Easy Way to Dropship on Shopee Without Capital

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Easy Way to Dropship on Shopee Without Capital
Easy Way to Dropship on Shopee Without Capital

Rancakmedia.com – Want to know how to easily dropship on Shopee? Becoming a sropsipper requires a little understanding of certain technological elements. This must be understood so that when selling products on Shopee using the dropship method, you are not confused about who you are selling and who your target is.

By becoming a dropshipper, you no longer need to produce and store products, stock and product packaging. Now, it's easy to sell online, and there's no excuse for unsold products.

Shopee offers unique capabilities for dropshippers in selling online using the dropship method. Shopee is one of the best online marketplaces in Indonesia. In fact, as we know, Shopee provides various attractive discount coupons for consumers.

What is Shopee Dropship?

Becoming a dropshipper on Shopee is an easy and promising profession. You can achieve this without thinking about where to start. On Shopee you can sell anything. Therefore, you don't need to store items. Just select a service provider (supplier) and sell goods online.

What is Shopee Dropship

Why Do You Become a Dropshipper on Shopee?

Because shopee is currently very popular and there is a free shipping offer. To be sure, there are many vendors from various regions selling various products. Therefore, there will be many choices of products that you can sell.

But of course Shopee being one of the top e-commerce businesses in Indonesia also has advantages and disadvantages. Before actually using it, you may also need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Shopee.

This is everything you need to pay attention to and prepare when you become a dropshipper. See review below.

How to Become a Dropshipper on Shopee for Beginners

1. Register as a Buyer

This is the first and most important step. You are required to register either via laptop or application. To register via the application, please download the official application here.

2. Determine the product to be sold

The key is that you have to determine the niche of the product you want to sell, for example kitchen needs, space or culinary equipment. You may be looking for best-selling products to gain profits in product sales.

This product research will also make it easier for you to evaluate interest in the products you sell, and set resale prices to keep them cheap for customers.

If the product and selling price are clearly defined, it will be easier for you to market it. Meanwhile, the desired profit can be achieved every month.

Make sales by becoming a dropshipper on Shopee, or just becoming a reseller. If the supplier is willing to resell the product, of course this is a positive thing. But you have to be careful in choosing a supplier.

3. Look for Trusted Suppliers

After you have chosen the type of product and want to sell it, the way to become a dropshipper on Shopee is that you have to look for a supplier who accepts the dropship system.

Steps to find suppliers on Shopee:

  • Select products according to category
  • Filter products using the best-selling products
  • Select a Starting Seller of at least 4 stars and higher
  • Select the supplier location in the Shopee Sharing Filter
  • At Shopee there are also many merchants who adhere to the dropship method. Make sure you choose a product that is in demand according to the niche you choose. Don't forget to talk to the vendors there if you want to dropship them.

4. Take High Converting Products

Choose products that offer and have high conversions. The goal of high conversion here is to look for products with fast turnover or sales. This product can be said to be always needed in our daily lives.

If it is commonly sold because many people will look for some of these products every day. In addition, like today, more and more people are buying online because of urgent needs.

5. Prepare Capital

The reason is that you have to prepare funds. Isn't dropshipping without capital? Yes, because basically we only need marketing without product inventory. But our position is to utilize Shopee where the money paid by clients is stored in our Shopee account until the customer's order arrives at their location, then the account funds go into your bank account.

6. Use the Postage Facility

Free shipping is one of the advantages offered by Shopee, therefore sales often use this option. Sellers must activate the free shipping option because it can help increase sales. This clearly will not be burdened with shipping costs for the products purchased.

To activate free shipping, this technique is also very easy. You can send pictures and ID cards. Also ensure that the image and information on the identity card are clearly visible. This is designed for Shopee to view information about identity cards.

7. Offer Attractive Products

You can provide interesting products. The idea is that you can offer decent and attractive images and provide appropriate descriptions of the items you are selling.

By offering excellent images or unique images, you will be able to attract people who want to buy what you post. Therefore, the image quality must also be evaluated.

8. Determine the Location

Determine the location to make it easier to determine the destination shipping costs. But if you are a dropshipper, you can also determine this by stating as well, whether you sell the supplier's products.

This must be done to grow the trust of buyers of your product who are not skeptical or lack confidence when buying the product you are selling.

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