Here are 21 Laptop and Computer Keyboard Functions – What are the functions in the keyboard? maybe you don't know the actual function that is on a laptop or computer keyboard to find out, see the following article.

Keyboards are used to type text, symbols, numbers, characters and other instructions into electronic devices such as laptops, computers and smartphones.

The keyboard has an arrangement in the form of a row of AZ alphabets, letters, characters, navigation, and also additional keys that function as system shortcuts and functions.

Although there are slight variations, the overall keyboard layout remains the same. only a combination of locations or functions.

The control, alt, and shift keys, in particular, can be used in many ways. For more details, here are the button functions, both buttons on a laptop or computer.

Hardware and functions include laptop keyboards. This is when the laptop keyboard function comes in handy. The keyboard is a very important instrument in the operation of a laptop.

Even so, the keyboard sometimes suddenly doesn't work, making it difficult for users. Of course, this can interfere with work and is very annoying.

In general, a keyboard is a hardware component on a computer or laptop that functions as a tool for entering data in the form of letters, numbers and symbols. The way a laptop keyboard works is very important because it is how text instructions and other controls are entered into the computer system.

However, the operation of the laptop keyboard is regularly affected, which often complicates work. As for some of the disturbances on laptops that are often experienced by users, such as keys that are very tight when pressed, the keyboard cannot be noticed until the keyboard turns off or doesn't operate.

Important Laptop Keyboard Functions to Know

Then, anything keyboard function laptops? Check out the articles that we will discuss in the article below.

Important Laptop Keyboard Functions to Know

Alphanumeric keys

Alphanumeric keys on a laptop keyboard function. This button is the button that has letters and numbers on it. This button is used to enter characters in the form of letters and numbers on the computer.


Function keys on a laptop keyboard, Esc or the escape key, has the function to cancel the dialog box, stop the game, and also stop the animation process.

Caps lock

The Capslock key is important for making capital letters or generating capital letters.

Shift key

Shift key to complete additional functions of each key, such as generating one capital letter, as well as selecting non-alphabetical keys.

Asterisk button

The asterisk key is useful for entering asterisk characters, such as punctuation marks.

Print Screen

Knob print screen it helps to carry out the procedure of taking pictures of your computer screen or the display currently displayed.


With the Ctrl or control keys, you can use the mouse to do many different things.


The function of the laptop keyboard backspace key is used to delete one character at a time in a document.

Page Up

This page up button is widely used in browsers and when creating documents to move pages up.

Page Down

To raise a page, the term "page down" is often used as the antithesis of the term "page up".

Arrow Keys

Up, down, left and right are all available as directional options via the arrow keys. The role of this button is to guide you in selecting the file to be selected.

Number Lock

The Num Lock key is used to prevent unauthorized access to a computer's numeric input devices.


The Delete button is used to delete files.


The home button functions to return you to the start page of a document, browser, or browser.


The space bar is the most obvious keyboard key, being placed at the bottom and longest. When writing and creating documents on a computer, you can use these keys to add spaces or spaces between characters or between sentences.


This lock has many main functions. The enter key can be used to start a new paragraph in the document you are creating. While in a program, the enter key may mean OK, and is also used to select a choice to make.


This function is referred to as Fn. This key is usually seen on laptop keyboards, which are smaller than a standard desktop PC keyboard. used as a combo to bring up the function that matches the button color.

Windows key

Functions of the Windows key on a laptop keyboard. This key usually points downwards, between the alt key and the controls. The main purpose of this button is to access the Windows Start menu.


Laptop keyboard functions The Alt key serves no specific purpose as a single key. When it comes to keyboard shortcuts, we're going to talk a lot about how Alt works.

Keyboard Function Keys F1 To F12

Functions of the Laptop Keyboard Tab Keys

The tab key function is useful for making selections in a dialog box or dialog boxes.

