Tips for Photographing the Lunar Eclipse via Cellphone – Many are wondering how to photograph a lunar eclipse to get good results, here are tips on photographing a lunar eclipse via a cell phone that you can do to get satisfactory results.

When the earth's shadow covers all or part of the moon's surface, you get a lunar eclipse, a very unusual occurrence in the universe.

At this stage, the moon will appear redder than usual.

Because this phenomenon is considered unusual, not a few people are interested in documenting the moment of the lunar eclipse through photos or recordings.

The good news is that now people can use Android or iOS-based phones to capture the phenomenon of the lunar eclipse directly.

Tips for Photographing a Lunar Eclipse

Here are some pointers for capturing a lunar eclipse on a phone camera:

Watch the schedule

Come early to find out the state of the field. Since a solar eclipse only lasts a few minutes, you need to research the schedule or phases of the lunar eclipse. So that you can take as many photos of the eclipse as possible.

Adjust Camera Exposure Level

When you first activate application, your phone will usually give you the option to take an auto photo. But if you want to record a lunar eclipse, you need to change the camera exposure.

To achieve this, hold down the long button on the moon icon on the screen for a few seconds. Wait for the exposure slider to appear below the focus marker box.

Brightness can then be adjusted by dragging the slider in either direction.

This must be done so that the moon does not appear too bright or too dark, relative to other objects around it.

Apart from selecting the moon exposure, users can also set the exposure level for other objects.

“Pro” mode, especially on Android phones, lets you fine-tune your exposure.

Use a Tripod for Maximum Stability

The eclipse effect is mostly lost if the camera is moved. Therefore, for best stability, it is highly recommended to use a tripod. If you don't have a tripod, you can still use another support.

Use Zoom In

It's best to avoid zooming in. The reason for this is that zooming in can degrade image quality.

Zooming in to capture the solar eclipse is possible on select Android and iOS smartphone models that already have great camera functionality.

Use High Resolution Image Format

Photos of the lunar eclipse in high-quality image format are highly recommended whenever possible.

Due to its ability to assist users in future image modifications, this file format is considered optimal. Using the camera settings menu on certain Android phones, it is possible to change the image format to RAW (DNG).

Using Other Party Applications

Now, without binoculars and zoom lenses, you can still fully experience the lunar eclipse. The secret is to use the recording app with the telescope and the telescope feature.

Here are some of our picks:

  1. BigZoom Telescope Pro
  2. 45x Moon Eclipse Telescope
  3. Telescope pro 45x zoom


In the article above, we have provided some tips for photographing a lunar eclipse that will give you satisfying photos.

Thus the article about Tips for Photographing the Lunar Eclipse via Cellphone, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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