7 Promising Business Opportunities This Year

Rancakmedia.com – If you want to start business but confused because there are no business opportunities, in this article there are promising business opportunities that you can try. Talking about promising business opportunities certainly has a fairly close relationship with profit income.

Therefore, you must be good at taking advantage of these opportunities from the opportunities that exist in the environment around you. You have to be good at capturing business opportunities, especially during a pandemic like today. A large number of people have seen their incomes plummet as a result of the pandemic.

Therefore, even if you already have a big job, capturing this business opportunity is very important to improve your welfare.

Capturing business opportunities must be adapted to current circumstances so that businesses can grow and develop.

List of Promising Business Opportunities

The following are some promising business opportunities, including:

Electric Credit Business

The electricity credit business opportunity will continue to be fantastic as a good business to choose because of the ease of making transactions.

Due to the lack of a physical location, these businesses require less start-up capital. In addition, it is easy to attract customers. This electric pulse business opportunity is a must have for every smart businessman

Mask Business

The use of masks has skyrocketed in recent years, largely because of the global pandemic that has taken hold.

Therefore, business opportunities mask is a promising business. Trying this business opportunity has quite cheap capital because it can produce masks from patchwork that is no longer used.

Healthy Food Business

Healthy food business opportunities are indeed worth trying in the midst of this pandemic. In addition, many people are more aware of the need to eat a balanced diet. A mature healthy food business can be an opportunity.

Herbal Beverage Business

Healthy food isn't the only lucrative business opportunity, as many people are concerned about their health.

Especially herbal drinks that can increase stamina and boost immunity. Undoubtedly, this will be a very profitable business opportunity.

Jatip Business

Again the pandemic forced many people to stay at home. This can be used as a business opportunity by starting a buying and selling service.

This business opportunity requires a very large amount of funds considering that everyone's point of purchase is different. Due to the large following, it is expected to make a lot of money.

Herbal or Honey Supplements Business

Many people feel, honey can increase stamina. Therefore, the honey business opportunity will be quite promising this year.

Especially if you are good at combining it with other components, it will be a quite lucrative business opportunity in the midst of this pandemic.

Open Laundry Services

With increasing mobility in metropolitan areas, many people don't have time to take a bath.

Consequently, starting a laundry service is a viable business opportunity. This is a promising opportunity, especially for a metropolitan area with a lot going on.

Moreover, running this business opportunity does not require large enough funds. For this reason alone, standard household washing machines can serve as a company's primary source of funding. The way of marketing is also very straightforward, it is enough to notify the neighbors in advance.


In the article above, we have provided 7 business opportunities that you can do in the midst of this pandemic. Thus information about lucrative business opportunities this year, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you.

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