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When Eida started spreading trouble and endangering the peace in Konoha, we saw her in Manga Boruto chapter 69.

Meanwhile, in Manga Boruto Chapter 69, Konoha is in a dangerous position, as revealed in the previous chapter of the manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

After the dramatic battle that occurred between Code versus Boruto and Kawaki, the Konoha shinobi finally returned to the village.

Manga Boruto Chapter 69

They try to sleep while investigating what happened. Kawaki himself is seen sleeping when Code utilizes Daemon's power to recover Kawaki's incredible attack.

The karma in Kawaki's body, on the other hand, is being discussed by Shikamaru and Amado. After Shikamaru has set the Claw Mark on the Code, their conversation is interrupted by the sudden entry of the Code.

Readers of Boruto 69 will be below to see the reprogrammed Delta battle Codes.

However, while the Code is under siege, another surprising person arrives who is none other than Eida. So, what can we expect in the next chapter?

Manga Boruto Chapter 69

Manga Boruto chapter 69 itself is titled "Curved." Boruto chapter 69 opens by continuing the situation that occurred in the previous chapter.

Comic fans will see the unflinching Amado. The reason for this was that he was shocked and worried when he saw Eida and Code.

After a few moments of being unconscious, Kawaki finally came to his senses. In front of him stood the figure of Naruto who wanted to talk to him. There was Sumire's figure as well beside Kawaki. The focus shifted to Sasuke and Boruto's conversation.

The headband that Boruto stole from Sasuke before his duel against Isshiki has been returned to Sasuke. However, Sasuke himself refused.

According to him, the headband already belonged to Boruto. In other words, Sasuke handed the headband over to Boruto. As for Boruto, he seemed pleased with Sasuke's gift as well.

The scene then returns to Amado's room, where Amado, Shikamaru, Delta, Code, and Eida are grouped together.

Code took advantage of the opportunity and used his claws to endanger Amado's life. Code threatens to kill Amado by stabbing him if he doesn't break free from the restrictions within Code.

On the other hand, Eida starts to move and Shikamaru tries to stop Eida's advance with his shadow technique.

Unfortunately, it seems Shikamaru's shadow technique isn't working properly. After that, Shikamaru tries to talk sense into Eida by making his case.

Delta, on the other hand, has an epiphany and falls in love with Eida's image. Finally, Sarada was surprised when Mitsuki asked her if she thought Boruto was physically attractive or not.

As shown in the teaser chapter 70, Eida's talent creates a problem. What approach will Shikamaru take to deal with Eida.

For now, Shikamaru was clearly in a bad situation. On top of that, there are other significant difficulties that Shikamaru has to deal with. With Delta who has started to fall in love with Eida thanks to the power that Eida has.

This meant that Shikamaru's life was in danger because Delta could have followed whatever Eida ordered. On the other hand, it's impossible if Shikamaru is then hit by Eida's "magic" to fall in love with her.


Comic fans will see the unflinching Amado. The reason for this was that he was shocked and worried when he saw Eida and Code.

In the article above we have provided spoilers about manga boruto chapter 69, if you have read the previous chapter, this is the continuation.

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