Download Whatsapp Lite Latest Version Small Storage – If you have a cellphone with small storage, you don't need to worry if you want to use WhatsApp. Because you can download the latest version of WhatsApp Lite, which we provide below.

Who doesn't know the WahtsApp application which is the most popular social media platform today which is used for various purposes, from sending chat messages, sharing files, sending pictures, video chatting, and even being used as a medium for doing business.

Interestingly, WhatsApp has more than 5 million active users and 151 million ratings on its app store. That's pretty cool, right?

WhatsApp Lite application

How can this application not have maximum popularity among today's modern society, whose use comes from all walks of life and covers all countries in the world.

With a very large number of users, there are a lot of certain parties who want to try to produce a new innovation.

Whether it's from the addition of features, a much simpler interface, even to the addition of other advanced features that seem extraordinary and will not be found in the original version.

One of the products developed by third parties that is quite well-known today is WhatsApp Lite which is able to provide a different conversation experience so that it is more fun to use for various purposes.

Especially providing connected solutions with storage on Smartphones which are sometimes limited. The availability of the latest WhatsApp mod apk application is the best answer at this time that you must try.

WhatsApp Lite application

WhatsApp Lite Apk latest version 2022 is very usable even if you have a smartphone with low specs because the WA LITE application has a light size.

However, you should be aware that this APK is not made by the same people who made the official version. Moreover, it is a modded apk supplier that specifically makes a light version of WA for smartphone users with minimal RAM.

With this lite apk, you don't have to worry about your cellphone being slow when sending text messages on WA.

Since it is a smaller file and takes up less storage space, this “light” version. With such a small size, the apk can be used safely on phones with 1 GB of RAM.

It is interesting to note that WA Lite's strengths are not limited to its small size. Even though it's lightweight, this APK already has all the capabilities of WA Messenger. It also has an additional interesting characteristic, though not identical.

WhatsApp Lite Review

WhatsApp Lite Review

In fact, there are lots of new designs by certain parties regarding applications from different editions, from WhatsApp Aero to WhatsApp Lite. The name "WhatsApp Lite" is nothing new for those of you who usually use the "mod apk" or "modified version" application.

When compared to other modified versions, the advantages of WhatsApp Lite are undoubtedly superior, especially when compared to the original version which has far superior functionality.

This application looks light when compared to other versions, so it's good enough to be installed on a smartphone that doesn't take up much space.

But also know that its characteristics need not be doubted even though the file size capacity is relatively modest.

In other words, WhatsApp Lite is a shortened version of the official application designed for smartphone users in the upper middle class of society. The latest version of the app for low end is currently having some issues.

Remember that every time an update occurs, low-end smartphone users feel uncomfortable, and the available storage space is often insufficient.

In other words, the lite version is a power saver and solution for those with limited storage capacity.

Be aware that one of the developers of WhatsApp Lite is Soula who is legally outside of Facebook itself as the forerunner of the official WhatsApp. So you have to know the download link specifically, which we will offer in the next explanation.

But there's no need to be afraid because it's very safe to use, and can be useful for you in various ways and hobbies.

Featured Features of WhatsApp Lite

Featured Features of WhatsApp Lite

As it is known that WhatsApp Lite is produced by "Soula Sommer Damous" as a third-party developer which will provide many of the latest features for all its customers with advantages and sophistication that you will not find in the original WhatsApp version itself.

Interested in the newest and most advanced features? Let's take a closer look at everything WhatsApp Lite has to offer and how it works in detail after the break:

1. Can Download People's Status

We can be sure that very few people know the first function of the latest WhatsApp Lite application.

Downloading a person's current location directly from the app is possible with this function; no third party app is required for this purpose.

That way you can save the status of other people who are considered important, or for certain purposes.

If you don't believe us, you can try it yourself by downloading the version from the URL provided below. you will immediately notice that it has a different taste from the original.

2. Can Send Files Without Any Limitations

Which of you often deals with documents or even often distributes large numbers of images at once?

So it is very appropriate and we strongly recommend adopting the current version of WhatsApp, because after that you can send 100 files at a time, one click which includes Apk, PDF, RAR and image types.

If you send lots of files or photos, you don't have to worry anymore with the latest version. It makes it easier and more efficient. How, of course more practical right?

3. Status Character Limit 250

WhatsApp limits the number of characters that can be shared in the status version to 139 in the previous version and in the official version.

But did you know that with the latest version you may be more flexible and satisfied, because it provides a much larger character limit, around 250 characters that can be loaded.

