How to Top Up a Brizzi Card Via HP and ATM – Do you already know how to top up your Brizzi card? You can top up your Brizzi card by using a cellphone or ATM, such as BRI and other banks.

As a BRI card that can be used for digital transactions, Brizzi is an electronic money product.

Simply put, consumers can use Brizzi as an alternative to cash to fulfill their daily payment transactions.

Like other electronic money cards, the Brizzi card is also equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. To make a payment, the cardholder must insert his card into the reader.

How does Brizzi respond to this? The answers are overwhelming! Various forms of payment and transactions can be made with this e-money card. Starting from paying parking fees, public transportation (train, Transjakarta and others), gas stations, retail shops to entertainment rides or places to eat.

Brizzi Refill Ways List

So, here's how to top up Brizzi pulses via telephone, BRI ATMs to other banks:

1. Refill BRIZZI via cellphone

  1. Download and launch the BRI Mobile 7.2.0 application
  2. Select the BRI Internet Banking menu
  3. you will be asked for a username and password
  4. Select the Purchase menu
  5. Select the BRIZZI Online Refill option
  6. Select an account number
  7. Enter the amount of the balance you want to top up
  8. Enter Password
  9. Tap the BRIZZI card on the back of the smartphone
  10. The balance will increase

2. Refill BRIZZI via BRI ATM

  1. We will be given a number of bundles of cash after inserting our card and entering our PIN code. Just select a different transaction.
  2. Then select the purchase menu.
  3. Finally, choose electronic money deposit. The ATM will ask for the card number and enter the BRIZZI card number and the amount of the balance you want to top up. Then the BRIZZI card deposit balance will automatically increase.

Remember to use a BRIZZI card, we must activate the deposit balance as an online balance that can be read by the BRIZZI EDC machine.

3. Refill BRIZZI through Retail Merchants

  1. Go to Merchant BRI
  2. Specify prepay options
  3. Navigate to the BRI drop-down menu
  4. Select the BRIZZI Online Refill option
  5. At EDC, take debit card swipes from consumers
  6. Enter the amount of the balance you want to top up
  7. Enter our BRI debit PIN
  8. Click the BRIZZI card on the EDC machine
  9. The balance will increase

4. Refill BRIZZI through another bank's ATM

BRIZZI has the advantage of refilling via the transfer menu which is a nice feature. Here's how:

  1. There is an ATM nearby that we can use
  2. Select the transfer menu by entering: 002 + 16 digit BRIZZI card number
  3. After that, just type in how much money you want to save
  4. The balance will increase


This is an article about how to top up a Brizzi card via cellphone and ATM, in the article above we have explained how to top up a Brizzi card using a cellphone, BRI ATM, retail merchants and other banks. Hopefully the above article can be useful and help all of you top up your Brizzi card.

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