Review of Aerostreet Shoes that Go International from Klaten

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Review of Aerostreet Shoes that Go International from Klaten – Many Indonesian people are looking for reviews of Aerostreet shoes, not only do they have affordable prices, but the design of these shoes is very attractive to customers.

But did you know that Aerostreet shoes have entered Go International? Aerostreet shoes have managed to penetrate the top of the international market at relatively cheap prices, you know.

Different from other brands, Aerostreet offers customers shoe products that are collectible items that can be reached at low to medium prices.

The Origin of Aerostreet Shoes

The Origin of Aerostreet Shoes

Initially only selling school shoes, the owner of the local Aerostreet brand, Adhitya Caesarico, 34 years old from Klaten, Central Java, started distributing his products from shop to shop in 2015.

After that, Adhitya developed his business by offering various shoe models and adding product variations. He then expanded the market by selling sports shoes, casual and formal sneakers.

The idea to sell these products emerged when Adhitya realized that there was a secondary need for shoes that could be reached by all levels of society.

As part of its brand philosophy, Aerostreet wants to give everyone the opportunity to buy quality shoes at affordable prices.

This is what encouraged Adhitya to develop Aerostreet with the motto "Now Everyone Can Buy Good Shoes".

In 2019, Adhitya decided to sell his shoes online via an e-commerce platform. Even though he initially had difficulty operating an online shop, he succeeded in developing his business with the help of education, training and mentoring.

Today, Aerostreet sells tens of thousands of men's shoes and has its own warehouse and production team. Business digitalization increases sales results up to five times.

The brand focuses on combining modern technology with years of shoe experience, with the aim of creating shoes that can be worn by people who are active and have busy lifestyles.

Aerostreet shoes are designed with various features to increase comfort and performance, such as high-quality materials, air cushion technology to absorb shock, and durable rubber soles.

These shoes also have a stylish design and can be combined with various styles of clothing.

The brand is committed to contributing to the environment and society, with a focus on sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials. The brand also seeks to help less fortunate children through a shoe donation program.

With a clear vision and mission, as well as superior design and features, it is not surprising that Aerostreet Shoes are increasingly popular among consumers.

Ultimately, this brand provides added value for those looking for comfortable, durable and stylish shoes.

Aerostreet Shoe Design

Aerostreet Shoe Design

Apart from affordable prices, Aerostreet is also known for its trendy shoe designs that are suitable for various activities.

The simple but stylish design makes Aerostreet shoes suitable for combining with various clothes, both for formal and informal activities.

Aerostreet also prioritizes user comfort by adding various features to its shoes. One of the features that Aerostreet shoes have is Air Cushioning System technology.

This technology makes the user's steps lighter and more comfortable because of the soft foot protection on the inside of the shoe.

Apart from that, Aerostreet shoes are also equipped with quality materials such as high quality synthetic leather, durable rubber soles and strong adhesive materials. This makes Aerostreet shoes durable and can be used for a long time.

Aerostreet also offers various types of shoes according to user needs. Sports shoes with a modern and functional design, casual sneakers that can be used for everyday activities, as well as formal shoes that are suitable for formal occasions.

With its various features and designs, Aerostreet shoes are the right choice for those who are looking for quality shoes at affordable prices and trendy designs.

Benefits of Wearing Aerostreet Shoes

The following are the benefits you will get if you use Aerostreet shoes:

1. Good quality at an affordable price

One of the main benefits of wearing Aerostreet shoes is good quality at an affordable price.

These shoes are made with quality materials and attractive designs, but are still marketed at affordable prices.

By wearing Aerostreet shoes, you can get shoes that are comfortable, durable and still fashionable without having to dig deep into your pockets.

2. Various models available

Aerostreet provides various shoe models ranging from school shoes, sports shoes, casual sneakers and formal shoes. You can choose a model that suits your needs and fashion style.

This way, you can get benefits in terms of appearance and comfort at the same time.

3. Easy to get

Aerostreet is available in various offline and online stores, so you don't need to bother looking for the shoes you want.

Apart from that, with strong online marketing, you can buy Aerostreet shoes easily and quickly via the e-commerce platform or the official Aerostreet website.

Benefits of Wearing Aerostreet Shoes

4. Suitable for various activities

Aerostreet shoes are suitable for various activities such as exercising, going to campus or school, working, or just walking around.

With good quality and fashionable design, you can use these shoes on various occasions.

5. Gives a sense of self-confidence

When you wear stylish and comfortable Aerostreet shoes, you will feel more confident.

These shoes can support your appearance so that you feel better and ready to face busy days.

Reasons Why Aerostreet Shoes Are Cheap

Below are several reasons why Aerostreet shoes are cheap:

1. Company Strategy

Aerostreet deliberately produces shoes at affordable prices because it suits their target market, namely the younger generation who have fashion tastes but don't have a lot of money.

Even though the profit may be small, if the sales volume is large then the company can still make a profit.

2. Online Marketing

Aerostreet Company reduces promotional costs by relying on online channels to promote their products. In this way, they can lower the selling price.

In addition, good cheap products usually encourage consumers to promote them for free.

3. Cross Subsidies

The low selling price of Aerostreet shoes is also due to cross-subsidies. Certain products provide subsidies to other products, so they can cover sales shortfalls in other variants.

Apart from that, the price of Aerostreet shoes is set the same for various variants, even though the sizes and models are different.

Aerostreet Shoe Reviews from Various Customers

Here are some reviews of Aerostreet shoes from various customers:

Aerostreet Shoe Reviews from Various Customers

  1. I recently purchased a pair of Aerostreet shoes and am very happy with my purchase. The shoes are very comfortable to wear and the prices are very affordable. I also love the variety of color and design options available. Thank you Aerostreet!
  2. Aerostreet shoes are very comfortable and suitable for everyday use. I really like the Slip On model which doesn't require tying shoelaces. Shoes are also durable and easy to clean. Very satisfied with my purchase.
  3. I bought Aerostreet shoes for my son and he is very happy with his shoes. The shoes are very comfortable and suitable for various activities such as playing and exercising. The price is also very affordable, highly recommended for parents who are looking for children's shoes at an affordable price.
  4. Aerostreet shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I use them for long walks and exercise, and never feel sore or tired in my feet. The shoes are also very light and easy to wear. I will definitely buy again!
  5. I was looking for shoes that were affordable but still quality, and I found them at Aerostreet. The shoes are very comfortable and durable, and the prices are very affordable. I love the color and design options available. I will definitely recommend Aerostreet to my friends.


Aerostreet is a local brand that has gone international, now Aerostreet is the fashion choice for young people in Indonesia and people abroad.

That's the information about the review of Aerostreet shoes that Go International from Klaten, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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