Facts From Viral Video Evacuation of Dinosaurs on the Slopes of Mount Lawu

Facts From Viral Video Evacuation of Dinosaurs on the Slopes of Mount Lawu – The video of saving a Triceratops dinosaur (head three) descending from the slopes of Mount Lawu is trending on social media. Based on the video that was spread, the dinosaur was dropped off by the officers from the truck after being evacuated from the mountainside.

More than 10 people pulled the giant animal using a rope. Meanwhile 2 TNI officers also guarded. The large size of the Triceratops made it difficult for officers. Even one of them fell, luckily still alive.

The process of saving the dinosaurs was recorded by the community's beginner videos and trending on social media. One Instagram account @makassar_iinfo, for example, uploaded the video with the caption "dinosaurs enter Indonesia". The video has only been uploaded a few moments, but has already been viewed by more than 1,700 people.

On the account @Mojosemiforestparks, the video received an amazing response. the video was viewed by more than 10,000 people with several hundred responses.

Its position in front of Mojosemiforest Park. A tourist spot in the area around the slopes of Mount Lawu, about 2 km from Sarangan Magetan Lake.

One of them, the Management of Mojosemi Forestpark, Romo Topan, explained that the video was made for recreational promo teaser video material content. There are many episodes that will be made, including the time when the dinosaurs are unloaded from the truck.

Dinosaur Evacuation
Dinosaur Evacuation

However, the video leaked and trended on social media first. “Want to make a teaser promo video material. It wasn't over yet, instead it bledos (exploded) first.

Topan admitted that he was surprised that the video was trending on social media. He also did not recognize who had uploaded the video for the first time. Even so, the process of working on the teaser video continues.

Typhoon explained, the Dionosaur suit was moved by 2 people. One at the front and one at the back. to give effect to sound and movement, the group uses animatoric technology. Interestingly, all the clothes are self-made. "Made by the country's children," he said.

It is found that the Mojosemi Park tourist spot has Dinosaurus Park facilities. There are more than 15 species of dinosaurs in this facility. Except for distractions, the facility is prepared for education for visitors, essentially children.

Source: inews.id


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