Check North Maluku Vehicle Tax with e-Samsat Online

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Check North Maluku Vehicle Tax with e-Samsat Online – For those of you who are residents of North Maluku, now you can check your North Maluku vehicle tax using e-Samsat online to make it easier for yourself to check your tax.

Various solutions have been offered by each region to make checking easier tax vehicle online. Samsat services in North Maluku can be obtained through the provincial website itself.

Many Samsat services have made the transfer to the internet, referred to as “e-samsat” by the industry. Several locations offer different Samsat services ranging from websites to mobile applications.

How to check North Maluku vehicle tax via the E-Samsat website

North Maluku Province prefers one-page websites that are easy to navigate. Check out the facts and explanations below for further information.

1. Open the North Maluku E-Samsat page

The North Maluku e-samsat website page can be accessed at After that, you will enter the North Maluku e-samsat display which is very simple and contains various very complete services.

A display like this is a user-friendly display so it is very easy to use by people who want to check their motor vehicle tax. And the website created by North Maluku e-samsat is also designed for mobile browsing.

2. Select Bill Check

There will be two types of checking functions provided on the North Maluku Samsat website. Among them is how to check vehicle tax online depending on the type of vehicle and check the motor vehicle tax bill.

Make sure you click on the check bill option then simply enter your vehicle number plate and click the search button. It doesn't take long for the disbursement procedure to be carried out and your billing information will immediately appear.

Features Provided by E-Samsat North Maluku

By using North Maluku Samsat services, you can do more than just check your bill.

Motor vehicle type checks and other payment checks are two of them, as previously mentioned.

Then there is an online payment facility, to make motor vehicle tax payments without having to go all the way to the office.

If you want to make one, just enter the plate number, Population Identification Number (NIK), and the last five digits of the chassis number.

To complete the transaction, you can use an ATM or wire transfer to make the payment. To obtain a tax notification, it can be taken according to the tax office you choose.

This website also offers various information ranging from the registration process to costs and regulations regarding motorized vehicles.

Using a website to make various demands related to automotive will also increase work effectiveness and efficiency. Because using the website can be accessed anywhere and at any time using your smartphone.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about taxes, as follows:

Can vehicles that have been blocked be activated again?

Vehicle owners who do not validate their vehicle registration certificate (STNK) for two consecutive years after the 5-year validity period expires will be blocked or immediately deleted automatically.


If you have read the article above, you can see that various E-Samsat services are available on the North Maluku E-Samsat site which makes it easier for you without having to come to the Samsat office. Starting from how to check vehicle tax online using E-Samsat to even raharja services available on this site.

That's the article regarding E-Samsat to Check North Maluku Vehicle Tax, I hope this article can be useful and helpful to all of you.

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