Direct Money Making Websites – Many people wonder, Are there any money-making websites that really go straight into the account? The answer is of course yes. With just a smartphone or laptop and the internet, you can collect rupiah coffers as additional money.

However, it is not as simple as it seems because you have to choose a reputable website. The idea is not to face scams that will actually hurt yourself in the future.

List of Money-Making Website Sites

Actually there are lots of websites that can make money and you can take advantage of one of them. Due to the large number of fans, there are also many people who commit fraud on behalf of money-making sites.

Therefore, it's good to find out more complete information about websites that can be used as a trusted source of money, including the following:

List of Money-Making Website Sites

User Testing

User testing is a website that tests applications or software for product development purposes. User testing has been widely adopted by significant companies. Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and other companies are good examples.

When you want to become a tester, you have to register first and then fill in your personal information. If so, then you have to take the following test by activating the microphone and camera.

Later all of your activities while testing will be automatically recorded by the user testing party. Therefore, if you want everything to run smoothly, you have to prepare a laptop, internet connection and a headset.

The only thing left is to wait for the project to exit user testing if you are successful. For every 20 minutes of video testing recorded, you can win a $10 prize.

Distributor Store. Com

The next website that can make money is This site is a dropshipper that you can join for free, so you can take advantage of this site without having to pay for developing your company.

Registration and selection of goods to be advertised are both prerequisites for becoming a dropshipper member. Whether it's through marketplaces, social media, or e-commerce websites.

If someone buys it, all you have to do is order the goods at the distributor's shop with the help of the dropship system. This means that your goods will be sent directly to the customer.

For every 20 minutes of video testing recorded, you can win a $10 prize. is a dropshipper that you can join for free.

If someone buys it, all you have to do is order the goods at the distributor's shop with the help of the dropship system.

Sosiago. Id

If you're a YouTuber, media blog, Instagram, tiktok, Twitter, or any other social media influencer or content provider, you'll want to sign up with socialgo.

If you don't already know, is a website that offers materials for creators and influencers to create effective campaigns for company owners. Meanwhile, it's easy to sign up for a social influencer account.

Just enter your first name, last name, email and password. After that, fill in your personal account details along with the channel information you want to use. In the campaign post, make sure to include the price you are willing to accept.

For beginners, don't call the price too exorbitant. But make offers to available campaign owners. If you've been selected, all you have to do now is publish according to the guidelines.

Whether it's uploading articles, blogs, videos on Youtube or photos on Instagram. Every second Thursday of the week, the campaign owner will reward you with balance payments to your social accounts. The amount is sent to a personal account.

Sosiago. Id

Rajabacklink site

Are you a blogger? Of course, you have to realize how easy it is for the Rajabacklink blog to make money. This is one of the best backlink search sites and is quite famous among bloggers.

A marketer will be able to use this blogger content as a backlink in the future. The registration procedure is also reportedly quite easy because you only need to fill out the registration form. rajabacklink. Create a user account then.

When you're ready, you can add a blog page to the account you just created. After that, wait until the blog verification procedure is complete. Usually the verification procedure takes about a day.

If it has been accepted, then you will see the blog rating obtained from the quality of the blog. Meanwhile, this rate decision was deliberately determined by the Rajabacklink admin. The rate will be even greater if the DA PA value of the blog is higher.

This implies that the reward you get from backlinks is undoubtedly bigger. The payment arrangement is 70 percent for you and 30 percent for Rajabacklink as an intermediary.

Web Points Site

By doing easy activities, you can earn Webpoints, which can be used to make money on other websites. For example, buying online, filling out questionnaires, even playing games. Meanwhile, getting started is as easy as registering at

After that, wait until the verification procedure is completed and run the task according to the instructions. For example, enjoy playing small games. There are many interesting games available in it. Examples include Samura Bargain, Ninja's, Wig, and Love Warriors.

Only one game per day can be played. To do this, you have to play as many times as possible to get as many points as possible. Collected points can be exchanged for Rupiah. 1 point is equal to IDR 1.

