Antam's gold price rises to Rp. 3000 – Antam's gold price rose to Rp. 3,000. The price of gold bars for PT Various Tambang (Persero) Tbk on Thursday (25 March 2021) was IDR 924,000 per gram, an increase of IDR 3,000 compared to the price of gold on Wednesday (24 March 2021) the other day.

The price of gold is starting to enter investors' radar as it is predicted to end on a strong technical note last week. This is predicted to occur even though there is an increase in bond yields.

The price of gold as an asset class has successfully entered the list of investors. Precious metals have been out of touch for the last few weeks. There is more and more action in the market. But now is the time to return after the silence, Gold returns to the field.

Some investors watch the price of gold in the midst of market opportunities. seniors market in LaSalle Futures Group, the price of gold has traded well with other commodities such as silver and copper.

Antam's Gold Price Increases

The 10-day moving average is starting to rise and I predict it will close all 20 days for the first time since January 7th. He added that this is a good marker for the price of gold.

Meanwhile, the buy-back gold price or the price that is achieved if Antam's gold price holder wants to sell gold bars is IDR 805,000. That figure is IDR 5,000 compared to the price the other day.

Antam gold price up to Rp. 3000. The data collection is based on Antam's gold price at Antam's Pulogadung office in Jakarta. This may be different at other Antam gold price shops.

Based on PMK Number 34 / PMK.10 / 2017, this purchase is subject to PPh 22 of 0.9 %. If you want to get a lower tax deduction of 0.45 %, give it a number NPWP you for each business transaction.

Each purchase of the price of gold bars is accompanied by proof of tax cuts 22.

Following are the details of Antam's rising gold price:

  1. 0.5 gr IDR 512,000
  2. 1 gr IDR 924,000
  3. 2 gr IDR 1,788,000
  4. 3 gr Rp. 2,657,000
  5. 5 gr IDR 4,395,000
  6. 10 gr IDR 8,735,000
  7. 25 gr IDR 21,712,000
  8. 50 gr IDR 43,345,000
  9. 100 g IDR 86,612,000
  10. 250 g IDR 216,265,000
  11. 500 g IDR 432,320,000
  12. 1,000 gr IDR 864,600,000

Following are the details of Antam's gold prices


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