How to Overcome Google Keeps Stopping – Some smartphone users must have seen a Google notification that keeps stopping, in fact, this is how to deal with Google has stopped, which you need to do on almost all types of smartphones.

Google is a large company that provides the products we use every day to interact on the internet. To illustrate, consider a search engine or web browser, for example.

Its products, such as Google Chrome and application Other Google, usually will be installed automatically on Android-based phones that we use.

There are many features in many of these applications that make our lives easier, but the browser is the most important.

Google Chrome and Google are the default browsers for Android phones, and both are highly rated by users.

Google Bugs Keep Stopping

Lately, many customers have been complaining about Google Constantly Halting bug on their phone. Users using mobile phones find the sight of these notifications a bit scary.

How could I not, this annoying notification appears every time we close the error notification. When the notification closes, it keeps coming back.

This problem occurs in almost all brands of Android-based phones that have Google apps installed like Samsung, Asus, Vivo, Oppo and other phones that have this app installed.

As said before, Google's own app was last updated on June 11, 2021, and it's almost impossible that this bug is actually the first time it's happening today in bulk.

After we searched, the application that was experiencing the Google Keep Stopping bug problem was an application with a name Google just not Google Chrome or other applications.

How to Overcome Google Keeps Stopping

There are many techniques you can take to get rid of these annoying notifications. If this is a problem for you, try one of the methods listed below.

1. Disable Google Apps

Disabling or uninstalling Google apps is a good place to start. Here's how to disable the app

  1. Enter phone settings by pressing and holding the Settings icon
  2. Next, open Application Manager
  3. Look for the Google app
  4. After that, select Disable or Uninstall
  5. See what happens after a few more steps

2. Update App

Not a big company if this bug is not solved. Google, of course, will address this bug as soon as possible. Therefore, you can try updating the app.

By using the Google Play Store, you can keep this app updated. But you need to realize that until now Google itself has not updated this one application.

Therefore, for those of you who normally use the Google application for browsing, please be patient waiting for this bug to be fixed or updated. Or you might just try another possibility.

Another alternative in question is to apply the first method, namely by temporarily disabling or uninstalling the Google application.

3. Reinstall the Application

To get rid of the Persistent Google Notifications bug, you can uninstall then reinstall the Google app.

Maybe you are familiar with the uninstall process. Application management settings are the first place to look. The second option can be done through the Play Store.

After you have successfully removed the Google application, you can immediately reinstall the application. The size of this application is also not too big, only less than 80 MB.

All three ideas have been tested and approved by the Sabilia admin, who have made them happen. Well, how? How simple is the solution?


After you read the article above, you can deal with Google stopping in only 3 ways, namely by deactivating the Google application, updating the application, and reinstalling the application.

This is an article about How to Overcome Google Keeps Stopping, I hope it can be useful and can help all of you.

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