Preparing to Drive Before Year-End Vacation

Preparing to Drive Before Year-End Vacation - The moment of the end of the year is often used by residents to do year-end holidays with family or friends. For those who want to travel by private vehicle, it would be better to prepare various things in advance.

Auto2000 shares 5 things you can do to make your trip smooth, safe and comfortable;

  • Adhere to Health Procedures.

Passengers must comply with health procedures if they want to vacation with their loved ones. Namely, wear a mask, wash your hands as often as possible, and maintain a safe distance. Make sure each part of the family brings a Covid-19 alert bag containing spare masks, hand sanitizers, liquid laundry soap, wet wipes, bags for storing dirty masks, and individual worship and eating utensils. Cancel the intention to enter the recreation area if it is so full and there are a lot of crowds.

  • Check Tire Condition.

When on vacation later, the car is certainly filled with passengers and luggage. In addition, it is currently the rainy season. Therefore, the driver must check the tire pressure according to the manufacturer's reference. Also look at the condition of the tread and the tire wall and don't forget to check the condition of the spare tire.

  • Check Engine Oil.

The special role of engine oil as a lubricant is to protect the engine from friction between elements. Thus, the machine can work optimally and have an ideal resistance to damage.
Lubricants help dissipate engine heat and remove dirt created by friction between engine elements. Make sure the engine oil volume matches the size and immediately add it if it is not enough.

  • See Other Car Fluids.

Check the condition of the radiator water again. Open the radiator cap and look at the height limits, including the radiator water reserve tube. Fully filled with glass cleaning water which plays a role in cleaning the windshield while driving long distances.
Check the height of the brake fluid storage tube and immediately add it if it is not enough. For manual transmission cars, check the volume of the clutch fluid tube.
Wet battery users, please check the battery level and clean the surface of the battery terminals and the filler cap when limescale occurs. Cars that rely on hydraulic power steering can check the power steering oil volume.
Also make sure the AC freon is full so that the cabin is still cool throughout the trip. Pay attention to the engine room and under the car for potential drops of liquid as a sign of a leak.

  • Prepare for Driving Needs.

So that the cabin is still spacious, MPV or SUV type car users can use a roof rack on the roof of the car. Adjusting the seating posture of passengers and luggage so that the cabin situation feels comfortable.
Prepare a playlist of songs and movies that are ideal as a distraction facility and drinks and snacks for traveling companions. Fill full of fuel and e-money cards for a little stop. Explore the trails relying on digital maps to make travel easier.

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