Know the KTA, KMG and KUR Bank Loan Limits

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Know the KTA, KMG and KUR Bank Loan Limits – You need to know the KTA, KMG and KUR Bank loan limits that you can use in conditions that really require a loan. The only option is to borrow from a bank, neighbor or loan shark.

Currently there are KTA loans (Unsecured Credit), Multipurpose Credit (KMG), People's Business Credit (KUR) and others.

These forms of loans have different requirements and limitations. Either in terms of the completeness of the papers provided, or within the specified limits.

When we ask loan in the future, we want to know what the maximum amount we can borrow is so we can adjust our request accordingly.

List of KTA, KMG and KUR Bank Loan Limits

The entire verdict is as follows:

1. Unsecured Credit (KTA)

As the name suggests, Unsecured Credit is a loan tool that does not require valuables, such as land or house certificates, jewelry, vehicle BPKB, etc.

General criteria are KTP, profit and loss statement or pay slip and NPWP. Another criterion, some ask for a credit card, some don't.

Loans without collateral can be applied for directly through a bank or financial technology (fintech) business. Both offline and online.

We may request a maximum loan limit when requesting an Unsecured Loan. Banks, on the other hand, are concerned with your creditworthiness. Therefore, limit requests are not easily accepted.

In general, the highest limit for unsecured loans from banks is 5 times your monthly salary. For example, if your salary is 6 million rupiah per month, the highest amount you can earn is 30 million rupiah.

However, the bank has the authority to lower the required ceiling. For example, you ask for 30 million rupiah, but the disbursement is only 20 million rupiah, because the bank feels that this limit is safe for you.

2. Multipurpose Credit (KMG)

In contrast to unsecured credit, multipurpose credit must involve collateral or guarantees, such as land or house certificates, BPKB for motorbikes or vehicles, even work decision letters.

The maximum Multipurpose Credit loan is quite large. This may exceed billions of rupiah, based on the projected value of the collateral offered.

The maximum multipurpose credit limit provided by many banks is 10 billion rupiah (US$1 billion). This could potentially increase the current debtor limit. Meanwhile, the Multipurpose Credit loan term can reach 20 years.

3. People's Business Credit (KUR)

People's Business Credit (KUR) was introduced by the government. Apart from small and medium enterprises (SMEs), TKI, as well as farmers and fishermen are some of the most important demographics for People's Business Credit.

People's Business Credit offers low-interest capital loans. Because the government provides interest subsidies. The network of intermediary banks is responsible for distributing People's Business Credit.

There are Micro KUR, Small KUR, TKI Placement KUR and Special KUR. Micro KUR credit, both in the form of working capital and investment credit, is limited to a maximum of 25 million rupiah per debtor.

Small KUR provides a limit of more than 25 million to 200 million rupiah for each debtor. KUR TKI provides a maximum limit of 25 million rupiah.

Meanwhile, the Special KUR sets a limit of above 25 million rupiah to 500 million rupiah for groups of farmers, fishermen, livestock breeders and plantations.


Below we have summarized several frequently asked questions about loan limits, as follows:

What is the initial credit card limit?

In general, credit card limits determined by banks start from 3,000,000, 5,000,0000, 10,000,000 to billions of rupiah, high limits give credit card holders more freedom to make transactions.


In the article above we have explained KTA (Unsecured Credit), Multipurpose Credit (KMG), People's Business Credit (KUR).

That's the article about knowing the KTA, KMG and KUR bank loan limits. Hopefully the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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