Benefits of Using Shopee Express Expedition


Benefits of Using Shopee Express Expedition – What are the advantages of using the Shopee Express expedition? Check out the following article to find out all the information we have provided, happy reading.

Now online shopping at Shopee will be much easier to send with various types of delivery. One of which is Shopee Express, which offers payments directly from the official Shopee team.

Get to know Shopee Express

Shopee as a marketplace has services that make online shopping safer. Now they offer Shopee Express service. This is Shopee's official delivery service for orders or packages that you buy via Shopee from certain shops or online sellers.

Even though not all items you buy from Shopee support this delivery service via Shopee Express, the Shopee Express team is ready to serve all orders and of course help the seller's business because it has high standard health protocols.

This service also provides exclusive customer service for each customer to help with all questions and resolve package problems, and is ready to reach various regions in Indonesia.

So, to find out more details about what and how the Shopee Express service is, let's take this opportunity to discuss it thoroughly.

In fact, the Shopee Express expedition is a special Shopee delivery service for selected sellers, where delivery is handled directly by the official Shopee team. The items ordered are packaged, addressed and sent by the Shopee team. This official Shopee delivery service supports sellers' business continuity and sends buyers' orders.

In fact, not all items can be sent with Shopee Express because the maximum weight is 200 kg. Currently, Shopee Express offers 3 types of delivery products, namely Standard, Sameday and Instant which can be selected according to your needs.

Shopee Express also offers a refund guarantee if the package is damaged or lost during the delivery process. Apart from that, there are lots of cashbacks and free shipping that you can get every time you send certain items.

Shopee Express reviews from various people vary, some say the service is good or even bad. For more details, please see the discussion on Shopee Express which we have summarized as follows.

Advantages of Shopee Express

In fact, almost all Shopee Express services offer package speed to reach their destination. Based on the Shopee Express review, in our experience, there are several benefits that customers can enjoy as follows.

Save more with free shipping

Are you hesitant to check out items because of high shipping costs? Of course you don't need to worry anymore, because with Shopee Express you get competitive shipping costs. Especially if you take advantage of the free shipping promo and XTRA free shipping from Shopee. Shopping is definitely cheaper and saves your expenses.

Package arrived quickly

If you want the package to arrive in 3 hours at your destination, you can use the Shopee Express instant service. However, if you want a cheaper price with longer delivery, you can choose Shopee Express Standard or Sameday. Your Shopee order will arrive on the same day if confirmed before 12:00.

So, for those of you who live outside Jabodetabek, don't worry! You can use Standard Shopee Express. Just wait, you will receive the package with an estimated time of 1 to 3 days for delivery within the city and 2 to 5 days for delivery outside the city.

Track Packages Easily and Instantly

Your order package can be tracked easily and quickly, Shopee friends. You can directly check the Shopee Express receipt here. You can also track it via the Shopee application. On my page, click the Sent menu, then select your order package and click the Track menu. Delivery details are automatically displayed.

High Standard Package Delivery Procedures

All your orders are processed and shipped with the highest safety standards. Packages are cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant before shipping. Apart from that, the health of employees and couriers is also very important. This keeps the packaging clean, because user health and safety is Shopee's main priority.

Exclusive Customer Support

Do you have questions about Shopee delivery status? Or are there problems or obstacles in sending the ordered package? Just call 021-1500702. Shopee Express customer service is ready to answer and answer your questions, Shopee friends.

Pickup Service for Sellers

Shoppe sellers can easily send goods because they are picked up by couriers. Annoying trips to the shipping agency are no longer necessary, which saves travel time and costs.

Shopee Express Free Shipping

Buyers or sellers can benefit from free shipping by Shopee Express. Just use a valid promo code to save on shipping costs.

Easy Receipt Verification

You can easily track Shopee Express deliveries via the application or website. Live information about goods is displayed, for example: Shopee Express expedition transit center, storage location, and many others.

Disadvantages of Shopee Express

In contrast to the TIKI Review, the scope of the Shopee Express section is actually narrower. It could be said that there are only 4 provinces which include Banten, DKI Jakarta, West Java and East Java, for other shortcomings, see below.

Shopee Express Coverage Area Is Less Wide

In fact, the standard Shopee Express service can send anywhere in Indonesia. Unfortunately, fast delivery such as Instant and Sameday can only be done in big cities, so in conclusion delivery in remote areas will take longer.

Not all stores support Shopee Express

The majority of only Service By Shopee or SBS stores have Shopee Express delivery. Usually there is a Shopee 24 logo where delivery is made directly from the warehouse to the buyer's destination address.


Below are questions related to Shopee Express. We will provide short and clear answers.

Shopee Express Courier Type?

The following types are: Shopee Xpress Sameday is a delivery service provided by Shopee for deliveries that will arrive on the same day. Economical Shopee Express Expedition is a shipping service provided by Shopee for shipping with cheaper shipping costs. Shopee Xpress delivery service is only available for selected sellers. 4 Aug 2022

How Shopee Express Works?

Shopee Express courier work system

  1. The courier comes.
  2. Get package delivery documents.
  3. Arrange packages for private vehicles.
  4. Send the package to the destination.
  5. Goods received by the courier and collected before 13.00 WIB will be sent on the same day.
  6. Meanwhile, packages received and collected after 13.00 WIB will be sent the next day
  7. Shopee Express standard services can reach up to 23 provinces throughout Indonesia
  8. The Someday Shopee Express expedition is only valid for 3 provinces in Indonesia, namely West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten.

Note that the maximum weight for sending goods with Shopee Express has certain limits, namely no more than 50 kg.

Is Shopee Express Trusted?

One that is trusted and widely used is the Shopee Express expedition. Shopee Express is Shopee's official delivery service, so your package will also be processed directly by the Shopee team. However, there are several options for Shopee delivery services, Shopee friends. There are standard delivery services and same day delivery services.


Shopee Express Expedition is a special Shopee delivery service for selected sellers. Ordered goods are packaged, handled and sent by the Shopee team. There are lots of cashbacks and free shipping that you can get every time you send certain items.

So that's the information we can convey. Hopefully the explanation above can be useful for all groups. If you want to find other latest information, please visit our website service here, thank you.

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