The most complete Drakor ID application and Indonesian subtitles - The following streaming applications that you can use to download Korean dramas and other films that you like, namely with Drakor ID, this application is known as a "streaming application", Drakor Id allows users to download Korean dramas.

Thanks to the rise of this app, Korean drama fans can now view a wide variety of drama titles, including classics and recent releases.

So that Drakor is available for free and can be run on Android device applications. The video and audio quality provided is also HD and provides extraordinary value for drama fans.

Drakor ID Application Review

The user interface for this stream is very basic. However, there isn't much going on in terms of color and design. So it will offer a very good image. You will not have any problems operating movies from this Drakor apk.

Drakor ID Application Review

If you know what Korean drama you want, looking for it and watching it won't be difficult or take up a lot of your time. Another good news from this site is the availability of Indonesian subtitles and of course it makes it easier for players to understand the essence of the drama.

Selain itu, fungsi ini juga secara tidak langsung dapat meningkatkan kenyamanan saat melihat drakor. Pastinya application terbaik ini dapat digunakan untuk menonton berbagai macam drama Korea atau drama dari negara lain.

This application was built with the intention of being able to meet all the needs of Korean drama lovers. Consider how smooth it is to watch drakor without loading issues. Whenever and whenever you can access the application.

Regardless of whether it is connected to a wireless network or not. If you want to save more on internet quota, then you can take advantage of wireless networks that are around.

Benefits of Using the Drakor ID Application

Some of the material above, of course, has shown that this application really attracts the attention of the players. But it doesn't stop there, there are other reasons why you need to take advantage of this site, including:

Video Quality

Talking about video quality, of course you don't need to hesitate anymore. This application already provides a choice of video quality. It doesn't matter whether the resolution is SD 480P or HD 1080P. It is up to you to decide what quality to use.

If you want to save more quota, you can choose SD quality. However, if you do the math, you only need 50 to 120 MB of data to complete an episode of a television drama.

Download speed

As for the download speed, of course there is no need to doubt it, because the speed is quite high. you won't have any trouble watching if you want to watch it offline.

However, your connection speed has an effect on your download speed. Because the Drakor Id application uses hosting servers located in four separate countries, all of this is very possible. For that you don't need to doubt anymore about the speed of this one application.

Quick Updates

If you feel bored when you watch the same drama, then you don't need to worry. This application provides up-to-date information about the latest Korean dramas in real time. This means that Korean dramas are entered as Korean drama applications that have been aired or are currently airing.

It turns out that Drakor Id doesn't only present Korean dramas, but also connects the audience with various dramas from other Asian countries. Examples include China, Thailand, Japan and many other countries.

This application's drama list does not consider the age of the audience. So, if you're looking back, you're probably still watching old or older Asian shows.

Drakor ID application features

Besides having your own reasons why you should use an application, of course you also need to know the features it contains. Drakor fans won't be interested in this application if it doesn't have interesting features.

The following are some of the freebies that you will get when downloading and using the Drakor Id application:

Offline And Online Features

The first function, you can enjoy offline and online from the movie you choose. Watching offline is an option if you need to save more on your data quota. Meanwhile, if you want to watch online, you can do that too.

For movies that can be watched offline, you can download Korean films or dramas first, then save them in the internal memory or external memory on your smartphone.

With this method, you can save time because you can view them anytime and anywhere. Moreover, those who are too burdened can watch it after a break or free time.

Fast Download

Apart from offline and online capabilities, you can also enjoy benefits in the form of faster Korean drama downloads. This is actually a function in Drakor Id because this application always prioritizes optimal download speeds.

The end goal is to make the customer happy. But this also comes back in terms of your internet speed as it greatly affects download speed.


Its simple and attractive appearance makes it easy for consumers to use it. Behind its basic appearance, who would have thought that this application is quite broad compared to other applications.

You don't need to feel heavy when you want to use it because this application is very convenient for finding the Korean film or TV series you want. The user interface is not only easy to understand, but also has a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Guaranteed you will feel at home while watching dramas or exploring the best Asian films.

Drakor ID application features

Display Ui Black Edition

Watching drama on the UI and Black Edition displays is much more pleasing to the viewer's eye due to its anti-glare properties. Even if you have watched it for hours, you will not face any problem.

Complete Features Available

This is why the drakor app is so much better than the competition. It's easy to spoil the experience for the user when more and more options are accessible.

Watch History feature

This movie watching function is quite useful for those of you who often forget what movie you have watched. You can also see how many episodes of the show you have seen so far in the history section. That way, this function is quite useful so you don't quickly forget your memory.

Search Feature

Anyone looking for TV shows based on movies they've seen will appreciate the option to browse by title or genre. Because this application is quite complete and offers a wide selection of Korean and Asian dramas. So with this search option, you will have a hard time finding the film you are looking for.

Subtitles available

No need to worry about movies in Korean or Asian. As a result, those of you who have difficulty following the dialogue in the video will be able to take advantage of the application's subtitle function.

All dramas in this application are equipped with Indonesian subtitles. That way you will really understand the conversation in the drama, which is an advantage that this Drakor apk has. While this application has a relatively significant number of users compared to the others.

Doesn't Require a Lot of Quota

You can enjoy Drakor without having to spend a lot of quota. This app provides 480P and SD resolution. With this, you no longer need to spend a lot of internet capacity when you want to watch great programs.

