Backpackers are not allowed to come to New Zealand

Backpackers are not allowed to come to New Zealand – Who does not want the presence of wealthy tourists? According to New Zealand, tourists who have a lot of money value nature more than backpackers.

Quoted from The Guardian, New Zealand or New Zealand are increasingly choosing tourists. What else since the plague.

New Zealand's new tourism minister, Stuart Nash, has a global goal of 1 % of wealthy visitors, aka not backpackers. New Zealand prefers tourists arriving by rented campervan.

“If you are prepared to pay for a campervan, at least you have the ability to dispose of your waste in a way that is consistent with our sustainable tourism goals, and actually our branding,” said Nash.

New Zealand is tired of backpackers muttering on the side of the road and pooping in the waters. Now it is seen as really fit to change the tourism market.

"We have no tourists here at the moment. So we have the opportunity to redefine our global value assumptions and market them to those who provide more meaningful value to our country," he explained.

New Zealand's dream traveler is someone who flies business class or premium economy. New Zealand wants its tourists to be able to rent helicopters around Franz Josef and eat at high-class restaurants.

"I'm not saying we're closing the bank for those who don't have a million dollars in their bank account. They will arrive and we don't explain 'don't come',” he explained.

But Nash explained that all tourism marketing efforts are aimed at high-income individuals who are currently sitting pretty in lockdown in New York, London, Berlin or Paris. Those who are currently dreaming of having an exclusive vacation in paradise offered by New Zealand.

“My determination is that once the lockdown is over and free world travelers are pouring in, we are in the top three directions globally. Not by numbers but by inspiration," he said.

Because of this goal, Nash estimates that there will be additional fees paid by tourists. According to him the essence of New Zealand tourism is an unforgettable experience.

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