During the Christmas and New Year Holidays Gunungkidul Tourism is Open 24 Hours

During the Christmas and New Year Holidays Gunungkidul Tourism is Open 24 Hours – The Gunungkidul Regency Government (Pemkab) is still open and collects fees at recreational areas 24 hours a day during the Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays.

The head of the Gunungkidul Tourism Office (Dispar), Asti Wijayanti, explained that his faction did not limit visitors like other regions visiting recreational areas.

According to him, even though the capacity of the tour is limited, the number of visitors arriving is less than the territory's capacity, especially the coastal area. Regarding this, the fact that tourist spots are still open until night is, many tourists arrive at several Gunungkidul tourist areas, especially the beach at night.

In fact, there is actually a regulation that opening hours for recreational areas is limited to 22.00 WIB, so tourists are advised to arrive during the day. "However, many travelers arrive later than 22.00 WIB, especially outside the city. If we don't open it, it will be difficult to control it," said Asti.

Asti continued, the Gunungkidul Tourism Office prioritized the implementation of health procedures for tourists. Because of this, the faction includes 511 personnel from various elements, starting from the apparatus, Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), sub-districts, sub-districts, SAR, to the wrap-around commune.

All of these personnel work full time for 11 days, from 24 December 2020 to 3 January 2020. Asti advises travelers to always wear a mask, not wet their feet, and not veiled when visiting.

Initially, the Secretary of the Gunungkidul Tourism Office, Harry Sukmono, said that for recreational purposes only the territory of the Ancient Nglanggeran Volcano would be closed at night. Other recreational areas can be visited at night, especially the beach.

"You can spend the night on the beach, but still maintain health procedures, don't get in crowds, don't set off fireworks, and still wear a mask," said Harry.

Source : kompas.com

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