The Drakor ID application is always updated

What drama lovers are looking for is movies that are always updated. This need not bother you because Drakor Id has been upgraded every day. You don't have to worry about missing Korean shows again this way.

Developers keep updating regularly. That way, with every new Korean drama, there will be nothing to be disappointed about.

Full Title

From the past until now the Korean dramas in this application are quite complete and you can search for them by title, just enter them in the search. Be it vintage, classic or recent releases.

When you're waiting for a new episode of your favorite Korean drama, you can easily lose hours, if not days, watching it.

The advantages of the Drakor ID application

This Drakor id application offers several benefits that you are not sure you can find in other applications. The proof of this is shown in the number of favorable comments and ratings received by the app.

For favorable reviews and high ratings, it creates a reason why this app has many admirers. This Drakor Id application is highly recommended for you to use. The following is an overview of some of the many benefits you will receive.

The Drakor ID application works lightly

It should be noted that this application only has a capacity of 4 MB. So you don't need to worry when you want to download this application. Even this drama watching application certainly will not affect the performance of Android smartphones.

Although the internal memory is guaranteed not to be full, it can even operate safely without any intervention.

Can Enjoy Various Dramas

Even though it's called Drakor, don't assume that it's only for watching Korean dramas when using this application. However, Asia is home to a variety of interesting television shows. As a result, its customers have reaped the benefits of increased utility and, in some cases, new options.

Especially for fans of Asian dramas such as those from China, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. Of course, this application is highly recommended and you shouldn't miss it.

Equipped With Korean Tv Shows

If you don't watch Korean TV series other than Korean dramas, your experience will not be complete. You can also enjoy this with just one app, which is called Drakor Id.

Due to this benefit, you will have unlimited access to Korean TV networks. Examples include Kpop, KBS channels, SBS in and others.

Drakor Ost available

Drakor Ost is the soundtrack of the icons in the Korean drama itself. The good news is that the Drakor APK application allows you to listen to and even download your favorite soundtracks.

You can download and listen to various kinds of movie soundtracks with this application. Please make your choice based on your own preferences and favorite songs.

Small size

Even though your smartphone has minimal specifications, its tiny size allows you to experience all types of Drakor. Why is that? With a file size of around 4 MB, this app isn't that big.

That way you won't waste memory on your Smartphone. If you are interested in owning it, you can directly download it for free on the Google Play Store.

There are several package options

Korean drama fans, rejoice! You now have a wide selection of packages to choose from, which is great news for those of you who are avid viewers. The Platinum Premier video package comes in packages, starting from IDR 15,000 per month.

Premium gold video bundles are also available. Payment for this package can be made via money, credit or bank transfer.

For users of Tri or Telkomsel numbers, you can immediately buy certain packages if you want to see Premiere content. With this bundle, those of you who don't use the internet while watching Drakor won't waste a lot of quota at all.

The Drakor ID application provides discussion and interaction rooms

You can admire, talk about, and criticize Korean dramas with other people. So this application is not only for watching dramas, but also as a place to get to know each other, share opinions regularly.

They even give each other input for this one application. The fact that you can do multiple things with one app is, of course, a huge advantage.

Why You Should Use the Drakor ID Application

Make sure to download the latest version, 3.6, of the app before proceeding with the download. The goal is to be able to receive comprehensive functionality, without having the rather unpleasant convenience bug.

Apart from that, when watching your favorite drama, there are several important factors that you can consider before choosing to download it, including the following:

  1. The video player will be much lighter than the previous version.
  2. There is already a premium trial fix.
  3. The video player, live chat and drama description functions have all been improved.
  4. Can only be used with Android 4.2 and up only.
  5. First published on 2021-10-16

How to Download and Install the Drakor ID Application

Downloading the Drakor Id application can be done quickly, easily and for free. But the extraordinary part is that you don't need to register first when you want to download this one application.

How to Download and Install the Drakor ID Application

Meanwhile, the Drakor APK is safer because it doesn't affect the Android device used. For how to download and install the following procedures that might be followed:

  1. To get started, launch the Android browser on your phone or tablet.
  2. After that, access the official Drakor apk site, precisely at http://apps.Drakor.Id/
  3. Once you arrive at the home page, just click on the download button.
  4. The Google Play Store icon will appear after you have completed the previous step.
  5. After that, you can download the app yourself without any more hassle.
  6. To achieve this, you must first select the file sharing option.
  7. Dropbox, Google Drive or direct download are all viable options for getting files.
  8. Wait a few seconds until the download process is complete 100 percent.
  9. When finished, you can start the installation process with the HP.
  10. The procedure is over and watch your favorite drama.

Please be fully aware that Drakor Id can be enjoyed for free. In other words, every drama that you choose to watch or download is at your fingertips. This app is constantly being updated to include the latest features and improve the viewing experience.

This application's drama list does not consider the age of the audience. The Drakor Id application prioritizes optimal download speeds.

Its simple and attractive appearance makes it easy for consumers to use it. Free includes Korean dramas and movies that can be viewed offline and online at the same time, as well as fast download speeds.


The user interface for this stream is very basic. Not much has happened in terms of color and design. You will have no problems when operating movies from this Drakor id application. The video quality doesn't matter whether the resolution is SD 480P or HD 1080P.

The Drakor id application provides up-to-date information about the latest Korean dramas in real time. Drakor Id not only presents Korean dramas, but also connects audiences with various dramas from other Asian countries.

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