Vacation While Exploring Cikuya Lebak Tea Garden

Vacation While Exploring Cikuya Lebak Tea Garden – Taking a vacation while exploring the tea garden is no less great. One of the tea gardens that visitors can visit is the Cikuya Lebak tea garden. As the name suggests, this tea garden is located in the Cikuya area, Hegarmanah Hamlet, Cibeber District, Lebak Regency, Banten.

This tea garden is a hidden gem in the territory. The problem is that its position is behind the hills in the territory of Mount Halimun Salak National Park

Cikuya Lebak tea garden not only offers a beautiful panorama, but also the quality of the tea has been recognized worldwide. In 2015, this tea plantation managed by PT Harendong Green Farm won the title of world champion in the oolong tea group.

In 2018, the same achievement was achieved by winning the second place title for oolong tea and red tea at the Global Tea Championship in the United States. The tea garden with an area of 30 hectares is filled with Camellia sinensis tea. This type of tea is expensive and of high quality.

Visitors can explore the gardens while sipping tea here. In this territory there is a special cafe that sells various types of tea produced by the garden. If you are not happy, visitors can also buy the tea as a souvenir.

During the outbreak, the Cikuya Lebak tea garden applied strict health procedures such as testing body temperature with specific limits, requiring visitors to periodically clean their hands with soap, wearing masks and keeping a distance from other visitors.

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