Binomo trading, hopefully it can help friends to be successful in trading.

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