The Best Local Indonesian Clothing Brand that is Popular


The Best Local Indonesian Clothing Brand that is Popular – Below we will recommend local clothing brands from Indonesia that you should know because this brand makes your outfit even cooler, see the information below.

Regarding fashion, goods from clothing brands in Indonesia are no less fashionable than global brands. One of them even appeared at a major event during New York Fashion Week this year! Wearing clothes produced by local businesses in your community is something to be proud of.

As you know, in today's world of social media and e-commerce, anyone can become a company owner. By starting your own clothing brand, for example. However, there are so many brands to choose from that you might get confused.

Don't worry, we have made a list of recommendations for the best local clothing brands. you will definitely enjoy it! However, before making a purchase, remember this t-shirt buying guide so you won't be disappointed.

Tips for Choosing a T-Shirt

Try to pay attention to certain aspects of the shirt when making your shirt choice. This is to ensure that the shirt you choose suits your height and weight and will look good on you.

Pay attention to the shoulders

You should pay attention to the seam connection between the garment body and the sleeve. A good stitch is one that is at the corner of the shoulder bone so that the blouse you wear doesn't seem too big or too small. The shoulder seam is a sign that a T-shirt is the right size because it shows where the shoulder blades meet.

Pay attention to the sleeves

To differentiate between each shirt, the sleeve style must also be different. Others are one third of the length of the upper arm; some are two-thirds of the way up the arm. So, make a short-sleeved shirt that is a third of the size of your upper arm, which is popularly called a thin shirt. This t-shirt style is very suitable for those of you who have good arm muscles.

Pay attention to the length of the shirt

The length of a men's shirt is usually from the bottom of the belt to halfway up the trouser zipper. T-shirts that sit just above the waistline will open when you bend over. You will feel cramped and humiliated if anyone sees you doing this.

Pay attention to screen printing

Screen printing is one aspect that determines the durability of a t-shirt. It wouldn't be cool if the screen printing faded or peeled off, right? Therefore, high quality screen printing materials are recommended to ensure long-term performance.

There are many screen printing materials that you can consider, ranging from rubber, plastisol, flocking, glow in the dark, and DTG screen printing.

Pay attention to the T-shirt material

Apart from screen printing, the t-shirt material also determines its durability. This material even influences whether the t-shirt you buy is comfortable to wear or not.

It is a problem that the fabric of certain t-shirts does not absorb sweat and is too hot when worn. You can choose from various t-shirt materials such as cardet, polyester, combed cotton, teteron cotton, and viscose cotton.

Indonesia, in particular, has experienced steady growth in the fashion industry over the years. Several local brands are still fighting for supremacy in the local fashion market.

Recommendations for Local Indonesian Clothing Brands

Currently, fashion brands in Indonesia can be said to have started to compete with foreign brands. You know! You can also get a lower price for something that is just as good as a brand from another country.

Approaching the turn of 2021, here are 14 local clothing brands that will become increasingly popular in 2022. What are you interested in? Come on, take a look at the article below.

I raise

Who doesn't know this local fashion brand? Erigo is one of the largest local fashion brands in Indonesia. When Erigo appeared at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2021 in September 2021, the fashion world was shocked.

Several Erigo models and local artists and influencers joined him for the international fashion event. Through this fashion event, we can ensure that in 2022, this fashion brand which was started in 2011 will become even more popular.

Roughnecks 1991

Roughneck 1991 is a local brand that is active in the fashion world. One of the most popular local brands selling clothing such as T-shirts, hoodies, canvas jackets, denim jackets, and more.

For the first few years, Roughneck 1991 was only available to Indonesians on the internet. To increase and expand brand awareness of Roughneck 1991, Rusli, as the owner of the brand, conducted many offline bazaars and created several flagship shops to make them better known to the public.


For the same reasons as other local brands, Leaf will be a hot commodity for fashion brands in the coming years. This fashion brand, founded by Aldy Mustache, drummer for the pop punk band Pee Wee Gaskins, presents various fashion items that are no less interesting from local and international brands.

Apart from presenting a range of trendy and contemporary clothing, Leaf also offers many accessories to suit your streetwear style. You know! This brand is much sought after by Indonesian people because apart from its stunning motifs, it is also supplied at pocket-friendly prices.

shining bright

For those of you who prefer swag and modern trends like hypebeast, perhaps you are already familiar with this local brand. Shining Bright Tarra Budiman is a collection inspired by Tarra's everyday style.

