Plan Your Vacation Carefully So You Don't Drain Your Wallet

Plan Your Vacation Carefully So You Don't Drain Your Wallet – The year 2020 will be over soon. Surely at the end of this year, you want to end this year with a happy vacation, right?

Vacations can make you happy and reduce the depression you might get at work. In fact, actually taking a vacation is really recommended to be able to maintain mental health and add insight into yourself in a new environment.

It is important to remember our mental health so that we can be productive again to work.

However, before you decide you want to take a vacation, you should plan everything in detail so that your vacation goes comfortably, safely, and apart from being broke.

Here's My Financial Plan, Rizqi Syam, CFP® explains a guide for preparing vacation ideas.

  • Determine the direction of the vacation destination.

The first thing to think about is where you want to go on vacation, and what means of transportation you use. Make various options for the direction of your vacation destination, where you stay, means of transportation, and others.
Of course, you take a vacation to reduce depression, not even burden it, so adjust the vacation destination and transportation costs with your financial capabilities.

  • Prepare a budget before going on vacation.

After the direction of your vacation destination has been determined, then then start budgeting the costs. Write in full what costs you will spend. For example, transportation costs, ticket prices, hotel prices, food prices, souvenir prices and others.
Rizqi also said that the budget was really needed with a mature calculation. So, vacations can also be comfortable and don't reduce the quality of your vacation.

  • Avoid excessive use of credit cards.

Often when you want to take a vacation, but don't have enough funds, the use of credit cards is also often done. If the excessive use of credit cards is only for vacations, then it will only harm you in the future.
Certainly, the direction of vacation is so that we are more relaxed than before. Don't let you finish your vacation by using a credit card, you mess around again with paying the arrears.
So, it is better to use the funds that have been prepared beforehand, and use a credit card when specified wisely.

  • Don't borrow from your future!

If you want a vacation but on a thin budget, don't use the money that has been budgeted for your other financial goals. For example, take funds to pay for your home mortgage, education, or old age.
Strive for a vacation with the budget that has been made. If it seems really lacking, think about it carefully. Don't make financial decisions based on emotions for a moment. "Other financial directions can be disturbed if you take the (money) only for emotional satisfaction," said Rizqi.

  • Write down the income and expenses of vacation time.

The last thing that needs to be done, but often overlooked is writing down all the transactions while on vacation. With lazy reasons, don't forget to write down all the expenses you do while on vacation.
Generally, vacation time the percentage of expenses will increase and this is important to note. Because this is useful for assessing your vacation finances, so you know what you are buying.
If you feel lazy to write expense details manually, you can write all your business transactions with the Finansialku application. With complete features, you don't have to go back to the trouble of writing a budget to writing various types of expenses.

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