Free iOS and Macbook Application Download Sites – Many don't know what free iOS and Macbook download sites are, in this article, we will recommend a list of iOS and Macbook app download sites that you can use for free.

If you are an iOS user, you almost certainly always use the App Store to find the application you want to install, even though the App Store's capabilities are far from powerful.

The App Store is less able to provide alternative applications than what we usually use. For that, we need to try some third-party marketplaces to download application.

List of iOS App Download Sites

Below is an iOS application download site that you can try using, including:


AppApp is a search engine for the iTunes App Store. You can browse apps by rating, price range, device choice or by categories like free, paid, top free games and other categories.


If you have an iOS device, you can use Fnd to access iTunes and the AppStore from any location. You can search not only for apps but also music, TV programs, books and more. Search results can be narrowed down even more by using the Chart page.

App Crawler

AppCrawler offers excellent filters if you use it to find related apps, number of downloads, app popularity or even apps that people are currently looking for. You can search for applications easily without wasting much time. If you're looking for apps just for kids, housewives, or anyone else, App Crawler can help.


You can save a lot of time by using the App Picker to search among millions of apps. You will receive a list of the top apps for the phone you are using. Here, you will get evaluations of 6 applications every day and will also provide free or inexpensive applications every day.


Appolicious is an easy-to-use app that helps you find the best apps based on the keywords and criteria you provide. Users can see which apps are the most popular at the moment by using the Today's Picks filter. Appolicious not only supports iOS, but also includes options for android users.


In AppsZoom you can find applications and games from various categories or application usage bases such as productivity, music, and others. You can sort apps by user rating.

App Shopper

More than 1.6 million apps can be found in App Shopper, the iOS app catalog. Here is a list of the top 200 apps in the Top Charts List and if you are a member you can manage your own purchased apps and wish lists to check app prices and updates.

iMore Editors Choice Apps

Some of the top apps have been selected and evaluated by the editors for iMore Editors' Choice apps. All you have to do is select a category or editor name to receive a selection of the best available applications.

App Annie

App developers can find a wealth of information in App Annie's market research and app analytics tools. App Annie includes great features like Top Chart which will reveal what apps are popular right now. It is estimated that App Annie has around 1.7 million different apps in its app.


Apptism is a tool for identifying more than 1 million usable applications for iOS-based devices. You can select applications by various criteria such as category, price, rating, and top applications from each category.

Macbook Application Download List

Indeed, there are macbook applications that are paid and some are free but illegal. so the user must be more careful in use.

The full version of the Mac application is not as easy as the Windows version. but all laptops will need software to run it.

Previously, you had to find out in advance what the causes were when using pirated or free Macbook applications. The following will be concluded.

  1. Security on laptops
    When you use pirated applications, you will often experience crashes during the installation process on your laptop.
  2. The application cannot be updated
    For users who download pirated applications or software, they will often not automatically receive confirmation regarding updates.
  3. The application works slower
    Not only on Apple laptops. but Windows users will experience the same thing when using free applications.

That is the cause or risk that will occur if you use an application on a free Macbook laptop.

After you know and decide what will happen when using pirated applications or software. Next, we will provide a list of safe and reliable 100% free Macbook application download sites.


Laptop-specific software applications can be found on software sites like this one. users can choose between free and paid.


Not only on macbooks. Windows users can also access this site. As a result, laptop users are familiar with the term "filehippo".

This site has been developed and spread to all regions of the world using software that is reliable and guaranteed fun.


The name might ring some bells among macbook owners. Apple uses its own app site, the macupdate site, exclusively.


Automatic updates are available on one site. so many consumers choose macbook download link from our site.


This is a site that has been around for a long time around 2000 and remains secure to this day. Where you can download free Mac software in various versions and applications from Spain through the site.

From the several sites above, users must remain vigilant because their names are banned, there will be detrimental effects.

Remembering and seeing a hacker keep growing without choosing who he is and whose child. because there is an opportunity in every witnessed.


Thus the article regarding free iOS and Macbook application download sites, this can be used by Apple users who are confused about finding URLs for downloading applications or software.

In addition to sites for downloading iOS and Macbook applications for free, we have also prepared for you users Androids and PC or Laptop.

We hope this article about free iOS and Macbook app download sites is useful and you can put it to good use.

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