Mobile Legends Update Version 1.6.34 With the Latest Hero – The popular game Moonton, Mobile Legends, is getting an update (update) version 1.6.34. There are a number of new things in updates or patches that users can try, including a new character alias hero named "Valentina."

Valentina is arguably the only hero in Mobile Legends who, with her main ability or ultimate talent "I Am You", can turn herself into a target enemy hero for a few seconds.

Valentina can use all of the enemy hero's powers when she transforms into an enemy hero, making the enemy appear to be fighting her own shadow.

“Shadow Strike,” “Arcane Shade,” and “Primal Force” are additional abilities for Valentina's hero. Valentina can use Shadow Strike to reduce enemy health points (HP), or damage, while slowing them down for a few seconds.

The Arcane Shade will then cause Valentina to move (dash) in a certain direction while shooting energy grains that can damage nearby enemies.

Then there is Primal Force, which is a passive skill that gives Valentina's hero more experience points (Exp) when she deals damage to enemies. For your information, the level of a hero is determined by the number of experience points he has.

Latest Hero Valentina Mobile Legends

Hero Valentina will be launched on November 23 on the main Mobile Legends server. However, due to technical issues, the launch was postponed.

Moonton has yet to reveal any new information about the Hero with the Mage role launch date. This hero is expected to appear in the near future, and players can obtain it with 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Mobile Legends Hero adjustments

Moonton tweaked a number of existing heroes apart from adding new heroes. The adjustments include buffing (buffing) and nerfing (nerfing) hero abilities.

Floryn, Aurora, Roger, Freya, Martis, Beatrix, Kadita, and Harley were among the heroes who received the buff. Aurora, for example, received a cost reduction buff from four to three, which is often used to freeze enemies.

Aamon, Hayabusa, Lancelot, Yi Sun-Shin, Paquito, and Bane are some of the heroes who got nerfed. In the last patch, Aamon, the new hero, was deemed too strong. Moonton reduced the duration of the skill that allows the hero to hide from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds as a result.

Additionally, the hero's appearance when camouflaged has been slightly clarified, allowing enemies to see it more easily. A number of Battle Spells in Mobile Legends have been tweaked aside from heroes.

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