The Most Complete Best Android Financial Application – What are the most used Android finance apps for companies today? There is a saying that the stake is bigger than the pillar. The meaning of this expression is that expenses are far greater than income.

Work on managing finance you better if you are having the same problem. Utilizing an accounting program is one option.

List of Android Finance Apps

Here are 11 lists application Financial regulator for Android with the most complete features, including:

1. Warung book

The first program you can use to manage company finances is BukuWarung. In fact, BukuWarung was developed to assist accounting in small and medium-sized companies or organizations.

There are various things you can do in BukuWarung, especially keeping track of your income and expenses, the difference will be immediately visible.

Thanks to the use of BukuWarung, today no narrative is bigger than a peg than a pole.

One more fantastic feature of this program is the debt recorder. Just enter details like name, mobile number and amount owed.

BukuWarung has a feature that sends debtor reminders. you don't need to collect it. Several other benefits of using the BukuWarung application are as follows:

  1. Small application size
  2. Can be used without a connection
  3. Free reminder via SMS
  4. Easy to understand for beginners
  5. Can make automatic business financial reports
  6. Can be used many HP at the same time
  7. Can bill and pay FREE admin
  8. You can sell pulses and electricity tokens

2. Wallets

Wallet is an application for handling company finances on Android that you can get for free. There are other premium application services with wider functionality. The monthly membership fee of IDR 28,000 is very reasonable.

A Wallet feature that makes it easy for users is to import transactions from spreadsheet-type files. So, you don't need to enter transaction data manually.

In addition, Wallet can be integrated with various mobile banking applications for convenience. All m-banking transactions will automatically enter Wallet.

The ability to create payment apps and get reminders is another unique feature that you won't find in other apps.

3. Spendee

Spending is great for those of you who have lots of plans for the future. For example holidays, weddings, and so forth. With Spendee, you can create a financial plan for important events.

This program will give you a reminder or reminder to set aside some of your income to reach your goals faster.

Spendee appears to be aimed at teens and young adults based on how it's presented in the app store. You can also check visual details about your recent finances.

You can choose to view financial statistics for the last month or week.

4. Paidboss

Very different from before, Lunasbos is the only application for dealing with debt. Lunasbos is intended for two parties who are interested in operating debt and lending or borrowing money.

Neither debtors nor creditors can use Android without installing Lunasbos. Transactions will be synchronized on both ends thanks to this software.

Lenders can determine the maturity or repayment period of the loan. Lunasbos will automatically remind people who have debts to pay them off quickly.

So, no more stories of friends running away with their bills.

5. Mint

Have you ever slacked off on your monthly insurance or utility payments? It seems you need the Mint app to remind you to pay different expenses each month.

Not just a reminder, Mint can also be used to prepare budgets or budgeting. Mint guarantees that your expenses are not greater than your income.

Mint's various categories make it easy for users to keep track of their expenses.

For example, if you spend IDR 25,000 for lunch, immediately include the cost in the “Food” column.

6. My Money

An Indonesian programmer created the UangKu application. So the currency used in this application is the Indonesian Rupiah.

If you are new to corporate financial management tools, UangKu is a great place to start.

The display of UangKu is very user friendly. It's not at all complicated or challenging to use. In terms of features, financial data is carefully recorded.

With UangKu, you can set maximum saving and spending goals.

7. Money lovers

More than 5 million people worldwide have downloaded and used Money Lover. Even Money Lover is listed in Editor's Choice.

In other words, this program does make it easy to keep track of your own finances. Users can organize their expenses based on certain categories.

Using Money Lover, you can also see which category has the most costs and revenue.

To make it easier for customers to keep track of all their expenses and income, Money Lover offers bar graphs and pie charts. Regular bill payments can be reminded using the app's built-in reminder feature.

8. Money

At first glance, Monefy looks almost the same as Money Lover. One of the elements that makes it unique is the use of icons for each category in Monefy. As a result, the display looks more alive and attractive.

The first thing you'll notice when you open the app is a pie chart that shows your expenses broken down by category.

There you can observe which category is spending the most money.

If you want to swap devices, you don't need to worry. Data on Monefy can be stored on Google Drive and Dropbox.

If you want to move your data to a new device, you can import it from your cloud storage.

Only a limited number of currencies are available for display on Monefy. Even in this case, there is no option to pay in rupiah.

9. 1Money

If you get tired quickly with the appearance of the application on your smartphone, you should use 1Money to record finances.

The user has complete control over the colors used in the program.

You will see a list of all your monthly expenses on the home page. Each category is displayed in its own color making it easier for consumers to read it.

You can enter all your daily spending data more conveniently. At the top of the application, the amount spent and the remaining balance will be presented.

So, you may be smarter in controlling your future expenses.


Compared to other apps, Money Pro provides a more professional approach to money management.

By default, this app has a dark background with contrasting colorful content. Different types of fees are represented by different hues.

Some of the things you can achieve with Money Pro include planning your income and expenses very easily.

Bills can be set to notify you when they are due, as well as the type of bill and amount owed.

In addition, the Money Pro software allows users to link their bank accounts and credit cards.

Transactions involving anything other than actual currency will be tracked in real time by an automated system. Overspending can be reduced in this way.

11. Money

Personal finance arrangements are not the only things available with Moneon. Moneon can be used to manage finances in households and companies.

Add as many wallets as you want to manage tracks at once. The money used for each wallet may also be different.

The benefit of Moneon that cannot be found in other corporate finance applications is to attach an image to each transaction record.

Additionally, customers have the option of exporting their financial information to an Excel spreadsheet (CSV). Surprisingly, all Moneon services are provided free of charge.

12. My finances

PT Solusi Financialku Indonesia launched financial application The biggest one is called my financial. You can perform various actions such as online consultation, more financial information to buy financial goods exclusively through the capabilities of this smart program, including:

  1. Financial plan
  2. Question and answer
  3. Financial education
  4. My account (business owner deposit balance)
  5. Investment (choice of investment made by the company)
  6. Events
  7. Assets
  8. Financial reports (income statement, balance sheet and changes in equity)
  9. Recurring transactions


Using applications to manage finances is proven to make financial conditions better. Income is recorded properly and expenses can be arranged in such a way.

Apart from that, of course you will get more benefits from a financial recording application or a store bookkeeping application. Which of the 11 most complete personal Android finance apps above would you choose?

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