Social Assistance Check Application for Registering Social Assistance Recipients - Since the outbreak of the covid pandemic, the government has often distributed social assistance to people in need, download the social assistance check application for those of you who want to register as social assistance recipients.

Apart from cash, assistance is also provided in the form of internet quota, such as pre-employment card training. Looking at the situation on the ground, there are still many local residents who believe that they fit the qualifications, but are not on the aid list.

This is what some people complain about the distribution of social assistance. So, how do you register as a social assistance recipient?

Social Assistance Check Application

Register as a recipient of social assistance can be done at application Check Social Assistance made by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos). The following is the flow of how to register as a social assistance recipient in the Social Assistance Check application:

1. Download the Social Assistance Check Application

Download the "Bansos Check Application" on the Play Store. Use the keyword “Social Assistance Check Application” and make sure the maker is the Ministry of Social Affairs, because there are many similar applications. Check the link below so it's not wrong.

Download the Ministry of Social Assistance Check Application

2. Register

Please register first, because the menu can only be seen with a user ID that has been validated and activated by the Ministry of Social admin.

When registering, prepare your KK number, NIK, and KTP. The application will ask for a snapshot of your ID card and a selfie with your ID.

After registration, enter the OTP code issued to your email. After that, you have to sit tight while the police check the information.

The Bansos Check application menu can be accessed after verification is complete. If you have already registered, please do the following steps.

3. Select the Proposal List menu

Select the “Suggestion List” option and make a suggestion. The menu will display a list of ideas submitted by the account owner. Fill in the data:

  1. Family Card Number
  2. NIK
  3. Full name as per KTP
  4. Place of birth
  5. Date of birth
  6. Gender
  7. Province
  8. Regency/City
  9. Address as per KTP
  10. RT
  11. RW
  12. Mother's full name
  13. Contact phone number.

Then click "Select type of social assistance" and attach a photo (selfie with KTP and photo of house). The account owner can immediately register himself, his family, other people or other poor people on the "add proposal" button.

If you are applying for your own family, you must be in the same KK. It should be emphasized that all data in the column or column displayed must be based on population data, because it will be directly linked to Dukcapil data such as the registration menu.

The option "select the type of social assistance" will only appear if the NIK entered is in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS).

Name, NIK, and Dukcapil compliance status, as well as geographic suitability and Family Card of the applicant, are among the information that was successfully submitted (KK).


In the article above, we have provided information for those of you who have not received social assistance from the government to register through the social assistance check application, besides that we also provide procedures for registering in the social assistance check application.

Thus the article about the Social Assistance Check Application for Registering Social Assistance Recipients, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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