How to Register a Shopee Food Driver and the Requirements, Very Easy – For those of you who want to register as a Shopee Food driver, you can use the way to register for a Shopee Food Driver in the article we have provided below.

Shopee Food is an increasingly popular food delivery platform in Indonesia.

With more people ordering food online, platforms like Shopee Food need more drivers to keep up with customer demands.

Therefore, being a Shopee Food driver can be an interesting and profitable job.

Requirements and Documents Required for Registration

Before registering for a Shopee Food driver, you need to prepare important documents that will be needed, namely:

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Age 17-65 years
  • Identity Card (KTP) is active
  • Driving License (SIM) C is active
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) with a vehicle manufacture of at least 2013
  • Certificate of Police Records (SKCK) can follow if any
  • Bank passbook, one of the accounts from BNI, BRI, BCA, Mandiri or Seabank (the name of the account holder must match the registered KTP)
  • Email address and cellphone number

How to Register Shopee Food Driver

Shopee Food is one of the newest features provided by application Shopee. Shopee Food is a food and beverage delivery service from a restaurant to customers.

If you are interested in registering as a Shopee Food driver, you can register online with the following steps:

  1. Open the registration link provided by Shopee Food
  2. Before that, you also need to make sure if you open a link that is appropriate for your current area or place of residence
  3. Then fill out the Shopee Food driver registration form available on the link
  4. Enter the full name according to the National Identity Card (KTP)
  5. Fill in an active cellphone number (make sure the number you use is connected to WhatsApp)
  6. Select gender
  7. Enter your email address
  8. Select your current domicile
  9. Fill in the year of production of the motorized vehicle that you will use
  10. After that, complete all the required data, then click Submit
  11. Then you will be given an invitation from Shopee Food via WhatsApp, but you need to wait a few days until an unspecified time
  12. Later you will get a Shopee Food driver partner account
  13. If your account is still not active, make sure you have registered at the Shopee Food driver center and completed all the required requirements

Download the Shopee Food Driver Application

Application NameShopeeFood Driver
Need Android version5.0 and up
Released date3 Dec 2020
Updated on12 Apr 2023
DownloadsClick here

How to use the Shopee Food Driver application

Shopee Food Drivers can receive orders using the Shopee Food Driver application that has been provided in the Play Store and App Store.

Here's how to use the Shopee Food Driver application, namely:

  1. Log in to the Shopee Food Driver application
  2. Enter the cellphone number that you used to register, then select Next
  3. Then select "Enter security code to continue"
  4. Click Ok
  5. After the security code has been successfully entered, you will receive a verification code (OTP) via SMS
  6. Then enter the verification code (OTP) correctly
  7. Then select Next

Insurance Facility for Shopee Food Drivers

As a driver or food delivery service driver, this job has a fairly high risk of accidents.

Therefore, Shopee Food has collaborated with the insurance company Salvus to ensure the safety of the driver-partners.

Shopee Food Driver Insurance Protection is the result of a collaboration between Shopee Food and Salvus which guarantees maximum safety for drivers.

Driver-partners will get insurance protection for free without having to pay a policy premium or other additional costs.

How to Claim Insurance from Shopee Food Driver

Following are some of the insurance claims that have been granted by Shopee Food to its driver partners or drivers, namely:

1. Non-Cash Claims (Cashless)

Shopee Food drivers can submit cashless insurance claims through Salvus partner hospitals.

However, before the action process at the hospital is carried out, there are several documents that must be prepared first.

Claims for non-cash insurance will be effective within 7 days after the driver completes the first order or transaction.

2. Claim Cash (Reimbursement)

Not only that, you can also make insurance claims in cash if you are undergoing treatment or treatment at a hospital or clinic.

In addition, you can also undergo treatment at other medical service providers, both partners and non-partners through Driver Care Online.

However, because the insurance claim process is carried out in cash (reimbursement), you must pay for medical or treatment costs first.

After that, you can submit a claim for one time treatment after an accident.

Submission of claims can only be made if you have undergone treatment for a maximum of 2×24 hours after the accident occurred.

If the required treatment is carried out for more than 2×24 hours, then the claim submitted will not be processed because it exceeds the specified time limit.

How to Get Shopee Food Driver Attributes

To register as a Shopee Food driver does not require a penny. But to get the attributes, you have to pay with the conditions that apply.

To get the Shopee Food driver partner attribute, you can buy it online through the Shopee application. Here's how:

  • Type “ShopeeFood” in the search field for the Shopee application
  • Later the official ShopeeFood store will appear, then click
  • Then select the product or attribute you want to buy
  • Then select "Buy Now"
  • Then select the "Payment Method" that you want to use
  • Select "Confirm"
  • Then make sure your order details are correct, then select "Make Order"

For the payment mechanism when buying attributes for the first time, there are two options to choose from, namely using the installment method or paying in full.

For example, Package 1 Jacket with a price of IDR 500,000, consists of a jacket, helmet, mask and delivery bag.

If you choose the installment payment method, then you have to pay a down payment of IDR 450,000 in cash for the Jabodetabek and Surabaya areas.

After that, the rest can be paid in installments of IDR 2,000 per day for 50 days.

Meanwhile, for the full payment option, you have to pay IDR 450,000 in cash.

Tips for Success as a Shopee Food Driver

If you want to become a successful Shopee Food driver, here are tips that can help you:

1. Improve Your Navigation Skills

Food delivery can be a challenge for drivers, especially if you are not familiar with the area or the route you have to travel.

Therefore, it is important to improve your navigation skills by studying maps and mastering the navigation applications available on your smartphone.

By mastering the route and estimating the exact time to get to the location, you can provide better service and increase delivery efficiency.

2. Maintain the Quality of Food Delivered

Food delivered to customers must be in good condition and according to their order. Make sure you bring a safe and suitable shipping bag to keep your food fresh during delivery.

Also, make sure to check the order carefully before leaving to avoid mistakes and ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Maintain Good Rating

Good ratings are very important in the food delivery business. Customers will choose drivers who have good ratings and provide satisfactory service.

Therefore, be sure to provide good service and meet customer needs.

If you receive input or feedback from customers, use it as an opportunity to improve and improve your service.

4. Manage Time Well

Good time management is very important in a food delivery business. Make sure you understand the delivery schedule and the travel time required to reach the destination.

Also, make sure to avoid any delays or delays in delivery. This will help you improve delivery efficiency and satisfy customers.


Shopee Food is one of the newest features provided by the Shopee application. Shopee Food is a food and beverage delivery service from a restaurant to customers.

That's information about how to register for a Shopee Food Driver and the conditions, it's really easy. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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