How to Register for the Latest Shopee Food Merchant Online – Get features and advantages by registering for a Shopee Food Merchant, see how easy it is to register and find out the advantages in the following article.

Today, many types of companies can be formed easily and efficiently using web applications. Of course there are many advantages to doing business with this internet method, because it can reach a larger market. Naturally, many people want to know how to register for Shopee Food.

Selling food at Shopee Food does have tremendous economic potential, both for merchants, drivers and even customers. Businesses in the food industry can join Shopee because of its reputation as application your market.

What is Shopee Food Merchant

GoFood and GrabFood are food delivery services offered by the online motorcycle taxi applications GoJek and Grab, you must be familiar with them. Now, the new Shopee Food service follows the same principle, namely delivering food orders through driver partners.

Previously, Shopee was known as a marketplace where business owners offered various things.

Shopee, on the other hand, has broadened its scope by venturing into the food service industry by launching Shopee Food.

Shopee Food itself has actually been released since January 2021 and seems to have received a lot of support from its consumers. Until the official introduction of this gourmet service in April 2021.

Indeed, the potential of the culinary business is considered a viable business today. Even more so if there is a pandemic that makes people unable to travel.

Until recently, many people relied on home delivery services as an easy way to complete their tasks.

Shopee established Shopee Food, a food delivery service through intermediary driver-partners, with this exciting business possibility. Not to be outdone by similar businesses, Shopee Food is packed with a number of interesting features.

Shopee, a popular shopping app, always strives to serve its customers better. There are various benefits to be had by utilizing Shopee Food.

This includes bank transfers and credit card e-wallet payments, for example. The payment methods are simple and fast, and funds can be withdrawn whenever you want.

Shopee Food Merchant features

There are interesting elements in Shopee Food because the company is very concerned about customer satisfaction:

1. Up to 60% Discount

This Shopee Food function is a must-have for those of you who often order food online. This feature is the most sought after because it provides savings of up to 60 % with a limit of IDR 25,000 which you can get for free every day.

In addition, discount certificates from Shopee Food are also different as follows:

  • ShopeePay and partner payments get a 50% discount of up to IDR 20,000.
  • Maximum discount of 30 percent IDR 20 thousand for partners and other attractive offers.

2. Free Shipping every day

Another advantage that is no less interesting is that there are free shipping coupons every day so you don't have to worry about the cost of shipping the goods you make. Free daily shipping coupons of up to IDR 12,000 have been distributed by Shopee Food.

3. Fast Delivery

Shopee Food already has driver partners to deliver your food and drink orders quickly to consumers. No need to wait long, the driver will quickly bring your order whenever you want.

4. Varied Menu

You won't get bored with the same menu at Shopee Food because there are tens of thousands of foods available at merchants at Shopee Food. Starting from home-cooked food to well-known brands such as Burger King, KFC, ChaTime and others.

5. Easy Ordering and Payment

To use Shopee Food, you don't need an application or additional payment methods because everything is integrated into the Shopee Food application and into the ShopeePay payment system.

Apart from the ShopeePay payment method, there are also alternative payment options that can be used as needed. This includes bank transfers and credit card e-wallet payments, for example.

Benefits of Registering and Using Shopee Food

Shopee, a popular shopping app, always strives to serve its customers better. In this scenario, there are various benefits to be gained by utilizing Shopee Food. These advantages are:

1. Shopee Food Merchants

For culinary business people who join as merchants at Shopee Food, they will get the following benefits:

  1. Able to increase market reach because the Shopee application is used by many people.
  2. Can be a cheap and effective promotional media.
  3. Potential to increase revenue due to larger market.
  4. Culinary marketing is done simply and practically.
  5. Get promo assistance from Shopee.
  6. The payment methods are simple and fast, and funds can be withdrawn whenever you want.
  7. Since the work is done online, it can be done whenever you want.

