Definition of Product or Service Marketing – Here is the understanding product marketing and services are a form of persuasion to influence, persuade customers to use the product or service you offer.

Company marketing activities are defined as any actions designed to promote the products or services that the company offers. This marketing consists of promoting, selling, and delivering goods to other people or companies.

They will only advertise to those who are likely to be interested in the product being promoted. they also include celebrities, celebgrams, or anyone with fame to push the product.

Not only that, in marketing, the component that has this responsibility will develop beautiful packaging or designs for advertisements so that more people are attracted.

In addition, the availability of marketing is also very profitable for customers. So they will easily find items that match what they need. When the marketing is in line with the goals, the company will get a lot of customers and can make money.

As we know, understanding product marketing is a process that cannot be separated from business activities. Consequently, what are the different types of marketing?

The following is the definition of product promotion

In general, the notion of product marketing is a comprehensive, integrated and planned process carried out by an organization or institution in carrying out its business in order to be able to accommodate market demand by creating and selling valuable products, determining prices, communicating, delivering and exchanging valuable offers with consumers, clients, partners and the general public.

The following is the definition of product promotion

An easier definition of marketing is the act of exposing goods or services to a target audience. Advertising, public relations, promotion, distribution, sales and customer service are all parts of this marketing.

Product Marketing Process

Product or service marketing often involves working with four things:

  1. Products, which are items that a business will provide to potential clients.
  2. Parga, namely how much the value of business costs for the product or service it provides.
  3. Place (Place/Distribution): This refers to the procedure for distributing goods to be provided to customers.
  4. Promotion is the process of informing potential customers about the features and benefits of a product or service through different communication channels.

The marketing department of a company uses various strategies to attract new customers. People often use celebrity endorsements, catchy slogans, attractive packaging and graphics, and other techniques to increase brand awareness and try to reach a specific group of people.

By designing an effective sales plan, the main goal of marketing is to increase revenue. Within a company or business, marketing executives must be able to look at several areas of advertising, including projecting the longevity of a product or service.

Types of Marketing

After understanding the meaning of product marketing, we also need to understand the types of marketing. It turns out that marketing ideas aren't just limited to product launches; its distribution is also quite wide and its impact is also varied.

For example, selling fashion items. For example, using a social media approach, for example, playing endorsements on Instagram, will generate a different amount than simply putting up a billboard across the street.

When the focus is on young people, Instagram seems to be the most suitable medium. Therefore, in order to make marketing more efficient, it is better to know the types of marketing that are currently developing.

The following are some types of marketing:

Word of Mouth Marketing

The definition of this marketing style is that prospective buyers obtain product information from other customers. WOMM, or word of mouth, is passed on orally, and he is more than happy to share this important knowledge with others.

This becomes their behavior as customers when meeting other individuals. Well, even though this tactic is considered very ancient, it still works today. What about the food industry?

Call to Action (CTA)

If a website visitor makes a purchase as a result of clicking a call to action (CTA) marketing, the website has done its job. Websites with text, images and other online components are used in this style of advertising. This strategy is strong enough to attract a wider range of online customers.

However, this doesn't rule out the possibility that website owners do their own research. Marketing using CTAs must be very targeted because people usually like to search for items based on keywords.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing, in the opinion of many, is much more effective. Many businesses turn to this strategy instead of investing money to bring in new clients. The reason is, most consumers are more loyal when releasing new items.

Cloud Marketing

This type of marketing is still in its infancy. All company assets and resources are stored in the cloud. One example of cloud marketing is the affiliate program offered by Amazon.

As a result, Amazon Associates are free to make changes and add to these resources as they see fit. Not unexpectedly, books, television programs, films, and others can be viewed online by users who use Kindle Fire.

PR Marketing

One of the most significant types of marketing is public relations. Many companies work with the media to create awareness of the value of their goods and the benefits they offer when they are in the possession of customers.

Marketing Functions in the Company

Of course, now that we know what product marketing is, we need to figure out what it does. The aim of marketing is to satisfy customer wants and demands.

