Beware of 5 Points prone to Accidents on Gentong Lanes - The opening of the Pangandaran Recreation Area, West Java, during the New Year's holiday season has made the Tasikmalaya area a special lane for visitors from the big cities of Bandung and Jakarta.

The Traffic Unit (Satlantas) of the Tasikmalaya Police wrote that there were 5 risk points for accidents along the "skull" lane of Gentong, Tasikmalaya. Gentong Lane itself is known for having winding lanes with steep ascents and descents accompanied by ravines along the left side of the road.

"We asked several drivers to be on standby time through the Gentong lane. There are 5 risk points for accidents along this lane, namely Simpang 3 Pamoyanan, Gentong Bawah, Gentong Atas, Leter U Strawberry-Kadipaten and Trowek-Kadipaten Bridge," explained Head of Satlantas Polresta Tasikmalaya, AKP Bayu Tri Nugraha, to reporters, Monday (28/ 12/2020).

According to Bayu, when entering the New Year's holiday season during the Corona Outbreak period, there was no significant flow of vehicles. However, according to the observation of the information on the Pangandaran Recreation Object, all lodging facilities are full and visitors are starting to increase.

So, it is believed that when the attendance of visitors from several big cities did not increase at the same time and generally did not arrive in groups.

However, when the return flow of visitors returns to several big cities, it will generally be at the same time and it is predicted that there will be more density in the Gentong area, Tasikmalaya.

"We estimate that the return flow will be denser in the future, because generally they will return at the right time to return to several big cities. What's more, so far it's only Pangandaran, a popular tourist spot in West Java which is opened and visited by tourists," Bayu added.

His party asked all drivers to be more alert when traveling through the Gentong-Tasikmalaya route. What's more, so far the area has special access to Pangandaran for travelers from several big cities.

Prepare your vehicle and physical driving and stay alert in risky lane areas and don't be too strong to carry a motorbike or car. “Prepare everything starting from the vehicle and physically after taking a vacation while going through accident-prone lanes. We provide rest areas for motorists in the Letter U Gentong area. So, if you are tired, don't force it, rest first at the rest area that has been prepared," he said.


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