Check the Latest Holiday Rules for Yogyakarta, Must Take a Rapid Test – Did you know that when you want to go on vacation to Yogyakarta, there are several rules that need to be met? Check the latest vacation rules to Yogyakarta so that your vacation goes smoothly by reading the articles we have provided below.

The Yogyakarta Special Region Government announced that there are several additional regulations that have been planned with the central government in an effort to anticipate the transmission of Covid 19, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

One of the rules for a vacation to Yogyakarta that you need to know is to bring people who have plans to travel to the DIY area.

Holiday Rules to Yogyakarta

DIY Secretary, Kadarmanta Baskara Aji, after participating in a video conference with the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment and Deputy Chairman of the Covid-19 Handling Committee, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, said that "For people traveling to DIY, they must use proof of the results of the Rapid Test Antigen, not Antibodies. .”

Aji also gave an explanation regarding the antigen rapid test which was considered to have better accuracy than the antibody rapid test.

In addition, the duration of the valid rapid results is D-3 or three days before arrival or traveling to the DIY area.

Aji added that the requirements for an antigen rapid test and the period of use apply to all types of trips to DIY.

However, according to him, the Regional Government of DIY needs to discuss more specifically to implement these rules, especially for those who travel by land but not by train.

According to Aji, it is impossible to conduct continuous and hourly mass checks on travelers. What's more, people who came from outside or inside the city couldn't be distinguished.

Aji said, “The key is how one will stay. If they check into the hotel, the hotel must confirm that they have a negative antigen test result. If they haven't, they should do a test immediately."

This also applies and must be applied in tourist destinations. Visitors must bring a negative antigen test result.

Aji also said, “The same thing applies if someone travels back and forth to a certain area. Locals can report it, or at least family members who are visited should carry out checks for their own safety.”

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, law enforcement officers and teams will continue to carry out surveillance at airports, stations and border areas through non-justice operations.

List of Regions Required for Antigen Rapid Test

According to Aji, the purpose of the policy is for the benefit of the community and their families, not to make things difficult for them.

This policy should have come into effect from 18 December 2020 to 8 January 2021, based on a coordination meeting. However, according to Aji, the regions can modify the policy according to the conditions and situation in DIY.

"The DIY regional government will review this policy to make the right decision," said Aji, "we will coordinate the implementation of this policy in DIY after receiving a circular letter from the DIY governor."

In addition to the rapid antigen test, there are several other recommendations given to areas on Java Island besides Jakarta, namely West Java, Central Java, East Java, DIY and Banten, to prevent the emergence of new clusters.

These recommendations include prohibiting social activities that have the potential to gather large crowds, strengthening social restrictions, limiting the operating hours of places to eat, entertainment and malls until 20.00 WIB, as well as social restrictions and tightening health protocols at rest areas.

The central government also asked DIY to carry out non-justice operations at hotels and tourist attractions as well as optimizing the use of centralized information (self-isolation but centralized).

According to DIY Covid-19 Handling Task Force Spokesperson, Berty Murtiningsih, on Thursday, December 17 2020, the results of laboratory tests showed an additional 224 new cases and the total positive cases of Covid-19 in DIY became 8860 cases.

List of Regions Required for Antigen Rapid Test

Below are several areas that are required to carry out rapid antigen tests if you want to visit there, namely:

1. DKI Jakarta

The current governor of DKI Jakarta, namely Anies Baswedan, has enacted regulations requiring the attachment of antigen rapid test results to enter and leave Jakarta.

This regulation is stated in Governor Instruction (Ingub) Number 64 of 2020. Therefore, for those of you who want to go to Jakarta, make sure you have the results of the rapid antigen test.

2. West Java

Want to go on vacation to Bandung at the end of the year? Come on, do an antigen rapid test test first.

This is because the West Java Provincial Government has required visitors to attach negative antigen rapid test results which are valid for 14 days. This regulation is contained in the Governor's Circular Letter Number 202/KPG.03.05/HUKHAM.

3. DI Yogyakarta

For holiday matters, the Special Region of Yogyakarta is indeed one of the favorite destinations. Besides having lots of tourist destinations, Yogyakarta also has lots of culinary tours.

However, now Yogyakarta requires visitors to attach the results of an antigen rapid test.

The Governor of DI Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X explained that this requirement needed to be implemented due to a policy issued by the central government.

4. Unfortunate

Not only Yogyakarta, Malang, which is often visited by tourists on vacation, also applies an antigen rapid test as a travel requirement.

In this case, tourists who wish to visit the area must show the results of an antigen rapid test or PCR. This is implemented to prevent transmission in Malang, especially in tourist areas.

5. Bali

The long holiday season is indeed the best time to vacation in Bali. Especially if you are with your beloved family.

But unfortunately, Bali currently also requires tourists to attach the results of a rapid antigen or PCR test. Governor of Bali Wayan Koster issued Circular No. 2021 Year 2020 regarding community activities during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

6. Central Java

Just like Yogyakarta, the Provincial Government of Central Java also requires visitors to bring negative antigen or PCR rapid test results as a condition for traveling.

So, for those of you who want to go to Solo, Semarang, and other cities in Central Java, don't forget to bring the results of the rapid antigen test.

Currently, the Ministry of Health has also set the highest price for an antigen rapid test of IDR 250,000 in Java Island and IDR 275,000 outside Java Island.


The Yogyakarta Special Region Government announced that there are several additional regulations that have been planned together with the central government in an effort to anticipate the transmission of Covid 19.

Thus the article about checking the rules for the latest vacation to Yogyakarta, you have to take a rapid test. Hopefully the information we provide above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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