A place to study art and a favorite for foreign tourists, Puton Tourism Village, DIY

A place to study art and a favorite for foreign tourists, Puton Tourism Village, DIY – Yogyakarta has many interesting tourist villages, one of which is Puton Tourism Village which is located in Puton Hamlet, Trimulyo, Jetis, Bantul. This location is approximately 15 kilometers from the center of Yogyakarta City. This tourism village, which was started more than 10 years ago, offers a lot of excellent potential.

The Head of the Puton Tourism Village Management Soraya Isvandiari said that it is said that Watu Ngelak was a stopover place for Sultan Agung when crossing the Opak River from the Pleret Palace to the south sea. "Sultan Agung has stopped at this (Ngelak) rock. He was thirsty and drank. That's why, until now it is called Watu Ngelak," he explained.

Additionally, Village Tour Puton is also known as Kampung Durian. Because, said Soraya, almost the majority of the population grows durian trees in their yards and can enjoy them directly from the tree. Another attraction of this tourist village is the presence of 20 art groups. As for the arts, such as gejog dimples, karawitan, puppetry, macapatan, salawat, ketoprak, to keroncong music.

Puton Tourism Village is often a reference for foreign tourists. "From Korea, almost routine visits twice a year," he said. Other tourists who also visited came from Suriname, the Netherlands, Japan, to eastern European countries. There are no less tourists from within the country, one of them is from eastern Indonesia. “From Papua they often come. We collaborate with universities," he said.

Tourists who come are usually in groups. They visited because they wanted to study art, culture, agriculture, and agro-tourism. The activities carried out usually blend together with the activities of the local community. Activities such as planting rice, making batik, making pottery, and eating durian. "Every guest who comes we also give time to teach and interact with Puton residents," he explained. This is done with the mission of introducing culture and diversity.

Price of admission :
– Watu Ngelak (no entrance ticket retribution)
– Studying agriculture IDR 300,000 per group.
– Home stay IDR 100,000 per room. One room can be occupied by two people.

Source : kompas.com

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