Marketing Functions in the Company

Marketing operations are carried out by manufacturing goods, deciding prices, selecting sales locations, and advertising products to customers.

Some of the marketing functions are as follows:

Exchange Function

Consumers can learn about and buy products offered by manufacturers through marketing, either in exchange for money or in exchange for other things. If you don't need it, you can resell it for a profit.

Physical Distribution Function

Marketing can also involve the physical distribution of a product, meaning that the product is stored or moved as part of the distribution process.

The mode of transportation can be by land, sea or air. Currently underway, product storage operations are being carried out to keep product supply steady so that it can be accessed when needed.

Intermediary Function

Marketing intermediaries integrate trade operations with physical distribution to transfer goods from producers to consumers.

Intermediary activities include earning money, obtaining information, putting products into categories, and other things.

General Marketing Duties

The success of a business's marketing efforts serves as its foundation. Even if the product itself were excellent, it would not be a commercial success without an equally good marketing approach.

General Marketing Duties

The following are examples of marketing tasks:

Introducing Products

The first and foremost aim of marketing is to show the public what a company is made of.

Achieve Sales Targets

Product sales targets must be set from the start. To fulfill this objective, marketers must pay close attention to what the market wants and needs.

Ensuring Consumer Satisfaction

In addition to sales goals, client happiness is very important and is the focus of the marketing team. A product is judged by how well it meets the needs of its target audience.

Create Advanced Strategies

Products can be promoted to the general public through various marketing tactics. Discounts are one example.

With this follow-up plan, the company hopes to achieve the profit target faster than the previous plan.

Collaborate with Partners

In addition, marketing plays a key role in fostering cooperation with business partners. In addition, the marketing team is also responsible for developing good relations with the community, especially consumers, as well as being a medium that bridges the company's interaction with the external environment.

Make Sales Recapitulation

The marketing team must accurately recap sales data and organize it. Organizations need sales data to set future marketing goals and strategies.


Below are frequently asked questions and answers are sought, see the article below to find out the answers

What are the Types of Marketing?

The types of marketing are the next topic that will be discussed after understanding the meaning of product marketing. There are different types of marketing. Some types of marketing include the following:


There must be a market for the product or service. They should also have a name or “brand” to go with it. The goal is to become famous and respected by a wide audience.

Broadcast Ads

The next type of marketing is broadcast advertising. Radio is the medium most often used for broadcast advertising. The use of radio as a marketing medium is one of the most popular types of paid advertising.

MLM or Multi Level Marketing

Definition of Janis One type of direct selling is multi level marketing (MLM). MLM will include many individuals, where companies will recruit and sell various things that they have.

MLM or Multi Level Marketing

Online or Internet

is a widely used marketing tool. The Internet is used by almost everyone. This will make the market quite large.

WoMM or Word of Mouth Marketing

Consumers can learn more about product features and benefits by visiting WoMM. Consumers get their information from other consumers, which is a first for the information industry. Both verbally and directly.

PR Marketing or Public Relations Marketing

PR marketing is one of the most significant types of marketing. Many organizations or companies will collaborate with the media. The goal is to promote brand recognition or product awareness.

Relationship Marketing

The next type of marketing is relational marketing. Building connections with customers is one of the most successful ways to advertise products.

What is the 4P in Marketing?

The 4P marketing approach involves product, pricing, placement, and promotion. Reporting from the book Flexible Marketing (2004) by Freddy Rangkuti, Philip Kotler notes that the 4P marketing approach is also called the marketing mix.

What are the Types of Strategy?

In theory, strategy can be classified based on three categories of strategies, namely management strategy, investment strategy, and business strategy.


What is the definition of product marketing? Product or service marketing often involves working with six things. Advertising, public relations, promotion, distribution, sales and customer service are all parts of this marketing.

Companies will also include celebrities, celebgrams, or anyone with fame to push the product. Marketing is all about projecting the longevity of a product or service, so we can convey this article, hopefully this article is useful.

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