2. Shopee Food Drivers

Not only helping merchants who offer various types of food at Shopee Food, driver-partners who are in charge of delivering food will also enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Since Shopee Food operates on a revenue-sharing model, driver-partners may expect a sizable salary.
  2. With the right incentives and bonuses, there is an opportunity to increase your monthly and daily earnings.
  3. Many orders are flooding in so you don't have to worry about empty orders.
  4. Many institutions finance supports this simple payment method.

3. Consumers

Using the Shopee Food application will certainly benefit its users. The following are some of the advantages of using Shopee Food:

  • There is no need to reinstall the Shopee Food app because it is already part of Shopee.
  • When you order your food, the driver will bring it straight to your door.
  • Delivery is available at any time.
  • Benefit immediately from discounts or even free shipping.
  • Up to a maximum savings of IDR 25,000, discount coupon 50% can be used.
  • There are a variety of options for merchants and eaters.
  • Easy and convenient payment system.

How to Order Food at Shopee Food

Before discussing how to register for Shopee Food as a merchant, it's also a good idea to know how to order food at Shopee Food as follows:

  1. The first step is to launch the Shopee application that has been installed on your smartphone.
  2. On the next home page, select the Shopee Food option from the drop-down menu. If the menu doesn't appear, you can visit the ShopeeFood site.
  3. After you see the Shopee Food page, you can start exploring the various merchants available for the food or drink you want.
  4. The next step is to decide on a payment method, such as ShopeePay, cash or other options if necessary.
  5. To complete your purchase, simply click on the Buy Now or Order Your Food Now option.
  6. Please wait for the merchant to prepare the order and the driver to pick up the order.
  7. The order will be delivered to your door by the driver.

How Shopee Food Merchants Work

For those who have never used the Shopee application to buy food at Shopee Food, of course they are still a little confused about how Shopee Food works.

Here's how the Shopee Food merchant works so you don't feel confused anymore, namely:

1. Consumer Orders

Shopee is a smartphone application that allows users to order food directly from local restaurants. When an order is placed, the system notifies the merchant and driver automatically.

2. Driver Pick-Up

With this application, the driver can place an order and then head straight to the merchant's location to pick it up immediately.

3. Merchant Prepares Orders

Then the merchant will make orders according to customer orders that enter the application.

If the driver arrives at the merchant outlet, the driver will make a cash or non-cash payment and must submit a snapshot of the payment receipt through the system.

4. Drivers Deliver Orders

Next, the driver will travel to the consumer's residence and deliver the previously requested food.

5. Consumers Make Payments

Consumers will make cash or non-cash payments when the driver arrives to deliver goods. After the order is sent to the intended location, payment will be processed automatically by the system.

Shopee Food Merchant Registration Requirements

You should know the prerequisites first if you are thinking about becoming a seller on Shopee Food and want to know how to register.

To become a Shopee Food merchant, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Sole Proprietorship

For people who want to become a Shopee Food merchant list with the type of individual business, the requirements are:

  1. Identity card in the form of KTP or KITAS
  2. NPWPD
  3. SPPKP (Taxable Entrepreneur Confirmation Letter)
  4. Personal passbook photo

2. Legal Entity Business

Prospective traders who are legal entities must be prepared to meet the following requirements:

  1. Identity card in the form of KTP or KITAS
  2. NPWP
  3. SIUP or TDUP
  4. TDP or NB
  5. Business establishment deed
  6. Certificate of domicile
  7. Active passbook photo

How to Register Shopee Food Merchant

Basically, registering as a merchant at Shopee Food is very easy and not difficult. Here's how to register for Shopee Food Merchant, namely:

1. Fill out the Shopee Food Registration Form

To become a Shopee Food merchant, you must complete the registration form provided by Shopee.

If you have successfully entered the link, you will be taken to a new page that requires you to enter the email address used. Check to see if the email is active. Click Next once you have finished typing in your information.