Pros of WhatsApp Lite

That way you will be much more free to put lots of ideas or whatever on the status that will be shared later, so that the advantages of the latest version are very visible.

4. Light File Size

Then the next feature here can be said to be the advantage most highlighted by many people, because the lite version provides a size that is quite light when compared to other versions.

Consider that the latest version has only 19MB of file capacity, so it won't overload the device's internal storage.

The difference is of course very much from the previous version which provides file sizes from 30 to 60 MB, additional if you do regular updates.

The more often you update, of course, the less storage space on the device, but Smartphone specifications are above average, and not all have it.

In fact, currently most social media users, especially WhatsApp, have migrated to the WhatsApp Lite version which looks slim in terms of size, has many excellent features, and of course provides many conveniences for some reason.

5. Can Disable Forward Information

Unavailability of forwarded message information is a nice feature. For the most part, the notification tag at the top of the message indicates that the message has been forwarded from one user to many others (forward).

If you are using the lite version, you can disable notifications or prevent them from showing up altogether. The message will appear as if it was sent by you and not another user if you forward the session later.

6. Time Limit for Delete Messages 3 Months

Then, another superior advantage here is that you can delete messages that have been sent up to a limit of three months in the future.

Of course there is a big difference when compared to the original version with a time limit of only a few minutes.

Link Download WhatsApp Lite

When one wants to delete a large number of messages received during the previous month, a tool like this one will come in handy.

7. Anti Delete Story

You have to admit that the modified version of WhatsApp always provides a lot of things that are quite extraordinary, complex and exciting when compared to the original version.

There is still one of them where you can see all your previously deleted statuses. Consequently for everyone who deletes their status, in this lite version it will still appear.

This customized version of WhatsApp seems to go against the spirit of WhatsApp's own terms of service, but if used responsibly, you may be able to take advantage of its more advanced capabilities without putting others at risk.

So you should also know that this version is always threatened with being banned by the official party itself.

8. Latest Application Innovations

Last but not least, the developer's own app, even though it's called a changed one, constantly offers information about new versions of the apps it makes, including WhatsApp itself.

Now for the latest version of WhatsApp v6.20, there is already the latest application that you can download as soon as possible. With that, of course, you will get the WhatsApp application service and use the current version.

The update attempts to prevent each user from expiring because the non-renew itself is exposed.

Pros of WhatsApp Lite

It doesn't matter if WhatsApp Lite is called Lite because it still has sufficient specifications for customers to take advantage of.

If your phone doesn't open conventional WhatsApp, you can use WhatsApp Lite instead, as mentioned before.

Well, did you know that WhatsApp offers a variety of stunning specifications. So you won't be sad when you have this application. Whatsapp Lite has the following advantages:

  1. Can remove the incoming message icon in the position bar
  2. Can omit the element's position in the selection
  3. Gallery appearance can be changed to dark
  4. WhatsApp Lite objects can be replaced with just 1 click
  5. The statement icon on the position bar can be replaced
  6. The WhatsApp lunch icon can be replaced with several options
  7. Easier and more constant when used
  8. Can send large files up to 250MB
  9. Position tempo can be extended up to 48 hours, and with regular WhatsApp only 24 hours
  10. Create long position videos without any trimming
  11. Just swipe to record a tune
  12. The name in the position space can be inserted
  13. No root access required for installation, etc.
  14. Small file sizes don't need RAM on a large scale on mobile phones.
  15. The publication size can be larger than the maximum size of 260 MB.
  16. Turn off the audio.
  17. Hides the position statement.
  18. Directing narrative.
  19. Position will be shown in two days.
  20. No need root mobile phone.
  21. Can end the conversation.
  22. There are also many benefits offered by WhatsApp Lite.

How to Install WhatsApp Lite Mod on Smartphone Devices

So in this area we don't forget, if you want this app, get it right now. We have created a download link to use.

Link Download WhatsApp Lite

Here we provide the latest download link for WhatsApp Lite which you can directly download and install on your respective devices to enjoy the latest chat nuances, fun, practical, fun, and of course easy to use. Here are the specifications and the download link:

  1. Application name Soula_WhatsApp. Apk
  2. File Size 36 MB
  3. Price v6.20
  4. Free Version

Link Download WhatsApp Lite: Click here

How to Install WhatsApp Lite Mod on Smartphone Devices

Since the latest version of WhatsApp is not yet available through the Google Play Store, there are several variations on how to install it on the smartphone itself.