So that if the points accumulated are more then the money taken from the account will also be greater. site

Some people actually understand that this website provides jobs in the form of captcha input. Several large companies with various interests rely heavily on these websites. Take data collection as an example.

You can earn one dollar for solving 1000 captchas. This website can be used as a free money making site if you already have the ability to send text messages precisely and quickly.

Please note in advance that this money making site has the possibility to make payments to your 2captcha account. Meanwhile, various ways can be used to withdraw the accrued amount. Perfect money, Bitcoin, Adcash and many other options come to your mind.

Opinion World site

Online market research in Indonesia might become a second revenue site for a company like this. Opinion world might be considered as a site that is quite popular because every month there are two million surveys that have been filled out.

Paid a total of 5 billion rupiah for the survey. You may get invitations to participate in surveys via email if you have a registered email address. Surveys, on the other hand, can take anywhere from five minutes to fifteen minutes.

Points will be credited to your account once the form is completely filled out. Because the level of difficulty varies greatly, the points earned also vary greatly. You can get 300 points with just one survey.

When it comes time to buy on or, more surveys mean more points to spend on gift cards or money. You can exchange 10 US dollars if you have 1000 points.

Opinion World site

Yougov Indonesia

Yougov Indonesia's trusted survey and reset site increases your earning potential. The idea is that you only need to answer a few questions that are useful for a company's marketing needs.

Product marketing is one of them increasing. So you don't just get rewarded. However, many businesses also benefit from it. Therefore, answer the questions as best you can.

Points are awarded and can be exchanged for shopping vouchers, credits or cash via PayPal at a later date. If you want to get started, all you have to do is register and then check your email for a verification number, and you get 100 points.

site 99 designs

As the name suggests, this 99 website design is great for those of you who are knowledgeable in designer words. As the website implies, this website caters to freelancers looking for extra money.

You can find other types of work as well as freelance opportunities on our site. However, they can also compete in tournaments that are regularly held by service seekers. The prizes presented vary widely, often exceeding hundreds of dollars.

When you want to register on this site, you only need to fill in the registration, then wait for the verification results. Once your account is authenticated, all that remains is to find the ideal contest. Previously you should know that this site has very strict regulations.

This is due to design site 99's unwavering focus on superior craftsmanship. In the meantime, certain accounts that don't meet the minimum requirements for design quality will have their access to the site terminated. Especially if caught cheating. Be realistic about the chances of your job being approved.

Continue to develop skills and design processes so that the quality of your designs also increases. For a beginner, there is no need to worry and worry when you want to test this site, because there are many instructions that you can follow for a novice designer.


This money making website provides jobs for freelance designer jobs.

This design task is very broad, whether it's making interior designs, creating brand designs or participating in competitions that are being held.

Prize money is at stake if you are the lucky winner. If you are lucky, you will get an interesting task. You can add interesting portfolios for Project owners if you have entered the contest.

To accept the project, you are required to create an account first. The account creation procedure asks you to complete registration as a designer. You then have to wait for the data to be verified.

If your data has been confirmed, then you are looking for a freelance design, then enter the contest. You can get your hard-earned money back by transferring it to a BCA bank account. There will be a reduced transaction fee if you don't have a BCA account.

Google AdSense site

Does the number of people frequenting your YouTube channel or blog seem excessive to you? As a result, now is the time to apply for Adsense for your YouTube channel. Making money, of course, is one of the goals.

Google Adsense is an advertising service handled effectively by Google. It's not difficult to sign up for Google Adsense; all it takes is a little patience. If the registration is running and has been validated, then you do the settings on YouTube or blog.

Ads for blogs can be served in this way. you need to specify the type and choose the style of the ad text that you want to place on the site. Update your blog or YouTube videos when finished for maximum revenue.

The more things you post, the more eyeballs you will receive on your profile. If ads are installed on your platform, you will profit from every ad that visitors click on.

The average cost of a click is $0.18, but this can vary widely. Google will deposit this money into your account registered with Google AdSense.