Laptop Keyboard Function Keys F1 To F12

  1. F1 is often used to bring up the help or help menu
  2. F2 to rename the currently selected item or object, use the F2 key.
  3. F3 displays the Find All Files dialog box.
  4. F4 You can use the F4 key to open the “Go to a Different Folder” option.
  5. F5 by pressing F5, you can reload any window, browser or entire desktop.
  6. F6 function to shortcut to Address bar
  7. F7 to activate spell and grammar functions in Microsoft Word
  8. F8 to access the boot/bios menu
  9. F9 refreshes the document in Microsoft word
  10. F10 serves to activate the menu bar.
  11. F11 activates full screen mode.
  12. F12 The function of this button is to save data in Word, Excel, etc. applications

The Function of the Insert Key on the Keyboard

The function of the insert button is to insert a character at the current cursor position. This, of course, refers to the name of the insert button. The word insert means to insert or insert.

Causes of Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Some damage to the keyboard is really very annoying work and often frustrating. There are two main things that can go wrong with a laptop keyboard, hardware and software glitches. Here are some more details:

Hardware Keyboard Problems

One of the most common reasons for a keyboard not working is a hardware problem. Several factors usually delay the responsiveness of the keyboard, such as dust or dirt, being exposed to liquids, pressing one of the keys too often, and keyboard driver interference.

Apart from that, laptop batteries also sometimes cause laptop keyboard malfunctions, especially if the laptop battery is very hot. As a result, the keyboard is prone to stuttering.

Keyboard Problem in Software

The second most likely reason for a broken laptop keyboard is a problem with the software. Usually, the entire keyboard doesn't answer right away. This may happen when there is a problem with a program or laptop driver.

Keyboard Problem in Software

Also, third-party applications and frequently shutting down the laptop without using the Shut Down command can interfere with the keyboard. As a result, the keyboard becomes unresponsive or doesn't work.

How to Solve Problems with Laptop Keyboard Functions

When a laptop keyboard isn't working, it can seriously hinder productivity. But don't worry, there are various techniques that can be used to treat this disease, including the following:

Clean the Keyboard from Dust

One of the most common causes of a laptop keyboard not working is dust lodged in the keyboard. To solve this problem, you can clean the keyboard from dust. The process is quite easy. Turn off the laptop first, then tilt the laptop at an angle of 75 degrees and shake the laptop to remove dust.

Restart Laptop

The next technique to fix a laptop keyboard not working is to reboot the laptop. When a laptop suddenly stops working, it's likely that the damage is in the operating system or device drivers. This can cause the hardware attached to the laptop to not work properly.

Repair Laptop Keyboard Function Driver

Your keyboard drivers may also be out of date if your laptop keyboard is not working. In addition, there is malware that also generally causes the keyboard to be less responsive. The solution to this inconvenience is as simple as checking and verifying the problem in device management.

Repair Keyboard Drivers


The following are questions and answers about the functions in the keyboard, including:

What Are the Functions of a Laptop Keyboard?

The keyboard is a physical component on a computer that functions as a means of entering data in the form of letters, numbers and symbols.

What are the Parts of a Keyboard?

  1. Typewriter Key: A button that functions to type letters or those related to writing, such as capslock, enter, and others.
  2. Numeric Key: Is a key that functions to enter symbols and numbers.
  3. Function Key: Is a button that has a function to make work easier.
  4. Special Function Key : When used in combination with other keys, the special function key performs a specific action.

Explain What Is Meant by a Qwerty Keyboard?

Christopher Latham Sholes invents the Qwerty keyboard, a type of keyboard. The letters Q, W, E, R, T, and Y are arranged on the top row of the Qwerty keyboard, hence the name.

EE Remington's 1874 Qwerty typewriter was the first to use a Qwerty keyboard before making its way into today's electronic devices such as our smartphones and tablets.


A keyboard is a hardware component on a computer or laptop that functions as a tool for entering data in the form of letters, numbers, characters and other instructions into electronic devices such as laptops, computers and smartphones. List of ten laptop and computer keyboard functions.

Thus the article that we can convey above, I hope this information can help and make it easier for you to operate it if you are a beginner who is not proficient in using it.

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