Tips for Keeping Your Data Privacy Safe to Stay Safe in the Digital Age

Tips for Keeping Your Data Privacy Safe to Stay Safe in the Digital Age – The digital era provides openness and speed of information via an internet connection. Unfortunately, this convenience is accompanied by the potential for greater internet user data privacy terror. In fact, the privacy of user data is one of the most important things in the current era.

The economic value of data to state security

Cybersecurity observer and engagement and learning specialist staff at Engage Media, Yerry Niko Borang, said that the data has economic value to national defense and security.

"The danger of misuse of data can damage the economy, for example breaking into private bank accounts to the collapse of the banking system," said Yerry.

The stolen data can even predict the political tendencies of voters, for example, to manipulate and encourage the direction of political choices in elections.

To keep data safe

Yerry mentioned several ways that can be done so that data privacy remains safe when surfing the internet.

  1. Users can create passwords that are more complex, but still easy to remember.
  2. Change password regularly every 3 months or 6 months.
  3. Use multiple layers of security, such as 2 factor authentication (2FA).
  4. Avoid as much as possible visiting risky internet pages, such as adult sites, online games and so on.

Apps steal user data

Compared to 10-15 years ago, said Yerry, today there are many tools or software on the internet to protect oneself. However, he also warned there is application which can actually backfire and steal user data.

While regarding the recent buzz over WhatsApp's security, Yerry questions how many people are moving to the messaging app Telegram.

Because, Telegram is an ordinary messaging application that is not encrypted. "Only after the secret chat is turned on (encrypted), it's different from WA or Signal. The group messages are not protected at all," he explained. "Even far riskier than WA. I'm advocating Signal at least," he explained.

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