Video editing application for Youtubers – Using a video editing application is very important for YouTubers to produce quality videos. Video editing applications for Youtubers are now widely available, ranging from free to premium.

List of Video Editing Applications for Free Youtubers

If you're curious, here's a list of the best video editing applications that YouTubers use to create captivating videos. Let's see below:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro has long been a staple of the YouTube app. Adobe Premiere Pro is intended for professionals with the best features for video editing. It's no surprise that this program has earned a place on our list of the top YouTube video editors.

The editing features are quite complete. You can edit videos from low resolution, 8K to VR. But for beginners in video editing, you need a lot of experience to use it.

2. Adobe Premiere Elements

Still from Adobe, if you are looking for a more realistic video editor software solution, you can try using Premiere Elements.

When compared to Premiere Pro, this app is much more user-friendly. Even so, your video editing will be stunning.

you don't need to worry, the features are packed with AI which can make it easier for you to edit videos automatically.

There are many visual effects provided, such as slow motion, overlay, timelapse, bounce back, and double exposure. When used together with the fix action camera recording function, video shake is smoothed out.

3. Filmora & FilmoraGo

You can use a video editing application from Filmora to produce interesting YouTube videos. Filmora includes two versions of the app that you can use.

As for video editing software, Filmora is aimed at desktop PCs, while FilmoraGo is specifically designed for mobile devices.

The advantages, this application is simple for beginners and can be used for free. Even though it looks quite basic, the features it provides are quite comprehensive.

More than 100 transition effect designs are available for 4K video editing. EasyMode in Filmora simplifies using the program's editing capabilities. According to reports, the app is light enough to upload so it's less likely to crash during use.

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a free video editing program for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. Despite the fact that this app is free, it has been noted that this video editor for YouTubers includes all the features of premium software such as Adobe Premiere Pro!

Some of the interesting features include motion graphics, color corrector, visual effects and audio mixing. Video editing in 8K resolution is possible with DaVinci. This video editor program is proven reliable for editing small videos to movies.

5. Corel Video Studio

This video editor built by Corel is also commonly used by YouTubers. In video editing videos, Corel Video Studio includes several powerful features.

This application is suitable for beginners because it looks simpler and easier to use. Even so, Corel brings advanced editing features such as motion tracking, 4k and VR video editing, and various video effects to enhance videos.

There are tons of templates available for editing features. Starting from the opening template, adding video transitions, background music, effects, to filters. This program is available for download on PC.

6, iMovie

For iOS users, don't miss this one video editing application. iMovie is a video editor produced by Apple which can only be handled on iOS operating system devices. You can quickly sync on the Apple device you are using.

Templates, filters, backgrounds, soundtracks, and audio effects are just a few of the many options available.

Other video editing features supported by this app include green screen and split screen. You can also create video clips of multiple themes with amazing animations.

7. Shortcuts

The next option is Shotcut. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux videos can all use this video editing app for YouTubers.

If you have previously mastered the basics of video editing, this application is suitable for you to use. Shotcut can perform complex video edits even though its features are not as complete as professional video editors such as Premiere Pro.

Among Shotcut's many features are basic video editing tools such as trim and trim and options for speed and filters.

This application allows multi-track editing for video editing. To create visually appealing videos, try using the Shotcut tool, which is completely free.

8. Vimeo Create

It's worth giving Vimeo Create a try if you're just starting out with video editors on the web. Vimeo Create is ideal for basic video editing tasks. The UI is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

You can use various pre-made video editing templates with this app. Plus, you can incorporate their library of free images and photos into your videos.

9. Pinnacle Studios

Pinnacle Studia is a video editing application that is preferred by inexperienced YouTubers.

Its appearance makes it easy for you to edit videos with a very varied selection of templates. Even for novice editors, the resulting video results are no less interesting.

The screen recording ability of this application makes it ideal for gaming YouTubers. Pinnacle Studio is probably one of your main programs for editing videos on Windows and MacOS platforms.

10. KineMaster

If you are looking for a practical and effective video editor from your cellphone, KineMaster is one of them. This app is very much used to produce decent videos.

Besides being easy to use, KineMaster brings features like video editing software on a PC. Through the drag and drop function, you can edit videos more easily.

Its video editing options allow you to change the audio, add animation, text, images and background music to your movies to make them more interesting.

11. VivaVideo

Apart from KineMaster, this might be the choice of novice YouTubers who need a video editor application from HP that is free and easy to use.

Mobile devices running Android or iOS can use VivaVideo. Just like any other video editing software, its features allow you to merge videos, trim, and change the video speed.

There are several video filters and effects available on Viva Video. You can add text, animation, filters and slow motion effects to your videos. It's perfect for those of you who don't want to bother with basic video editing.

12. Quik

Using an Android or iOS smartphone, you can edit videos using Quik. With just a few clicks, you can edit videos quickly and easily with Quik.

Initially, this application created by GoPro was intended to edit videos from the camera only. Currently Quik can be used as a video editor, especially for inexperienced YouTubers.

You can make your videos more charming by using its many features. Take advantage of the various video transition effects with various themes that are no less interesting.


Those are some of the video editing applications that YouTubers use to produce interesting videos. You can choose and test one of them according to your preferences and experience in the video editing industry that you are good at.

If you are familiar with video editing, you can try Adobe Premiere Pro, Corel VideoStudio, ShotCut, or DaVinci Resolve.

If you are still a beginner, you can try using Filmora, KineMaster, Pinnacle Studio, Quik, or VivaVideo. Hopefully this article is useful for you, good luck!

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