The following are safe tips for riding a motorbike while on vacation

The following are safe tips for riding a motorbike while on vacation – Going a long way on a motorbike while spending the Christmas and New Year holiday periods covered by the Covid-19 outbreak situation requires careful planning. Some things that must be understood and prepared by the driver with the aim of safety.

Safety Riding Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Johanes Lucky explained that driving long distances requires special preparation. The first thing to look at is the preparation of the motor unit, such as checking the engine, electricity and a number of safety features, such as the braking mechanism.

Riders need to prepare their physical condition before leaving and during the trip, and check their health according to government advice.

"In the midst of the current epidemic, bikers must pay attention to government regulations in place before going on long journeys," Lucky said, quoting from his recorded information, Tuesday (29/12).

He outlined some of the other setups to be done. Below is the exposure:

Driving long distances in the midst of an outbreak must comply with health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Drivers must carry out health procedures before driving, during breaks, or arriving at their destination.
Remember that motorbikes are accident-prone, riders must wear proper driving equipment for safety. During an outbreak, you can also wear a mask that is added with a buff to reduce the risk of getting the virus.
Riders are advised to maintain the amount of fluids in the body, how to drink more during breaks.
“Enough rest time by taking breaks every two hours with a minimum rest period of 30 minutes. During breaks, we still wear masks, and choose locations that are quiet but safe from crime so that we are free from being surrounded by other drivers who are resting," said Lucky.

  • Travel plans

Before starting a long-distance journey, motorists need to first understand the lane that will be passed. This information can be obtained using digital map programs or reading references.
A plan to determine the itinerary, resting and eating positions, as well as where to buy fuel.
"Avoid driving past an area that is the center of an outbreak or is detected as a red zone, look for other alternative lanes," said Lucky.

  • Luggage

Drivers are advised not to carry too much stuff, except for safety, for driving comfort. There is a government regulation that controls this, namely Government Regulation No. 74 of 2014 concerning luggage or rather refers to article 10 paragraph 4 and article 11.
In this provision, the information on the width of the luggage must not pass over the handlebars of the motorbike. The load needs to be placed behind the rider and the height of the luggage does not exceed 900 millimeters or less than 1 meter. above the driver's seat.

  • pillion

If you are traveling long distances together, stay away from small talk or joking while driving because it can reduce the driver's focus.
If you become a pillion, try not to fall asleep. This can disturb the balance of driving because the body becomes uncontrollable.
When riding a pillion, it is better if the pillion hugs the rider or holds the rider's jacket to add balance. Besides that, the pillion driver needs to follow the direction of movement of the driver in front of him.
"Don't forget, the pillion must still wear complete riding gear," said Lucky.

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