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TikTok Creators
TikTok Creators – Download the TikTok Fund Creator application in this article, TikTok Fund Creator is one of the most trusted money-making applications. You are always thinking of new methods to express yourself. That's why the TikTok fund supports and rewards content creators.

What is the TikTok Creator Fund?

TikTok Creator Earnings pays content creators to create amazing TikTok videos. This is TikTok's way of thanking artists for their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm.

What are the registration requirements?

To qualify for the TikTok Creator Fund, you must meet certain criteria. Such as being 18 years old, legally residing in one of the 50 states, DC, territories, or possessions, having at least 10K real followers, 100K authentic video views in the last 30 days, and posting unique videos that respect our Community Guidelines.

see TikTok Creator Fund Requirements for additional details.

Note: The TikTok Creator Fund is currently available to creators in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.


TikTok Creators

How to Register and Download the Tiktok Fund Application

If you feel you meet all the criteria above, you can register within the TikTok application by going to your account settings, selecting “Creation tools”, then “TikTok Creator Funds”.

How is my Income calculated?

Various variables influence the calculation of video program funding. Views, participation, and compliance with the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service are all components.

Download the Tiktok Fund Application

Where is my income?

Estimated earnings will appear in your Creator earnings Dashboard three days after the video is viewed. To access the Creator Fund Dashboard, click on your profile and select “…”. Followed by “TikTok Creator earnings” and “Creator tools”.

After 30 days, you can withdraw money (minimum $10) and send it to your chosen payment method (PayPal or Zelle). [CLICK OPEN] to register for the TikTok Creator Fund application.

How to Check Money in the TikTok Creator Fund

Money checks in the TikTok Funds program can be seen on the TikTok Creator Fund dashboard. The amount of money displayed on the dashboard is income from 3 days ago.

The reason is, the accumulation process required to display TikTok salary (income) for TikTok videos based on the number of views (per view) takes 3 (three) days.

In the case of cash withdrawals or Term PO (Pay Out) income, you will receive payment funds from the TikTok Creator Fund Program at the end of each month. The payment method used is Paypal. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $50.

Purpose of Downloading the Tiktok Fund Creator Application

Tiktok claims that the launch of the Tiktok creator fund is to support Tiktok creators and provide more motivation in creating unique and original Tiktok content.

Here are other goals of launching the Tiktok Creator Fund service:

Pushing More Content

With the possibility of earning income from TikTok content, of course TikTok users are finally interested in creating popular content to make extra money from TikTok.

Tiktok itself stated that 56% of Tiktok users are now more enthusiastic about making Tiktok videos after seeing the results of the Tiktok Creator fund. This funding is also a creative way to encourage more activity on TikTok and time spent viewing the content presented.

Capitalize on the Popularity of TikTok Influencers

One other reason to open the TikTok application every day is to see the content presented by TikTok influencers. Of course, a TikTok influencer who already has their own community has the advantage of reaching a larger audience and interacting with the followers they have, thereby expanding the reach of the content you upload.

With the rapid growth of TikTok influencers, TikTok is developing strategies to enable these content creators to stay on TikTok and provide the content their community wants.

Even though it is not announced directly, the existence of the Tiktok creator fund is a form of protection from Tiktok so that creators do not look for and join other agencies or independently deal with certain brands.

Building Relationships with TikTok Influencers

The existence of Tiktok influencers who continuously create interesting content and can make viewers stay on Tiktok for a long time is certainly beneficial for Tiktok itself.

As a sign of gratitude and a desire to build relationships with these influencers to survive, TikTok is offering a virtual gift in the form of the TikTok Creator Fund.

The Tiktok creator fund is also a marker for identifying the best content creators by offering Tiktok mutual support compensation by becoming an advertising provider on Tiktok.

Download the TikTok Fund application


Below are questions and answers regarding the discussion of the article that we have presented above.

Is TikTok Creator Available in Indonesia?

So far, the TikTok Creator Fund does not exist in Indonesia. Only TikTok creators from America, England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany can participate in the Creator Fund program.

When Can TikTok Make Money

The prerequisite is that you already have more than 1.000 followers and can monetize TikTok content from there. Followers can buy coins from live video content creators. You, as a TikTok content creator, receive donations or coins that you can exchange for real money.


TikTok Creators fun creator pays content creators to make amazing TikTok videos. This is TikTok's way of thanking artists for their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm. Only TikTok creators from America, England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany can participate in this program.

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