Apart from that, you can also get various kinds of fashion items with distinctive motifs and themes. You'll find everything from Scooby-Doo to Looney Tunes, Space Jam to Rick and Morty in this compilation.

This fashion brand, which was founded in 2012, also has many followers. So it's no surprise that Shining Bright will be more visible for clothing brands in 2022.


This local clothing brand is distinctive with mural or graffiti silhouettes on each t-shirt design. MDFK not only sells clothing, but also has lots of equally fantastic accessories like baseball caps and backpacks.

 The Jakarta-based brand has a loyal following, especially among street art and graffiti fans. So it's no surprise that MDFK will be a big fashion trend in 2022.


Mules is a local brand that often participates in offline bazaars such as Jakcloth. Providing a variety of clothing products such as T-shirts, shirts and jackets helps Mules have a large following.

Apart from that, the prices offered are quite reasonable finance student. So it is hoped that this clothing brand will remain popular in 2022.


This local fashion brand from Jakarta may be familiar to those who like funny and parody t-shirt designs. Every item released by Kamengski is specially designed.

Editor's picks

Starting from t-shirts, jackets and shoes inspired by European football clubs, to vintage jerseys with local wisdom are also available. This is what makes Kamengski have many admirers, so that in 2022, this fashion brand will still be the focus of attention.

Hey ho

Heyho is one of the many local clothing brands that is no less popular. Apart from clothing, Heyho also sells various kinds of collectible fashion accessories.

Apart from local sales, this local clothing brand often holds special promotions and provides big discounts. As a result, Heyho will remain a sought-after clothing brand even in 2022.


Bandung has long been considered a dream distribution center (distro). The real proof is the well-known local clothing brand RSCH, which is also called Ouval Research.

RSCH is a clothing brand based on the City of Flowers which was founded in 1997. It is said that RSCH is a pioneer in the clothing sector in Indonesia. It is not surprising that this brand name is still familiar to many people. RSCH is expected to remain one of the most popular clothing brands this year.


An old local brand that still survives in the fashion sector is Cosmic. Cosmic is a fast-growing clothing brand, delivering high-quality and distinctive clothing. Founded on September 1, 2001, Cosmic exists to bring a living message of fun, creativity and innovation to fashion.

Despite the influx of new clothing brands, Cosmic still has a loyal following. Because Cosmic has timeless motifs, it is suitable to be worn at any time.


Bloods is a local brand that has been around for a long time fashion business. Bloods has many fans because it has a variety of unique and timeless products.

This independent clothing brand, which was founded in 2002, offers a variety of fashion needs, such as t-shirts, hoodies and other brands.

This Time Brand

Although a locally owned business, This Time Brand is a national player in the fashion industry. If you pay close attention, the latest clothing designs introduced by This Time Brand have a distinctive urban style that is often liked by young people.

The combination of beautiful motifs with striking colors makes this brand's clothing collection seem attractive. In line with the times, especially in the fashion industry, this brand will be successful in 2022.


Thanksinsomnia has become more popular among young people due to modern streetwear companies. This brand is suitable and appropriate to wear in line with the increasingly developing world of fashion today.

Thanksinsomnia offers T-shirts, shirts, coats, and a variety of additional accessories, all available from Thanksinsomnia. It is so modern that this brand will still exist on the local fashion scene in 2022.

Original Indonesian Local Clothing Brand Quzzy

The last local brand that will be popular in 2022 is Original Quzzy. With its streetwear-inspired silhouette, Quzzy is ready to meet your fashion demands. It provides various lines such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, outerwear, and various accessories.


Clothes brand local Indonesia no less fashionable than global brands. One of them even appeared in a major event during New York Fashion Week this year.

However, before making a purchase, remember this t-shirt buying guide so you won't be disappointed. Indonesia has seen steady growth in the fashion industry over the years. Several local brands are still fighting for supremacy in the local fashion market.

In this article, we have recommended local Indonesian clothing brands that will be more popular in 2022, and how you can get them. Leaf is a Jakarta-based clothing brand founded in 2012.

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