KFC Promo The Best Thursday Package Starting June 2, 2022 with Special Prices

Rancakmedia.com – Good news for you KFC lovers, there is a KFC promo package The Best Thursday 2 June 2022 after being not valid for a month.

Launching from Instragram @KFCIndonesia, you can choose one of the 2 packages available, with the same price, IDR 124,000 after tax.

List of KFC Promo Packages The Best Thursday

There are 2 promo packages on June 2, 2022, namely The Best Thursday 2 and 3 packages, here are the details:

List of KFC Promo Packages The Best Thursday

The Best Thursday 2

  1. 7 pcs Chicken + 3 Rice + 3 Coca cola regular

The Best Thursday 3

4 pcs Chicken + 2 Portion Chicken Strips + 1 Krispy Burger + 2 Spaghetti Deluxe + 1 Premium Chaki

FREE Toys & Coloring Kit

Meanwhile, for those of you who are looking for The Best Thursday 1 Package consisting of 10 KFC Chicken, this package is only valid on the third Thursday of every month.

Toys from the My Little Poni line are now available for purchase as part of The Best Thursday 3 pack. The toy series will change in the future.

In all TBT The Best KFC Thursday packages, you can change your choice of chicken flavour, which consists of: original, spicy, or mixed flavours.

The same IDR 124,000 is charged for the TBT 2 and TBT 3 packages (not including taxes and takeaway fees). You can choose the The Best Thursday package that you want.

You can get the TBT package by purchasing via: Take Away, Drive-Thru, Home Delivery, KFC Box, and Ojek Online (GoFood & GrabFood).

The Best Thursday (TBT) promo applies to all KFC restaurants in Indonesia, except Soekarno-Hatta Airport and KFC Catering shops.

Terms and Conditions for The Best Thursday KFC Package Promo

There are several terms and conditions that apply to the best thursday promo, as follows:

  1. Take Away is subject to an additional fee
  2. Valid for purchases using GiftN e-vouchers with New information.
  3. Multiples apply and there are no purchase restrictions

You can get other promos just by looking at KFC's official Instagram at @KFCIndonesia or you can also go through the official website at www.kfcku.com.


In the article above we have discussed the KFC The best thursday package promo, but not only that we also provide terms and conditions that apply.

Thus the article about the KFC Promo Package The Best Thursday 2 June 2022, Special Price. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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