Twitch site

Do you like playing video games online? Gamers who want to watch internet games being played live should visit this website. Playing games and watching live streams is also possible there.

If you are an experienced player, you might be able to give advice on how to improve your game. In this way, the channel that you have will have a significant number of followers, and also have traffic that is not inferior to Netflix or Google.

As a result, you have the potential to grow your channel's audience and earn a lot of money. You can make money from your tweets in a number of ways, including starting an online store or stocking items.

That way you can sell it later. If a sponsor is interested, you can ask to become an influencer so they can advertise their goods. You can also generate more income by encouraging others to join.

Also, you can use your referral code to get other people to sign up for Twitter. The last option is to ask for contributions from your customers directly using a service like PayPal.

Twitch site

Ysense site

You might expect to find lots of offers in the form of online surveys on the ysense website, which hopefully provide steady money site based money opportunities.

The amount of salary given is of course different, because it is in line with the survey conducted. The more you work, the more money you will earn. You might expect to earn between $0.50 and $2 for completing surveys that take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

You can directly join the affiliate program if you want to make more money from our site. The key is to get as many people as possible to sign up for the site by spreading the word about it.

Later you will receive a commission sent after 10 days of registration. Apart from that, you can also check the balance of the income that you have collected via Paypal. Since it is only $10, minimum withdrawal can also be set.

Qmee site

Are you one of those people who often browse through Google? Now this is a big enough possibility to make easy money. Creating an account on a money-making website like the Qmee site is all you need to do.

This site is a website that allows people to earn just by surfing the internet. All you have to do is register and then install the extension. After that, run a search on Google extensions.

This is what will then display certain sections so that they can display website pages which will then bring in money when clicked. No need to worry about extensions interrupting your surfing.

In today's world, it is very beneficial to stay on top of technological advances. Especially now that there are lots of websites to make money online. You will be able to earn more money faster if you do this.

Neo Plus Moneymaker

Neo Plus moneymaker is one of the most popular sites/apps to make money. Interestingly, the Neo Plus program (Neo Bank) sometimes provides attractive offers and promotions that you can try to make more money, but usually don't go through the recharge and transfer phases.

Of course, if you already know how to make money using the Neo Plus Money Making App, you won't have any problems.

One way is to ask friends to join and register using their referral code. If you keep doing it regularly, it's not difficult to get large amounts of money, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Wow, that's pretty cool.

Swagbucks Money Making Website

This is a money making website, where you can earn Swagbucks by doing various tasks like completing surveys, watching movies, playing games and selling goods. Users get incentives in the form of points they call SB

These points can be used to fund PayPal, Amazon merchandise, and Walmart in the future. Since 2014, the Swagbucks website has paid all its users.

You will get 2 SB after watching a video for exactly two minutes. The more points you grow until you reach 430 SB you will earn 420SB and trading them for money will earn you 4 US dollars. Wow, a lot huh?

Unfortunately, only accepts members from a limited number of countries. These countries include the United States, Canada, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and India.

Money Making Website Website Rev

Rev is an online transcription and translation service provider site that allows you to make money. Audio and video transcription exams were required in the past before being hired by Rev. Rev is similar to a freelance translation and transcription service provider.

More than that, it turns out that Rev has two categories of employees, namely office workers and casual workers. This is a great opportunity for those of you who are currently working towards a career in this sector. Provided work as a subtitle writer to translate words from films and provide subtitles to video material

Furthermore, as a captioner to translate the words spoken. Then translators translate these words into the language they want, for example English to Indonesian. Last but not least, I work as an English transcriptionist.

You might expect to get between $24 and $39 per hour of recording time. Payments are sent weekly via PayPal. If you can transcribe ten hours of recording a week, that's two hundred and forty to three hundred and ninety dollars. Wow, your transcription can now be included in your online resume or portfolio.


There are many money-making websites and you can take advantage of any of them. If you are a YouTube, Instagram, tiktok, Twitter, or other social media influencer or content provider, then you must know about other money-making websites that you may not know about.

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