Review of Betawi Cultural Tourist Attractions

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Review of Betawi Cultural Tourist Attractions – The following is a review of the Betawi cultural tourist attraction Setu Babakan which you might want to know about the clarity of this tourist attraction. Come on, look at the article below.

Indonesia is famous throughout the world for its diverse tribes, religions and customs. Betawi culture which started in Jakarta is one example of how Indonesia has many different traditions and cultures.

Betawi culture, which is famous for its loud speaking style, ondel-ondel art, and different traditional culinary delights, is undoubtedly a special attraction for the wider community.

Therefore, there is a destination tour which is also the center for preserving Betawi culture, namely Setu Babakan.

If you want to experience the Betawi lifestyle, the best location to visit is Setu Babakan. Are you curious to visit this place? Let's see what we say about Setu Babakan?

Cultural Tourist Attractions

Betawi Village Tourism Village or also known as Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village is a place where tourists can learn about the traditional culture of the Betawi people.

This tourist destination is available to the public. Here, guests who come can learn various things, especially about Betawi culture, both through tangible and non-physical artifacts.

Setu Babakan Cultural Tourist Attraction

Address: Jl. Moch Kahfi II, RT.13/ RW.8, Srengseng Sawah, Kec. Jagakarsa, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta

Opening hours: 09.00 – 15.00 WIB

Entrance ticket price: IDR 20,000.00

Until now, there are not many tourist settlements in Indonesia. However, the Betawi Village Tourism Village is the one who pioneered it.

Apart from that, the Kampung Betawi Tourism Village received the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village Award for CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Sustainability of the Environment) as the most innovative tourist village.

Visitors to the Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village will not be bored, thanks to several village zones and interesting features, which include:

Static Zone

You can ride one of the following in the static zone:

Betawi Museum

The Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village Betawi Museum is housed in a two-story building. It displays relics of the past that were used by the Betawi people.

Starting from traditional Betawi clothing, traditional Betawi arts, especially ondel-ondel, information about Betawi characteristics, Betawi cultural objects, traditional musical instruments, Betawi household furniture, and work tools through transportation reproduction.

The walls are also decorated with various works of art. This museum also has photos of famous Betawi people, such as Benjamin Sueb, an old Betawi player, and Ismail Marzuki, a famous musician.

All the objects on display at the Betawi Museum will recall the memories of Betawi Tempo Doeloe visitors.

Or do you want to see a museum with a fresh concept? The Moja Museum is an option for you to visit. Read the review: Moja Museum, an Instagramable Jakarta Museum


The amphitheater in the Setu Babakan Cultural Village is an open space used for entertainment performances, arts performance arenas and other events.

The amphitheater can accommodate up to 600 people in grandstand-style seating. The main stage is in the middle of the arena, and at the edge there is a fish pond.

Apart from being able to attend cultural performances, tourists can also take part in various activities planned by the management of the Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village.

These activities include dance training, playing Betawi musical instruments, pencak silat training, learning Batik; theater training and Gambang Kromong practice.

Fish pond

There is a fish pond which not only functions as a fish pond to observe the beauty of fish but can also be a place for fish care. Fish treatment itself has been proven to have several advantages, ranging from relieving joint pain and rheumatism to nerve therapy.

As for the treatment itself, it cannot be done for many people at once, but each session can only accommodate up to 7 people and cannot last more than 10 minutes. Before starting fish care, you must wash your feet first to keep the pond clean.

Meanwhile, visitors with a history of skin disease or diabetes are prohibited from trying fish treatments to avoid unwanted things and at the same time provide comfort for therapy participants.

Agro Tourism

Not only culture-based tourism, guests can also experience agricultural tourism or agro-tourism at the Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village. The plantation area used as an agrotourism destination is located in the yard between the tourist attraction and the community's home yard.

The plant varieties found are quite diverse, ranging from melinjo, mango, kweni, rambutan, kecapi, guava, jamblang, krendang, buni, jackfruit, nam-nam, cashew, avocado, kiwi, cempedak, jengkol, and petai.

Visitors can collect their agricultural products by paying an agrotourism maintenance fee of Rp. 10,000.00.

Dynamic zone

Traditional Betawi settlements can be seen in this area, showing the strength of cultural values that have not faded over time. Stilt buildings, warehouses, Joglo houses, and Bapang houses are just some of the many Betawi traditional houses.

Betawi Traditional Houses are also rented out as homestays. So, for those who want to enjoy the night atmosphere at Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village, you can stay at this homestay with rental fees per night starting from 1 million rupiah.

However, not everyone has the right to rent without first obtaining permission from management. Baitul Makmur Mosque, a Betawi architecture mosque, is located nearby.

Various religious activities are routinely carried out here from dawn to dusk, such as recitations or congregational prayers. There are also religious tour packages. Pilgrimages can be made to a number of tombs, including the Queen Nyi Ros Kembang Pandan Wangi Tomb and the Dato Tomb.

Lake Tourism

Setu Babakan Setu Babakan is home to the Betawi Cultural Village. Setu Babakan is a large lake with cool and fresh air, so it looks like an oasis in the middle of the heat of Jakarta.

Several benches with tables and lake views surround the rather wide lake. Using it as a place to relax and unwind is the perfect match. Take a walk around the lake to enjoy the stunning views.

Setu Babakan Lake also offers a variety of unique water activities such as playing with ducks, rowing boat rides and dragon boat rides. Visitors who want to ride this water ride have to spend IDR 10,000 for one or three laps.

Culinary Tourism and Souvenirs

Another item that should not be overlooked is looking for culinary tourism. Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village is home to the Betawi Restaurant, which serves a variety of Betawi specialties.

A variety of Betawi cakes and snacks are available, from Betawi soto to kerak telor, laksa and the refreshing es selendang mayang.

There are many gastronomic hotspots in and around Jakarta. If, for example, you are not satisfied looking for culinary tourism here, you can come to Petak Enam in Chandra which has many culinary tenants, or to PIK Pecinan Pantjoran which provides a variety of typical Chinese culinary delights.

You can also look for a selection of retail goods at the souvenir center next to the Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village. You can get t-shirts that say Jakarta, key chains, mugs, pencils, souvenirs, miniatures of the Setu Babakan Cultural Village, miniatures of Jakarta, and so on.

Attractions Riding a Delman or Horse Riding Tourism

The village arena is large enough to accommodate a carriage or horse. This tourist attraction is a traditional mode of transportation as a tourist cruise option in the Betawi Cultural Village. The rate is IDR 50,000 per hour.

Remember to bring your camera if you visit. If you don't bring your own camera, you can hire an image service that provides services near tourist attractions with costs starting from IDR 25,000.00.

If you want a prettier image, you can also rent Betawi clothes, starting from keancang clothes or baji encim, abang and none clothes, pangsi clothes, and Sadarah clothes at a price of IDR 350,000.00 per hour.

Cultural Tourist Attraction Facilities

There are quite a lot of tourist facilities provided by the manager for visitors, including:

  1. A place where a car can be parked
  2. Prayer room
  3. Amphitheater
  4. Children's play area
  5. Food and drink stalls
  6. Souvenir shop, and much more.


The Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village, which has several exciting rides, is just one of the many tourist attractions in Jakarta.

For those of you who are in Jakarta and want to get to know the Betawi village and its many past artifacts, you can come directly to the Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village. Get an interesting travel experience there.

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