For those of you who are interested in getting the latest version of the WhatsApp application, we hope to follow the installation method that we will present below:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the WhatsApp Lite application using the link that we have shared above
  2. Make sure the internet network is running well and smoothly
  3. Next, please go to the Settings / Settings menu on each Smartphone
  4. Then access the Security and Privacy menu
  5. Please search for the name Unknown Sources / Unknown Sources then Check
  6. Next, please click Install as usual
  7. Wait for the process to actually work
  8. Immediately you open the application and login with an active cellphone number
  9. If you are using the Unclone version, make sure you do a Restore Chat History that has been backed up or just skip it
  10. If the installation process is successful, you will immediately enjoy the newest features

These are the steps you need to follow in the app to update WhatsApp to the latest version. Indeed, there is a slight difference from the application in general that you usually get on the Play Store. For this reason, we suggest that you follow the instructions as we have given above.

How to Install

Update WA Lite Apk 2022

When it comes to data protection, the options are more comprehensive and more secure than ever before. You can protect your private apps in several ways while using WhatsApp Lite.

  1. Mute the microphone
  2. Mute
  3. Can turn off group call option
  4. Can hide media in the smartphone gallery
  5. Can hide the last entry that appears in the account name when someone opens your profile
  6. Can hide double ticks and blue ticks which usually indicate that a message has been sent and read
  7. Can customize view
  8. Lets you switch between dark and light themes. In addition, there are attractive display options that can be adjusted to your personal needs

WhatsApp Lite Display Options List

  1. Change the appearance of the WA icon
  2. Set icon and notification style.
  3. Different stickers.
  4. Apart from the various attractive display options listed above, there are several other options that you can try.

WhatsApp Lite for Windows on PC Devices and How to Install it

It should be noted that installing the WhatsApp Lite app on PC devices is a bit complicated compared to Smartphones. It's like installing a standard application if you already know how. Please follow the following procedure for additional information:

  1. Because WhatsApp is a mobile application, you must first download the BlueStacks emulator
  2. You yourself can download it directly on the official website Com
  3. If you have successfully downloaded and installed the additional emulator, then continue by opening the BlueStacks application
  4. Please just run the emulator as well as a smart device from a cellphone
  5. Next, please navigate to the explorer engine that has been provided
  6. Write Download WhatsApp Lite or you can download it directly via the link above
  7. The download process is actually not much different from the process on a smartphone
  8. After you have successfully downloaded the file, just click Install
  9. If you can't install the file then make sure you download the APK / XAPK installer tool on the Play Store
  10. If you have successfully installed it, immediately run the application through the additional BlueStacks emulator without being complicated and very easy

The difference between WhatsApp Lite and WhatsApp Original

As you already know in the description above that there is a very big difference between the original WhatsApp and the Lite version of WhatsApp.

Options List

However, the purpose of the modification stage is only to provide convenience for all users, especially for certain interests. Here are some examples of the differences:

WhatsApp Original Version

  1. Has a file size that seems large according to Play Store standards
  2. It can be downloaded at the Google Play Store service
  3. Can take up a lot of Smartphone storage space
  4. Only available default features from the official WhatsApp
  5. 100% is safe to use
  6. Anti banned and virus malware
  7. Official legality

WhatsApp Lite Version

  1. Has a relatively light file size
  2. It only takes up a small amount of RAM
  3. Not available on Google Play Store services
  4. Many are equipped with additional and interesting features
  5. Vulnerable to getting banned
  6. 100% does not provide security guarantees

How to Safely Use a Modified Version of WhatsApp Lite

In the application to maintain security and avoid being stopped by official parties, you need to know some guidelines when using it because it does not have official legitimacy and is therefore considered to have violated the provisions of the official party.

Therefore, it is very important to be careful when using it, and it is better not to install it at all if you intend to abuse any of its functions or harm others.

Inviting others to join a group may be considered spam, so don't do it. Finally, we warn you not to report or post comments to the official WhatsApp itself.

How to install

The point is, please take advantage and use it wisely and within the appropriate usage limits so that you are not exposed to reports that will later be blocked.

Is WhatsApp Lite Safe on Smartphone Devices?

For security, the WhatsApp Lite application itself cannot provide a 100 percent guarantee, but so far there have been no incidents that have harmed any user.

The most important thing is that you actually use the download link, considering that nowadays many irresponsible parties take advantage of this scenario.

In short, WhatsApp Lite, a popular application that recently replaced the official WhatsApp, is an alternative that you can try to take advantage of its newest features and advantages while getting a different impression of its use.


WhatsApp Lite Apk latest version 2022 is very usable even if you have a smartphone with low specs because the WA LITE application has a light size.

Thus the article about Downloading the Latest Version of Whatsapp Lite for Small Storage, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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