How To Spend The Year-End Vacation Alone Without Being Lonely

How To Spend The Year-End Vacation Alone Without Being Lonely The Covid-19 corona outbreak has replaced the holiday routine of some people at the end of the year. The advice to always keep your distance and avoid crowds has made some people choose not to go anywhere during this fairly long holiday. In fact, there are those who don't want to be alone while on vacation.

Many feel lonely when they have to do it alone. In fact, this short period of rest can be used to recharge the positive energy that may decrease due to this one year of hard work, even at home.

So that it is not wasted, consider the following tips so that your own vacation time still feels happy,

  • Pamper Yourself.

If so far you feel like you don't have time to take care of yourself, going on vacation could be the right time to do it. There are two choices, you can go to a salon to get limited treatment and a more rigid situation than before the outbreak, or play it yourself at home.
If the 2nd choice is your choice, there is no need to be sad. Many beauty care products allow you to take care of yourself like in a salon. The products range from face masks, hair masks, nail treatments, to bathing rituals accompanied by aromatherapy candles.
You can also start meditating and take a nap for a while. Don't be too long so you don't get dizzy and have back pain. When you wake up, try a new routine that you don't have time to tackle when you have to work at home, such as drawing, coloring, sewing, or reading a fun book. You can also use vacations as an opportunity to get back into the sport again.

  • Favorite Series Marathon.

Many great series that came out throughout. If you feel like you don't have the time at first, this opportunity can be used to watch a marathon of your favorite series or movie. Or, you can pass the time by watching old movies and series that bring happy memories to life. What is your favorite movie or series?

  • Making Journal 2021.

New Normal has become a necessity in the midst of an uncertain epidemic situation. Adjusting to the situation must be a way out so that it can survive not only now, but also in 2021 in the future.
You can fill your vacation by keeping a journal that contains plans for the next year. Decorate your journal with cute stickers or quirky writings so that the positive spirit can flow into it and come back to you. You can get a guide from Julianne Doodles for decorating a homemade journal.

  • Think Repeat Career Plans.

Tired of a profession that seems to run in place? Or, you have lost the spirit to carry out routine work activities so far? Maybe it's time to look for a different professional path.
This vacation time can be used to create a new profession. Or, you can start looking for opportunities to get a sideline so that there is additional income. Another thing, you can take virtual classes, fix your CV, and valuable content to form better professional opportunities. Vacationing alone is so full, right?

  • Reorganizing the Residential Contents.

Vacationing alone can also be an event to reorganize the house. Whether renting a room or owning a house, you definitely want a comfortable home, right?
You can start by rearranging the contents of the refrigerator. Remove expired contents, add new foodstuffs, and add deodorizers. The same thing can also be applied to your wardrobe or kitchen cabinet. Sort the ones you don't want to use, donate to those in need. Thus, you will have additional storage space.

  • Write Letters or Share on the Same.

When was the last time you sent a letter to a colleague? A little attention through handwriting can be really meaningful and comforting to pain on its own. You can vent or simply ask for news and relive beautiful memories from exchanging letters.
You can also fill in a more meaningful vacation by sharing it with others. Plenty of access to give to those in need. You can choose from the many official social acts available. If you want direct contact, you can start by feeding wild animals around. Don't forget to wash your hands after doing it, OK!


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