2. Fill out the Personal Information Form

Next approach to register Shopee Food is to fill in your personal information according to the form provided.

The personal data that must be filled in includes the full name of the business outlet owner according to the name on the KTP, mobile number and active email address.

Please select No from the drop-down menu and click Next to continue. A new page will open asking if you are registered with Shopee Food Seller.

3. Fill in the Right Business Address

The next way to register for Shopee Food is to fill in the address of a specific business location. At the address of this business location, various cities can be accessed, such as Jakarta, Bodetabek, Surabaya, Bali, Semarang and other locations.

If your location address is not included in that choice, then you can choose the Other option and please fill in the exact business location address. Then click Next.

4. Fill in the Name and Type of Business

The next way to register for Shopee Food that you shouldn't miss is by filling in your name and the type of business you are running. Please fill in your business name and type of business, make sure the name provided is valid and the type of business.

Is your business an individual or legal entity? The location of the company's headquarters, including city and zip code, must be entered after the name and type of business are entered.

The address provided will be used as a reference by the driver-partner to receive food orders at your location, so make sure to fill it in accurately and completely. If so, please click Next.

5. Fill out the Category and Business Form

After filling in the name and type of business, the next step to register for Shopee Food is to fill in the category and form of business.

On this page you can choose the type of business you have, whether it's your own, a business entity or a franchise.

Write down the number of branches you have if you want. As for the type of business, you can choose the category of restaurants or restaurants, home catering or micro businesses. Click Next when you have made your selections.

6. Upload a photo of your business location

The next step that must be taken is to send a picture of the business outlet that you have. There are a few rules to follow when photographing your outlet for the Shopee Food listing approach.

There are at least two pictures of outlets that you must have, namely photos of business outlets from the front and photos of factory kitchens. You can submit two photos by selecting Add File and then clicking Next.

7. Registration Confirmation

If the business outlet image has been successfully submitted, then the next step is to confirm the registration. At this point you will be asked to fill in where do you know how to register a merchant at Shopee Food.

There will be a number of options from which you can select the most appropriate one. Apart from that, you will also be asked to fill out a statement that all the data you have submitted is accurate. If so, continue by clicking Submit.

8. Verify

The third way to register for Shopee Food which is no less important is the verification step. The Shopee Food Team will check the information you provide after you register.

At this time, you can wait for the verification procedure and will be notified via the email or telephone number provided during registration.

9. Complete Documents or Files

During the verification procedure, Shopee Food will ask you to complete the relevant documents. Shopee Food Merchants are required to sign a Cooperation Agreement (PKS).

Fill out the form to ensure that all the files provided are complete according to the requirements.

The next step is to send the material to the Shopee Food team in softcopy format via email and hardcopy to the Shopee office.

For a maximum of 15 days after delivery, the Shopee Food team will be on-business at the merchant outlet, holding Shopee Food training sessions for business owners. If the training procedure is complete, you can start selling as a Shopee Food merchant.

Through Shopee Food you can enjoy online delivery services. With a growing market, this is a great business prospect. Your culinary business can grow if you know how to register at Shopee Food.

How to Register for the Latest Shopee Food Driver

If you want to become a Shopee Food driver, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the shopee food driver registration page.
  2. Fill in the registration form
  3. After that, fill out the form according to the requested data.
  4. Submit form
  5. If the data entered in the form is correct and complete, then proceed with sending the form.
  6. Wait for confirmation
  7. Then wait for Shopee Food to confirm registration via the registered mobile number or email address. Generally, confirmation is made no later than one month after filling out the form.
  8. Follow Shopee Food instructions
    Once registration is confirmed, please complete the following process according to Shopee Food's instructions.


Shopee Food already has driver partners to deliver your food and drink orders quickly to consumers. Easy-to-use ordering and payment process. Free daily shipping coupons of up to IDR 12,000 have been distributed by Shopee Food.

This is information about how to register for the latest Shopee Food Merchant online, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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