10 of the best online businesses without capital for students

Rancakmedia.com – For those who want to try online business without capital this can be done practically by anyone, even students, so of course it can be done without capital, see below.

Online business allows you to make money even if you are a full time student.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have time to online business without having to invest a lot of capital. The cost of internet quota, cell phones, laptops and desktop computers to support an online business is minimal.

With the Internet becoming more widely available around the world, anyone, even students, can start their own business and make money.

Definition of Online Business

Actually, what is meant by running an online business? While the operational aspects of an online business may differ from a traditional business, the substance of the business remains the same under the guise of a different name. Online businesses, on the other hand, are more concerned with network features of the internet and how they can be exploited.

Definition of Online Business

Many individuals are currently working on internet-based businesses, be it in 2019 or even later. If you want to create an online business, you can do it regardless of your gender, religion or age. Anyone can and can take advantage of the internet as a source of reliable online business.

List of Online Businesses Without Capital for Students

The following is a list of online businesses without capital for students, see below:

Become a Dropshipper or Reseller

The first online business without capital for students is by becoming a dropshipper or reseller. To become a dropshipper or reseller, you just need a social media account. Apart from that, many people in the marketplace need dropshippers or resellers.

The advantage of being a dropshipper or reseller is that you don't have to stockpile a lot of stuff at home, so the risk is low. All you have to do is advertise the product, then send interested party contact information to the main vendor so they can start shipping goods right away.

Content Writer Services

If you have a hobby of writing, then being a content writer can also be an online business without capital for prospective students.

You don't need a lot of capital to start a career as a content writer for online publications. All you have to do is place advertisements on social media, or you can also use other online platforms regarding the services you provide.

You will also join a network of freelancers where you can apply for different jobs online, such as as a content writer.

The instruments needed are basic, especially for setting up a laptop or computer, as well as an online network to be able to access references. You can set the speed of each article yourself, or you can also take the average of people who do it.

Translator Services

Translation services are the next step. For those of you who are competent in foreign languages, then try this particular business. Along with the many demands for translation, such as film subtitles, scientific publications, and other written works, the services of this translator are in great demand.

Translator Services Online Business

Like the last point, you can join some writing forums or join freelancing platforms. Usually, there is a lot of translation work required.

Online Survey Services

Have you ever heard of online surveys that can earn you money? If you don't already know, try looking for sites to fill out surveys and get paid. You can turn it into an online business without any capital for very promising students.

Finding a paid online survey website is all it takes. All you have to do is register and start filling out the existing questionnaire.

After completing the survey, you will get a lot of points. This is where you can earn money by exchanging your points with them. The more points you earn, the more money you get.

Graphic Design Services

If you have the skills, now is the time to start offering your graphic design services. Individuals and businesses alike can greatly benefit from the expertise of a graphic designer. This makes graphic design services ideal as an online business without capital for students.

On social media, you can join freelancing sites or graphic design forums. The level of difficulty in determining the price may be a consideration.

Online Business Without Capital Selling Photography

Those of you who like to take pictures should not limit yourself to saving them on your cellphone memory. We suggest that you sell your photos on websites that accept photos, such as Pixabay, Unsplash, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and so on.

Maybe an online business without capital for students that is easy to do. When all is said and done, this website is bold enough to pay you in US Dollars for your pictures.

Even so, you have to do your homework in advance if you want to see big gains in your drawings in the future.

Become a Social Media Admin

The next online business that students can do is become a social media admin. There are quite a number of well-known brands and local companies that are not ideal for maintaining social media accounts. This makes companies need a lot of administrators, especially freelancers in this industry.

Become a social media administrator if you have the necessary skills. The payment system in general is in terms of time. The more time you spend as admin, the more you pay.

Business Selling Credit Online Without Capital

In general, students make buying and selling credit as a potential online business. The technique to achieve this is to join a credit distributor and choose a medium to market. It can be through social media, marketplaces, short messages like Whatsapp, or developing your own website.

Apart from credits, you can also offer lots of coupons for games or streaming apps. These two coupons are really needed by customers considering that currently there are many types of entertainment media via mobile phones.

Online Business Without Capital Video Editing Services

Actually, this video editing service is practically the same as the previous graphic design point. Video editing may be a no-capital online business for bright students who are proficient in programs like Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere, or Filmora.

Online Business Video Editing Services

Video editing services are currently in great demand, be it for weddings, corporate profiles, product films, or even for YouTubers and other online influencers. In addition, the demand for video editing services is also very high on freelancer sites so that they can increase knowledge.

Online Business Without Capital Website Development Services

Organizations, as is well known, value website and app development highly, especially for Android. If you are a student who is good at producing and needs a lot of work experience, there is nothing wrong with launching a website development business.

This is one of the most promising online jobs for students with no money today. You can sign up for website builder groups or freelancer sites. Usually quite a lot of people need website creation services for Android applications.

In fact, it is possible that your side hustle will eventually take over as the main source of your business. To get started, you need a laptop or desktop computer and access to a reliable internet connection.

This is a list of online businesses without capital for students that you can try. With today's digital system, earning money on the side is easy.

Another option is Bukalapak, where you can start a PPOB, adventure, or any other type of business with little or no cash from your own pocket.


Here are some questions that you often ask about online business without capital, answered in full below.

What Selling Ideas Sell Quickly?

Here are some of the best selling ideas that you might be able to provide as an alternative to increasing money at home.

  1. Contemporary food
  2. catering
  3. Frozen food
  4. Decorative plants
  5. dropshippers
  6. Sewing services
  7. Pastry business
  8. Chips or snacks
  9. Grocery store
  10. Laundry of clothes and shoes

What sales are selling in 2022?

Those are some ideas for best-selling online goods in 2022 for those of you who want to start selling online. When a new epidemic hit, some of them were in great demand, costing a lot of money.

Selling What's Selling in 2022

What items are selling best online in 2022? Here are some of our picks. Come on!

  1. skincare
  2. make-up
  3. Face mask
  4. Latex gloves
  5. Supplements and Drugs
  6. Sanitizer
  7. Thermometer
  8. Ear Cleaner and Nail Clipper
  9. Essential Oils
  10. Clothes

What Business Can Make Money Every Day?

Here are some classic home business picks.

  1. Selling Electric Credit and Internet Packages
  2. Selling snacks/food
  3. Opening a Kilo Laundry Service
  4. Opening Tailor Services
  5. Opening a Motorcycle Washing Service
  6. Open Play Station Rentals
  7. Open Photo and Video Services


Online business allows you to make money even if you are a full time student. We have time to do business online without having to spend a lot of capital.

The cost for internet quota, cell phones, laptops, and desktop computers is minimal. This is the article that we can convey, I hope this information is useful.

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