Google Develops Features To Manage Privacy

Google Develops Features To Manage Privacy – Google is designing an app tracking transparency tool. These tools can make smartphone users free from the same ad if they open another application.

Most digital ads often appear on Android devices. If a user searches for an item in Chrome, the same item will appear in the ad banner on application other.

Related to this, later the tool will prevent cross-app tracking on Android devices and can control privacy. Previously, Apple had done it first.

Unfortunately, this feature is still in the initial discussion stage. The company is also seeking the best deals with developers to improve privacy standards

A Google spokesperson said the company is always looking for ways to work with developers to raise privacy standards, while enabling a healthy ad-supported app ecosystem.

Google actually wants to strike a balance between privacy-conscious developers and consumers about advertisers' financial needs. Unfortunately, this statement is not very strong because it comes from an unknown source.

For information, Google is one of the richest digital advertising companies that generates more than 100 billion US dollars or around IDR 1.4 trillion annually.

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