How to Make an Instagram Carousel – Some Instagram users post Instagram carousel photos, but more don't know how to make an Instagram carousel, here we will explain it below.

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram's popularity skyrocketed when it was acquired by Facebook. So that in its evolution also gave birth to many new features.

In the beginning, Instagram became popular with the story function which allows users to post short moments. After that, Instagram continues to bring lots of recent updates which make it even more comprehensive.

Instagram Photo Multi Post Feature

Instagram multipost and carousel photos are currently the most popular additions to Instagram's current photo pool. Describe the carousel for us.

Instagram Photo Multi Post Feature

First of all, it is very important to realize that this carousel is a word for publishing Instagram photos that are conceived differently.

As reported on Instagram, there is also a multi-post option, where users can post more than one photo at a time. The maximum number of photos that can be sent is a maximum of 10 photos in one post.

There are a total of 10 photos to choose from, and we have complete control over any photo we want to post. However, the second image's size, location, and so on will be adjusted to fit the first photo.

As a result, even though the source image is rectangular and thus the first photo is square, the second photo will be square.

It's safe to say that anyone who sells products online or runs a service company in need of marketing materials will find this function quite helpful.

Separate photos, however, when sent in multipost, will still appear a little jumbled. Therefore users use this carousel concept.

The Instagram Carousel Is

So this carousel photo is the same as the multi post feature on Instagram. But what distinguishes it is the concept of a photo that is more interesting and neater.

Of course, the first to the tenth photo will be different if it's multi-posted. This carousel is pre-built so that the photos to be uploaded look adrift from start to finish. About a photo like this.

Isn't that crystal clear? The difference lies in the photo that is in the process of editing chopped in several places. For example, a rectangular photo will be split in half in the middle.

The photos are then uploaded to the first and second sites in multiple posts, giving the impression of being connected.

The benefits of using carousel photos are certainly more entertaining to look at and more distinctive. Especially for you online business activists on Instagram, of course, you can provide positive sentiments for account visitors and stimulate buying interest.

Using a design program, you can create a carousel of photos. Of course you need to understand how to edit in this program first, OK? A number of application what you might use, for example, is Coreldraw on a PC or the Canva application on a smartphone.

How to Create an Instagram Carousel in Canva

Let's use Canva as an example to create a carousel. This is because editing on a cell phone is obviously easier and can also be done by anyone.

Previously, make sure you already have the Canva application installed. After that, just follow the guide below.

  1. Open the Canva application on the cellphone then click the (+) button to create a new project
  2. Select the size of the canvas to use to create the carousel. You can try the square size for Instagram posts
  3. You can include a background or you can also use a photo
  4. Now because this carousel is a connected multi post, swipe the canvas to the right so you will create a new template that is the same as the previous template
  5. Next, just create your idea on the available canvas
  6. For example, to make a continuous photo, you can place half of the photo on the first canvas, then the other half on the second
  7. Because it's separate, when adding photos it means it's done twice on each canvas
  8. Method number 7 above also applies to giving additional background effects or stickers
  9. If you have enough designs, you can immediately download the entire canvas in the project by clicking the download button at the top right of the screen

Isn't that so easy? Creating a photo carousel in Canva is really easy if you follow the steps we've provided above.


After reading the article above you can easily understand carousel photos, actually they are the same as the multi post feature on Instagram. But what distinguishes it is the concept of a photo that is more interesting and neater.

In the article above, we have discussed the Instagram multi-post photo feature, what is a carousel, and how to make an Instagram carausel in Canva.

Thus the article about How to Make an Instagram Carousel, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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