Viral Mental Health Test Link – You can use 5 links for mental health tests that are viral on TikTok and Airlangga University (Unair). Here's the link you can use below.

An online mental health test in the form of a viral Google Form on TikTok has piqued the interest of many internet users. The link can be obtained free of charge here.

Not only is the Google Form mental health test link viral on TikTok, Unair also offers a similar service for free to students or the general public. One of them even assessed a person's level of optimism when working on a thesis.

The measurement is based on answers to multiple-choice questions in TikTok's famous Google Forms link for mental health testing.

List of Mental Health Links

If the individual responds to a response that tends to cause stress, then there will be an additional 50 points. Otherwise, if you complete it later, no points will be deducted, resulting in a score of 0.

Unair also provides links to mental health tests which consist of various types. People are expected to answer a lot of multiple choice questions.

List of Mental Health Links

Here are five Google Form mental health links that are viral on TikTok and provided by Unair.

1. Google link for the viral mental health test form on TikTok

This mental health test involves answering 26 multiple choice questions on a Google Form. There are three possible responses: “Yes”, “No” and “Maybe”.

After completion, the points recapitulation will appear. Match one of the following four criteria:

  1. 30-350 points: tends to be stable
  2. 400-600 points: mild stress
  3. 650-900 points: depression
  4. 950-1,300 points: depression, stress, to anxiety

2. Thesis Optimism Scale

In addition, Unair as an educational institution in Indonesia offers free facilities for the public for mental health examinations.

There are several types of mental health exams, the first is the thesis optimism scale with the aim of knowing how much confidence an individual has in working on the thesis.

This test was initiated by Ushfuriyah in 2015 and then updated with a thesis on behalf of Fitria Purwaningsih in 2019.

The following is the link for the thesis optimism scale

3. Expectation Scale

Additionally, Airlanga Safe Place offers a mental health assessment to measure how confident a person is in their ability to achieve their goals.

The expectation scale measurement is based on the theory of Lopez and Sayder (2002) then adapted by Azmy (2021 from Novi Hidayat.

Here is the link for the UNAIR mental health test, the hope scale

4. The Loneliness Scale

This test is called UCLA Loneliness Scale ver.3 which was adapted from the same scale by Daniel Ruseell in 1996.

The approach used in this mental health test tries to measure how often a person experiences loneliness in his life.

Here is the loneliness scale link

5. Career Adaptation Scale

Furthermore, there is a mental health test to measure whether a person is unsure and unprepared in terms of a career or job.

The Career Adapt-test Scale (CAAS) technique Form 2.0 developed by Savickas and Porfeli was used to assess this assessment (2012).

Then the measuring instrument was adapted into Indonesian by Giffari in 2017. The scale is based on four aspects, namely control, curiosity, self-confidence, and worry.

Here is the career adaptation scale link


In the article above we have discussed several mental health test links that you can use to check, the thesis optimism scale, the hope scale, the loneliness scale, and also the career adaptation scale.

Thus the article about the Viral Mental Health Test Link, I hope the above article is useful and helpful for all of you.

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