Recommended Beaches in Jepara that are No Less Beautiful than Bali – There are lots of beautiful beach charms in Indonesia, one of which is the beach in Jepara which has a charm that is no less than Bali. To find out more about beaches in Jepara, see the article below.

Lots of tourists fail to go to Bali and go to the beaches in Jepara, because they both have amazing beauty.

Who doesn't know the city of Jepara? The hometown of a hero and figure of women's emancipation is Raden Ajeng Kartini, who is in Central Java.

This tourist spot in Jepara is included in a complete category, ranging from natural recreation to family recreation.

Background City of Jepara

Since time immemorial, Jepara has been a binder to the hearts of its visitors, which is close to the coastline which is no less beautiful than Bali.

Background City of Jepara

Jepara is a district located in Central Java Province, Indonesia. This regency has an area of around 1,129.90 square kilometers and is bordered by Pati Regency in the north, Kudus Regency in the east, Indian Ocean in the south, and Demak and Grobogan Regencies in the west.

Jepara is well-known as a center for high-quality furniture and carving, so that it is able to penetrate the export market.

Jepara handicraft products are well known at home and abroad, including countries in Europe, America and Asia.

In addition, Jepara also has quite promising tourism potential. This area is famous for its beautiful beaches and interesting to visit.

Several popular beaches in Jepara include Kartini Beach, Bandengan Beach, Teluk Awur Beach, and Batik Beach.

Apart from that, Jepara also has several historical and cultural tourist objects, such as the RA Kartini Museum, Kalasan Temple, and the Tomb of Sunan Muria.

In agriculture, Jepara is known as a producer of tropical fruits such as mango, salak and durian.

Meanwhile, the fisheries sector is also one of the region's mainstays with abundant potential wealth of marine resources.

In the field of education, Jepara has several universities, including Muria Kudus University and STIKES Husada Jepara.

This district also has adequate health facilities, such as RSUD dr. Soediran Mangun Sumarso and Jepara Hajj Hospital.

In general, Jepara is an area that has a lot of potential in various fields, ranging from furniture crafts, tourism, agriculture, to education and health.

With its abundant natural resources and cultural wealth, Jepara is one of the areas to be reckoned with in the development of the economy and tourism in Indonesia.

History and Culture of Beaches in Jepara

The beaches in Jepara have a rich history and culture. As a coastal area, Jepara has traditions and customs related to the sea and beaches.

History and Culture of Beaches in Jepara

The history of the beaches in Jepara can be traced from the heyday of the Jepara Kingdom in the 16th century.

During that time, Jepara became a bustling maritime trading center, with ships from various countries docking at Jepara's ports.

The beaches in Jepara are also places for loading and unloading of merchandise, such as teak wood which is Jepara's main commodity.

Apart from trading history, the beaches in Jepara also have historical value in the development of Islam in Indonesia.

As the birthplace of Raden Ajeng Kartini, Jepara has a museum dedicated to the memory of Kartini's struggle in fighting for women's rights.

Beach culture in Jepara is also thick with activities related to the sea and the beach, such as fishing, traditional boat building, and woodcarving.

The art of woodcarving in Jepara is very well known and is the pride of this area, with high quality products such as furniture and statues.

Religious traditions are also still well maintained on the beaches in Jepara. Several beaches in Jepara are places of pilgrimage and religious rituals, such as Bandengan Beach which is a place of pilgrimage in the month of Suro.

Overall, the history and culture of the beach in Jepara is an integral part of the life of the Jepara people.

The beaches in Jepara not only offer natural beauty, but also have historical and cultural values that tourists can learn and appreciate.

Recommended Beaches in Jepara that You Must Visit

Jepara has a number of beaches which are famous for their natural beauty. Here are some beaches worth visiting in Jepara:

1. Kartini Beach

Kartini Beach is a beach located in downtown Jepara and is a favorite place to gather and relax.

This beach is named after the national figure Raden Ajeng Kartini who is the famous daughter of Jepara.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the beach, visitors can also visit the Kartini museum which is located near the beach.

2. Bandengan Beach

Bandengan Beach is a famous beach in Jepara because it is a pilgrimage location in the month of Suro.

Bandan Beach

In addition, this beach also has stunning natural beauty with white sand and clear sea water.

Bandengan Beach is also a popular place for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

3. White Stone Beach

Batu Putih Beach is located in Sendangharjo Village, Jepara and is an attractive place to enjoy the sunset.

This beach has beautiful coral formations and is a popular spot for fishing.

4. Karimunjawa Beach

Karimunjawa is an archipelago located north of Jepara and is famous for its natural beauty.

These islands have some very beautiful beaches with white sand and clear sea water.

Some of the beaches worth visiting in Karimunjawa include Tanjung Gelam Beach, Ujung Gelam Beach and Batu Topeng Beach.

5. Teluk Awur Beach

Teluk Awur Beach is located about 8 km from downtown Jepara and is a favorite place for camping and relaxing.

This beach has soft white sand and clear sea water. Apart from that, Teluk Awur beach is also famous for its delicious seafood culinary tours.

Accommodation and Culinary in Jepara Beach

Jepara Beach has many interesting accommodation and culinary options to visit. Here are some of them:

1. Accommodation

The following accommodations are on the coast of Jepara:

Accommodation and Culinary in Jepara Beach

  • Hotel: There are several hotels around Jepara Beach such as the Three Star Hotel Jepara, The Gecho Inn Hotel, and the Kartika Graha Hotel.
  • Lodging: For cheaper lodging, you can try accommodations such as homestays, guest houses, or inns which are widely available around Jepara Beach.

2. Culinary

The following is a list of culinary delights on the coast of Jepara:

  • Seafood Culinary: Jepara Beach is famous for its seafood, so many restaurants serve seafood menus such as grilled fish, fried shrimp, and boiled clams.
  • Japanese Soto: Soto Jepara is a typical Jepara food made from chicken and a delicious broth. You can find many stalls selling Jepara Soto around Jepara Beach.
  • Pecel rice: Nasi pecel is a typical Jepara food consisting of rice, boiled vegetables, and peanut sauce. You can find pecel rice in several food stalls around Jepara Beach.

Reasons Why Beaches in Jepara Must Be Visited

Beaches in Jepara are one of the tourist destinations that must be visited for the following reasons:

  1. The beauty of the beach: Beaches in Jepara have amazing natural beauty. White sand beaches and clear sea water are the main attraction for tourists who want to enjoy beautiful beach views.
  2. Culture and history: Jepara also has a rich history and unique culture, especially in the arts and woodcrafts. Tourists can visit wood museums, woodcraft centers, and traditional villages that still maintain their culture and customs.
  3. Tourism activities: Besides enjoying the beauty of the beaches and culture, in Jepara there are also various interesting tourist activities such as diving, snorkeling, cycling, or just walking along the beautiful beaches.
  4. Easy accessibility: Jepara is located on the north coast of Java, so it is easily accessible by both land and sea transportation. Tourists can also use public transportation such as buses, trains or ferries from nearby cities such as Semarang or Surabaya.

With beautiful beaches, rich culture and history, various tourist activities, and easy accessibility, it's no wonder that beaches in Jepara are one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Indonesia.


The beaches in Jepara have a rich history and culture. As a coastal area, Jepara has traditions and customs related to the sea and beaches.

Thus the information about beach recommendations in Jepara which are no less beautiful than Bali, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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