How to Get Mobile Legends Skins, For Free – Lots of mobile legends players ask how to get mobile legends skins, here we provide an easy way to get Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) skins.

Mobile Legends players certainly want their heroes to look different and cooler. The fact that so many kids are spending tons of money on MLBB skins is testament to that.

Cool motion effects and unique reminder effects can be found in many skins. Not to mention new voice-overs and other visual elements.

Unfortunately, skins in MLBB are sold at quite expensive prices, even reaching 3-4 million, which is amazing!

List of Ways to Get Mobile Legends Skins

Fortunately, you don't have to dig deep to get some of the most desirable MLBB skins, here's how to get them:

1. Daily Login Rewards

Daily login rewards are prizes that players can collect every day when they access the Mobile Legend game.

You will get lots of rewards for logging in often if you are an MLBB player.

Starting from tickets, skin trials and heroes, to skin fragments that young people can save to exchange for the skin they want at the Fragment Shop.

2. Lucky Spin

there is also a lucky spin that you can do. In lucky spin, players will receive one free chance to spin the lottery every 48 hours.

There are lots of prizes that you can get there, such as money and skin shards. And of course the main reward that you can get from lucky spin is a hero.

Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of finding unique objects, if you're lucky.

Try drawing five times with the animation off and drawing while pressing the skin or hero icon, similar to making a lucky spin draw after playing in a classic or ranked.

3. Mobile Legend Skin Fragments

As mentioned before, you can get the skin of your choice for free by collecting skin fragments. Each skin also has its own skinfragment price.

There are two categories of skin fragments, called Premium and Rare.

The Rare skins shop offers regular skins and sometimes sells Elite Tiers, while the premium skins shop has normal skins and Elite Tiers.

There are many other methods to get skin fragments, including: free chests, medal chests, lucky spins, event rewards, daily login and daily login.

4. Mobile Legends Events

Mobile Legends regularly holds events with various free prizes for the players, including heroes and skins.

It's the same with The Aspirant this time. Only by completing the objective on the Aspire event page, players can get The Aspirers permanent skin.

Mobile Legends players must buy the latest anime-style skins for Fanny and Layla. Remember, always make sure you check the events tab every day!

5. Seasonal Ranking Rewards

The final step, play ranked games attentively to increase your ranking. In each new season, there will be a free ranked season unique skin that will be offered to every player.


In the article above, there are 5 ways you can get skins, namely with daily login rewards, lucky spins, Mobile Legend skin fragments, Mobile Legends Events, and Seasoned Rank Rewards.

Thus the article about How to Get Mobile Legends Skins, For Free. Hopefully the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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